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Volodymyr Zelenskyy.., President of Ukraine. Actor... Comedian.. President. A man who refuses to abandon his people in the face of evil. It gives you hope.

I've said for years, I don't follow politics because there is no one to believe in. There hasnt been anyone in awhile who wants to help everyone. Someone who understands the problems with america and wants to unite us. There's been sparks of greatness. Sparks. But never a fire.

Everyone is so focused on their bullshit to see past themselves. The dumbasses who blame everything on liberals and democrats. Because saying you're Republican means you are better than everyone else.

People who don't see that funding schools to teach our children to be anything. Instead focusung on private white schools because whites need to be in control.

People who think they are above taxes or laws.

There's dumb shits trying to start controversy about vaccines and masks leading to a war. People thinking they are asked to sacrifice their freedom with a piece of cloth and a free injection. Don't get it. Just stop trying to convince others to be as dumb as you.

Anyway my point.

There hasnt been anyone to believe in in quite some time. We hot people making promises only,to conform to the old white politicians to keep theor political ambitions alive.

Then we come to Zelinskyy, whose country is being invaded by a bigger army. A man who refused to abandon his country when all other business men and political figures flee. A man who took to arms, inspiring others. There's a Ukrainian boxer named Vasiliy Lomanchenko who went back to the Ukraine and took up arms.

People are joining because one man said no.

That's inspirational as hell. And it feels good to know there's still hope. There's still people willing to do what's right.

Russia bombed a nuclear waste disposal site. And theres no telling what future impact that might have. Kicking up radioactive dust. Putin, I hope gets his comeuppance. You can't threaten with nuclear war and expect your people to accept it.

In the mean time, we send prayers.

Hope can not be killed.

223 - dark gray

Russia... Ukraine.. insane in the membrane

I mean.. I guess a pandemic is the best time to invade a country.

When Russia took Chernobyl.. they have access to the isotope that nearly destroyed a continent. And you have to think.. with the ground seeped in radiation.. if they plan to extract it. but the process wouldnt be easy.

Chernobyl is unliveable.. you gotta wonder what steps they took to be around that level of radiation. It kinda makes you kinda wish the russian army gets exposed.. I mean.. it sounds mean and these soldiers are only following orders for pay. is killing and exposing yourself to radiation really worth the rubles?

I mean.. you gotta wonder whats taking other nations so long to act to defend Ukraine. they're like.. Oh we are taking away sanctions.. thats like disapprovingly nodding. Especially with Putin threatening with a nuclear arsenal. it makes you kind of anxious for the outcome. will they blow themselves up?

idk.. they say alot and nothing..

its crazy though.

220 - black

Kamila Valieva - dope ice princess

Well the winter Olympics was boring to watch as ever. But to spice things up they threw in a Russian Dope drama.

15 year old Russian ice skater Kamila Valieva was found with 3 drugs in her system. 2 we're alright but the 3rd was banned.

Apparently she got into her grandpa's boner pills and the blood surge meant for a 60 year old weiner circled back around and gave her an adrenaline rush. Propelling her physically.

Tara lipinsky and Johnny Weir disapprovingly nodded and were like "that bitch a cheater" then Valieva threw in some tears and slightly stumbled and said "Comrad.. I am just a childovich. Parastroika I was druggedinsky"

Suddenly Tara and Johnny were the most sympathetic.

Cheating is cheating. And quitting cheating before the big meet only to fail only proves you were cheating. All these things people said about your skill level werent true when you throw in a performance any kid at the ice rink can do.

I guess she's still getting her medals, despite doping because "she's a kid.. She can't help what adults do to her"

Drugs are bad, especially boner pills.

Say no to boner pills.

219 - green

Snow news is good news

Today was cancelled because of snow.

I think I can get through a 3 day work week with my sanity in check.

I'm gonna chill out tho.

217 - dark gray

some movies

Widowed mother Holly is radically tested when her teenage daughter Betsey experiences a profound enlightenment and insists that her body is no longer her own, but in service to a higher power. Bound to her newfound faith Betsey refuses to eat, but loses no weight. In an agonising dilemma torn between love and fear, Holly is forced to confront the boundaries of her own beliefs.

"Ted K"
Ted K lives a life of almost complete seclusion in a simple wooden cabin in the mountains of Montana. But then this former university professor, who despises modern society and its faith in technology, becomes radicalized. What begins with local acts of sabotage, ends with deadly bomb attacks. To the outside world, Ted K becomes known as the Unabomber. Based on Ted Kaczynski’s diaries and writings, Tony Stone’s film is a kaleidoscopic true crime journey into the life of one of America’s most complex and eccentric killers. It features a tour-de-force performance from Sharlto Copley who portrays the complexity of this unique outsider, raging at the forces of both the inescapable technological society that plagues him and his own inner demons.

