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Plan B for the ugly

Plan B. The abortion pill.

Recently an "activist" named Jex Blackmore took the Plan B abortion pill to show how easy and safe it is.

First of all. She should. What an ugly ho.

But... But.. Ordering this pill online comes with the stigma that guys can order it too. Nash it up and slip it in your smoothie. At any point in time., a guy can slip you the pill and kill the baby.

I'm not against the pill, I'm against making it easy as ordering grub hub.

That's disgusting, aborting a baby ysingvthe pill on FB live us distasteful.

Especially after you exclaim "alright let's kill a baby" then explain that your intention was for the good of mankind.

So stupid.

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Megan McCain is so dumb.

I honestly don't get the interest in Megan McCain. She seems dumb as hell. But as I said earlier, it's manufactured villainy. You pick an,unpopular stance to get people to hate you.

Lady year she had a baby during the pandemic. Still showing up to a studio to do work with a ton of people who could be carriers. Still hitting up the Starbucks line. Crying about the effectiveness of masks.

Earlier this month.. She tested positive for Covid. She said it lasted a couple weeks and is concerned about long term after effects. Then revealed she was double vaccinated and "still got infected"

The vaccine is not immunity.

On the same token. New York reversed its stance on mask mandates.

Then there's reports that if everyone gets omicron then we can get herd immunity. If we all get it.. It'll die from natural immunity. Idiocy.

That would require everyone to be on board and no one is because "it's my medical freedom"

This isn't about freedom. It's about eradicating a disease. But nope. A bunch dummies beliwving their personal choice while still working and dining in public is their freedom.

People like Megan McCain believing this shit isn't serious. Thinking oh.. Its a cold.

Fuck that and fuck you.

Anyway.. Now.. She says "it makes me wonder about the effectiveness of the vaccine and masks" idiots never learn.

Masks do work. You been wearing them near 2 years. Don't be an idiot.

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Getting Goosed

A new contender approached me recently.

I still park in the same parking lot for work. and recently there's been a weird looking goose. Waddling at me with his wings spread.. hissing.

Google says its a chinese goose gander.

Its got this weird knob on his beak. and this cream to chocolate colored feathers. I googled and it says chinese goose.

I think its a spy for China.. come to the heartlands of the US to spy on our secrets.. maybe take photos with its hidden camera in its beak bump of the air force base and the B1 Bombers. the stealth planes.


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Budget cuts > weiner cuts

So.. Let the stupidity begin. I'm going to open with Gov Noem spending $4mil on a jet "for South Dakota" unless everyone gets to use it.. It's Definately a luxury expense for herself. She claims $3mil went back into the south Dakota budget. Right.

Anyway my 2nd topic. Trannys in sports.

Today I read how a transgendered athlete "Lia Thomas" was setting world records in a sport for women. Look. I support the transgendered. But excelling at sports for women when you were born a man and recently transitioned at 20.. Idont agree with.

It's like taking steroids. You lived your whole life with testosterone. Then you grow your hair out and call yourself Peaches McTets. No. Not cool.

You can slice your weeny off. Live your life inserting dildos in your open wound for the rest of your life. That's cool. But the moment you get into female boxing or basketball. Then you stop trying to feel comfortable in your skin. Then it becomes an obvious ploy to excel in sports.

You can play sports. You should not compete. You aren't inspiring young females... You're spitting in their faces.

And lastly. Joe Biden. I love Joe Biden. He called a reporter a stupid don of a b... And then.. They put a photo of the guy up like.. Oh thus beautiful creature. No. Joe said in plain English.. We're here to talk about the problems we have NOW. B.S.. Can wait til later. Then dbag reporter started asking when he was told.. That can wait til later. That's a stupid SOB. Can't follow orders.

Then You got brainless dummies calling for Biden's head. All the stupid sharks circling. LoL.

If my blog offends you. Great. I'm not here to sugar coat the world for you.