When your political dreams are shambled...

So what do you do when you attack a race trying to defend themselves from a virus that's 4x as likely to kill you? What do you do when you fail at banning transgendered teens from high school sports? What do you do when you fail at blocking abortion pill from people who need them? What do you do when you use your political standing to get your 30 year old loser daughter a realtor license? What do you do after you force an elderly woman to retire? Then leave the state open during a pandemic, while travelling the United States preaching the gospel of Donald Trump?

For Kristi Noem, it's reaching to the approval of the poor by changing the rules of SNAP/EBT (food stamps) by making restaurants able to accept food stamps.

Her reason was "because the homeless don't have access to a kitchen" and yet she refused to help the homeless by denying federal aid offered by the Biden Administration. Then months later accepted and magically had money for a $4 million dollar jet "for South Dakota".

Right now it's just a bill that will most likely fail and make her fellow republicans hate her. Either way she's digging her political grave deeper.

She's racist,, stupid.. a cheater...

We already have a Sarah Palin.

212 - violet

Pam and Tommy.. Weirdness

I haven't watched it. I was alive back then and feel like not reliving it.

I guess last nights episode showed Pam Anderson having a miscarriage after the sex tape was stolen.

Records show Pam did have a miscarriage but months before the sex tape drama, after the tape came out she was pregnant with her oldest son.

Then they condemn the series for mixing up the truth for the sake of viewers.. Then adding how shameful it is to use Pam Anderson's personal tragedy for ratings.. And adding that Pam wanted nothing to do with the show.

Then they were like.. Shame on all ya'll for using her miscarriage for entertainment.

Then they added that you can see it on Hulu... With a $12.99 a month subscription.

Now that I got you here I wanted to tell the tale of Chris and Diana Crouch of Texas. A couple who were against the vaccination. Who went to Las Vegas. Wandered around without masks. Who found out Diana was pregnant. Who came home with Covid-19.

Diana was eventually hooked up to a machine. While pregnant and lungs collapsed. Had a stroke and kept alive until her baby had a better chance at survival.

She survived and her son was born. Due to her stroke she has problems using half her body. Their immediate family all got vaccinated since.

Personal medical freedom. You have it. Refusing to take it is your decision. don't cry for ivermectin or demand extra care. You took the risk. Hospitals aren't obliged to save you. Your hospital bill can teach the hundred thousands. The vaccine is free. Your hospital stay could be $20000 +.

But yeah. Go on. Be dumb.

211 - blue

Loves hangover 2022

Its the day after Valentine's day, what joy, what bliss!

I got to work and the dispatch ladies were all "you left without your gift" it was 4 chocolate covered strawberries, I'm like.. Niiiice. Not that I'm an ingrate, I just don't eat chocolate. It gives me a bad headache.

As I might have mentioned a few times. Chocolate gives me a headache, as well as the smell of pot. The smell of beer irks me. Like I don't understand people who love the taste of beer. But I get it that our taste buds are different.

We were talking about relationship drama at work. Poking fun at the lame nonviolent domestic violence call a we get. People acting like cops are marriage therapy.

Oh he said "when I called you a stupid b%=#h.. I meant stupid sexy b%=#I" "when I said you should hurry up and die.. it's only cuz we can go to heaven together"..."when I said you have a little d%#k. It's only cuz I want you self-conscious and unable to give it to anyone else"

But mostly when asked to press charges "but I love heeeem"

Anyway.. Loves hangover.

When people realize they either got it good.. Or won't try for a bit longer. . Give non-dramatics a break.

As for me.. Yes I had a great time.

Today is also the chapter reveal for theringu chapter from dead by daylight. Might fet to see the survivor. LoL. I'm a bit on the fence though.

As you may know the antagonist of the ring series was a child, however in Japanese versions Sadako was 19. But maintained a child like appearance which the American version "Samara" derrives. So I don't think they'll use the child version. But you never know.

So it's going to be a fine day.

Love, peace and chicken grease.

210 - black

Love day

Happy Valentine's day

You ever wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and you start remembering...this is life right now.. We're under a pandemic. Gotta deal with the stupid. Can't just go sit at shakeys in a solo booth angrily watching couples eat steak like the blues brothers.


Anyway love day. A magical day. Gotta get alot done today. It's Monday and all.