Masks work. Vaccines work. Saying liberal all the time is fucking stupid. The more stupid people dying From Covid the better. No one will miss you.

And that's my time.

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Story Time : Drunk in love

Alcoholism can lead to terrible relationships.

A few years ago, while grabbing lunch. I witnessed a wino couple arguing. Apparently, girl showed other winks her boobs for drinks of their beer. Her boyfriend came back from panhandling.

Anyway they started arguing. And the guy starts walking away. Girl is like "Fine.. Walk away.. I can get any man I want!"

Guy says "I don't need you... I don't feed you."

She turns around to her horde of drunks and goes "I'm single now"

The moral of the story. Get sober

Controlling your narrative

No one has time for dummies. Least of all you. So what you're gonna want to do is this.. Let shit fly.

Lets face it.. Any little push back on a rumor is only going to compile distrust. Whether they claim ridiculous stupidity or secret truth. They do it to see how you react.

The best path is go forward. This isn't Twitter and millions of dislikes ruins your day. The best move is not to care. You weren't put on earth to care. Least of all by things people who don't even,know your name will say.

If you have that stupid friend who says it.. Kick em to the curb. You don't need liabilities.

The best friendships are built on mutual self destruction. Built on perfect trust. Only a great friend with both hate and fear and trust you.

Always remember 1 thing. It's just words. No word has ever killed. Don't be the dummy that does it.

And with that. Have a lovely day. I know I will.

I love that a whole year later fat losers are still obsessed with me. I'm gonna use my umbrella to keep me dry against the tears of my haters

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Story time. Tick talk

A few years ago.. The pest problem was bad. It was a hot miserable summer, zika was on the rise. You remember zika? It caused a slew of pinhead baby births in Brazil.

It was transferred by mosquitos, there was h1n1 and zika that summer.

Anyway a couple dudes were trying to outrun the police. They crashed their car in a steep ditch half filled with water.

They were also drunk. They laid down in the weeds nearby. Then they got attacked by ticks. They both screamed and ran to the road and started freaking out. There were dozens of ticks on them.

As they brought them in.. The officers were like "another crime stopped by the tick"

Hillarity ensued.

The moral is crime.. Don't do ir

RIP ~ Meatloaf and Louie Anderson

Today is not the day for thick boys.

I have a 2 hour late start so they can plow the roads. Before my promotion, I'd have to drive through snow drifts. Keep track of people in ditches so I could report their locations when I got to work. No longer!

Guess this coming daylight savings will be sadder knowing time warp will be sung quieter with meatloaf gone.

They say celebrity deaths happen in threes. Let's go Trump.

Ya know America was never great. It was full of racism and global religious cultism. Though there has been strides toward equality. We aren't there yet. Peace is a myth. But as Lennon said. It's easy if you can. And people can't.

We are fickle and prideful and stupid.

We are America 🇺🇸

I truly hope when enough stupid people die.. We can get things in order.. And move in the right direction.

Until then. I would do anything for USA.. But I won't do that. No I won't do that.

As I unwrap this mcmuffin I will think of the thick boys. I'll laugh.. I'll cry.. I'll stick my thumb in apple pie. I'll utter those words.. Rest in piece.. 12 piece...bucket from KFC 🍗

Now I'm gonna light up the world like nobody else.

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Yellowjackets - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

I dont speak Latin.

I thought that was an upper crust hoity toity white people way of saying "smooth move, ex lax" sue me! Or a skater way like. Yo sic transit.

Anyway the yellowjackets finale. It was pretty good. Best in awhile to end a season that leaves you wondering wtf? Plus they never got to the cannibalism hinted at in the trailer or the first 5 minutes of the pilot.

Things that were missed...

In episode 8 when Vanessa wakes to being set aflame after a wolf attack. She looks at the stars and sees 2 shadowy figures among her friends looking down on her.

In the opening credits we see the man in Shaunas dream preceding Jackie's death.

Ok so.. Spoiler alert. I'm going to discuss events.