So.. Shared wisdom. Sometimes you gotta remember to be your own cheerleader. If you become reliant on others for praise, you'll feel terrible not getting it.

Reading others personalities goes a long way in the long run. You'll gain incite into why they lie. Why they 2 face and why they get obsessed. Then yoI can either shit on them or ignore. But don't forget where you learned this from. My tactics don't work on me be sure it's expected.

Instead... Just love yourself. And I dont mean it as "go to yourself" I mean love your Damn self. The only person who can make you miserable is yourself. You.

209 - red


As of today.. 2724 people in South Dakota have died from Covid 19. Among them, recently a child under 10 years of age.

We are a red state. Meaning most of the white people here claim to be Trump loving Republicans. And in true Republican fashion, most are inbred morons.

This disease was avoidable. South Dakota had zero cases until a Brazilian transgendered Catholic school p.e. teacher decided to go to Los Angeles to have her weeny cut. Was denied and came back to SD with her gay husband,

Make no mistake. Marrying a tranny with their weeny about to get chopped still makes you gay. You knowingly married a guy. Beung upset the world knows about it.. Is on you.

I digress.

Thus disease was preventable. December 2019. The news outlets were talking about this disease probability of jumping continents because of weeaboos in Asia. White people feasting on Asian culture.. About to come home with the corona virus.

There was a time.. When closing down international travel for the 2 weeks needed for the virus to die... Would have been possible. Yet ignored.

Here we are 2 years later with multiple variations wreaking havoc. It's become political. People vs mask mandates. People vs vaccinations, people vs stupidity. Stupidity won the latter.


It will rise again.

205 - red

Your goose is cooked.

Sad to report... The goose is dead.

Recently a new goose was hanging around the parking lot. Unlike the original goose, this one was a nusciance to everyone. He had a plain white goose girlfriend. They'd block the entrance playing chicken with cars.

Anyway, there was an emergency. A unit dropped off a perp and rushed out to another call and hit the goose.

The sad thing is the plain white girlfriend has been sitting by the road lonesome.

The whereabouts of the original hateful goose is unknown. Perhaps he was shot. Perhaps he flew to Florida to retire. Perhaps he ended up in a new down pillow. Fed to a family for Christmas. Perhaps he is out in the shadows lurking.

Or perhaps, if the bhuddists were right... Reborn and waiting to return.

203 - brown

The book of boba fett

I haven't seen the finale yet, which posted last night. But reviews I've seen said it was underwhelming. They even brought back baby Yoda and the mandalorian back.

Ok so.

One thing that probably ruined it goes back a decade or so. Back to the clone Wars. They filmed a lot in New Zealand, because it was cheap to do so. A lot of tv shows did. Hercules and Xena. That's why A lot of the actors and extras were New Zealand folk.

In the clone Wars they used Tameura Morrison in the role of "Jango Fett". The man used to clone an army. And since then the franchise is all New Zealandish, the bad batch.. Everyone had that accent.


So the first few episodes of Boba Fett. We see a 60 year old Maori guy sitting in the sand for 40 minutes an episode having flash backs to a week earlier. At one point he touches a tree and becomes the three eyed raven from game of thrones.

Then he fights the "pike army" that look like fish heads. Where have we seen that before?

But I digress. It's good to know there's ethnicities in space. Just wish they all didn't have new Zealand accents. Can't ever tell when it's "orver" they're always "or nor" and I'm out.

203 - brown

Joe Rogan. What a dummy.

Recently Joe Rogan came under fire for Covid misinformation. 70s rocker Niel Young came forwards and demanded Spotify to remove his music or Rogans podcast.

Spotty answered by removing Neil Youngs catalogue of music and tossing on a disclaimer on Rogans podcast.

60s singer, Joanie Mitchell joined Noel Young. In solidarity.

Joe Rogan issued a bland apology. Spotify said., we stand with Rogan. Even wrestler turned actor Dwayne ""The Rock" Johnson threw support behind Joe Rogan.

Then enters Singer India Arie. Who throws in a 7 minute long compilation if Joe Rogan saying the N-Word" during his podcasts. Says racism!

Damage control and why Joe Rogan is a dumb ass.

Joe Rogan issued yet another apology. But instead of taking responsibility and saying sorry. He said his use was "taken out of context" that black people have used the term for comedy and that as a comedian had a free pass.

It's never alright to be racist with a wide audience.

As a result 100 episodes were pulled for his racist Toyrettes style rant.

The saga continues...

Vote Jamie Smith

South Dakota has been dealing with a shit governor. From nepotism to attacking transgendered kids to abortion bans. To spending $4m on a jet only she can use. To leaving the state open during a pandemic. To denying South Dakotans relief money on Trump's say so, only to accept the aid and use it for her own purposes.

Leveraging "cities under Democrat leaderships over run with crimes" looting.. Murders., yada yada.


A tactic used by Donald Trump.

The more some people talk, the stupider you realize they are. You ever hit the politics room here? Its like 50 autistic on their soap boxes regurgitating things they don't fully comprehend. Just purging stupid remarks from each other about how democrats are ruining the world.

Democrats derive from democracy. The government which we operate. For the people by the people. Then y'all make claims like Democratic liberals ruin this country. This country was never good. Never.

Freedom is a lie.

America is 13 trillion dollars in debt to China. Every child born here is already in debt. You think Republicans are out to,get us from under debt? Or line their own pockets?

Sit down with a history book sometime.

Actually read.

Anyway I got side tracked.

Noem.. Is a piece of work. And I'll push for Jamie Smith to replace her at gubernational.

Anyway that's all. . I wrote a blog earlier but thought but was dumb after.

199 - teal

Noem attacks CRT

What is Critical Race Theory? CRT - a relevant, research-based framework through which education leaders and policymakers can think about the social construct of race and the impact of racism on students of color. It teaches about cultural and historical impacts rather than the white supremacy narrative.

Growing up in the recent decades, the history books paint a picture of victimized white settlers being hated for their religious values and need for freedom from an oppressive government. The story book social status of royalty.

Ultimately it was explained away as "manifest destiny" predestined conquering of land and it's people for the asshole need to own land and murder people in the name of government expansion of white people.

Often history books were written about white settlers who were raided and murdered by savages. God hating soulless brutes determined to see the white man fail.

White is right. That was the idea of history in schools of modern times.

The depiction of other races were painted as cruel and evil and disgusting.

When you were a kid playing cowboys and Indians.. Did you ever choose to be Indian?

Back on the reservation, we were given the opportunity to learn our language and culture from elders. We learned the truth about who we were and why we lost so much.

Disease... Genocide.. Eradication.. We also learned to hope. To save our ways from ending. To deny Christianity at its cultist core. We were taught to be proud, to know what it is to fight. To stand. To flourish.

When people hurl racist insults at me.. Does it bother me? No. It's nothing I haven't heard before. These insults always come from people within running away distance. It proves to me you are gutless... Weak. Then nothing. This means you tubby, I know you'll read this because of your lame need to find things to say to me, you aren't shit.. Won't ever be shit.

Anyway so.. Critical Race Theory was developed to teach non whites the truth and to help supplucate their lives with pride in their culture, to love who they are.

White history is not our history. It was never our story, our story doesn't end with accepting white God and paying taxes.

Our history is in our drum beats., in our songs, in our stance.. In our eyes and in our finger tips. We are living, breathing testament that white will never win.

This is why we need CRT,

An attack on our history is an attack on non whites.

Anyway.. Have a great Feb 3rd.

198 - red

Spotify? More like.. Stupify.. Ba-zing

Who even listens to podcasts?

Let alone Joe Rogan? But I'm not a binary white guy. I couldn't care about Joe Rogan. The stupidest things come out of his mouth. I know this because he often makes the news with the stupidest shit.

Like taking ivermectin for Covid.

It's like whats his face... Dane Cook. One day he will be crushed by his own stupidity.

I did notice something about how the media is controlling the masses. They were pushing the popularity of Wordle, they were pushing Spotify. They push distracting things that keep us from realizing really bad things are happening.

For instance, impending wars that seem to just be social media fundraising events more than awareness.

It's like.. Adeles Las Vegas concerts getting cancelled due to problems with Covid. Elton John getting Covid.

It begs the question.. Why are people willing to risk infections to put on concerts? Why are they pushing cheap cruises? Who the fuck declared Covid over? Whyare we stuck on stupid?

I think it's admirable Neil Young had his music pulled from spotty. Because they were hosting Joe Rogans podcasts that spread Covid misinformation. Joanne Mitchell followed suit. India Arie soon after.

It's nothing to do with Joe Rogan and everything to do with spreading bad information about this disease that nears 1 million lives claimed.

If YouTube, Facebook and Twitter can yank accounts., why not music services.

Someone said a week ago., Napster was still around and paying musicians more than spotty. Weird.

It's nice to see musicians use their influence to protest. Admirable.

197 - black