At the beginning of The season. We see a girl running barefoot in the snow.. Falling into a pit with punji sticks. She wore a necklace with a gold heart on it. It's implied earlier it was Jackie. But as the show moves forward we see Jackie's hair is shorter and lighter.

Jackie dies. After an argument with Shauna about cheating with her boyfriend. The girls decide Jackie should leave the cabin. During the night it snows and Jackie freezes to death.

We also find out it was Shaunas husband blackmailing the survivors. Leading Shauna to stab her boyfriend mistaking him for the blackmailer.

We also realize Lottie still lives. Possibly leading a cult,

I'm vague with all this I know, perhaps you should binge watch.

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Lmao republicans are dumb

South Dakota's governor Kristi Noem recently gave an hour long speech about being a dumb shit that knows nothing about Covid.

South Dakota has listed one child casualty to Covid 19. One among many in the United States. This disease has already claimed too many lives. And we still got yodealwith dummies who refuse masks and vaccines.

A topic Noem discussed was natural immunity. Stating once recovered its ok to throw out your mask and not need the vaccine because you will then be immune.

Being immune doesn't mean you aren't a carrier. You can be immune and breathe out Covid once exposed again.

No one is immune to Covid. Thinking you had a cold once in 2019 meant you had it is very stupid. You'd know if you had it.

People being stupid with Covid is a norm now. Because you think someone us smart., then they go to Wal-Mart and get it. And it's like., did I get it from the crowded store? Were you not wearing a mask? There's a reason you got it.

In 2019.. I read a story how a pediatric nurse got Covid.. And it was so stupid. She wore a mask for months. Instead of washing it.. She flipped the mask over to the exposes side. Then had the nerve to rant how masks didn't protect her.


Meanwhile the rest of us have to pay for the stupid mistakes of the ignorant by having to live life behind masks and having multiple years taken away to deal with this pandemic.

Stop being stupid.

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Serene dream

So.. I had a messed up dream.

I was at a bus stop with my niece. And she wanted me to swing her by the arms. So I did and realized I was at a bus stop with a lot of kids.

Just as I was about to leave someone shouted.. Watch out! And a giraffe dragging a rickshaw hauling an old ice dispenser went zooming by. The giraffe leapt on top of a house. The rickshaw clipped a pole and an electrician came swinging down and right into a power line.

And I fell laughing. Then I said.. Sure is a shame no one got a picture of that. Kids whipped out their cellphones.

Then the charred electrician fell from the wire and instantly pooped.

I laughed myself awake.

That doesn't make me evil does it?

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Winter. Wonderland or blunderland

Its been cold and people are complaining. It's like.. Is this really your first time at the rodeo. LoL.

The weird this is people who don't know how to winter drive. Rules are simple.. 10 mph slower and no slamming on The brakes. Then you pass a car full if 20 year olds like.. Dummies.

Mr Miyagi said something that goes with winter driving and disasters. "best way to not be in trouble is not be there"

A few years the family was goung through static and I told family involved., just stay home. You dont need to be at parties or at bars.. Just stay home.

Right now the omicron is spreading with the flu causing flurona, best way to be safe is not be out. Not be in the cold. Load up on soup and wait it out.

I personally love these winter days,

Especially curling up under blankets.

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Stay cool

A mouthful of air.. The sads

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the stupidity of giving up on your babies. I got sidetracked by wanting to find out the big deal about this movie called a mouthful of air.

In this movie we meet Julie (seyfried). A woman who writes books no one reads. She has a baby with a handsome guy who makes enough money that she has all the time in the world. Let's be honest.. She's unemployed.

Spoiled white lady in an apartment with multiple rooms.. Married to a well off handsome man. Sweet baby.. She slashes her wrists. Has the sadness. Oh no.

Anyway they try to figure out why she wanted to die. Offering up post partum. Her father's depression.. Some vague trauma. Meanwhile everyone uses kid gloves. While she gets pregnant again.

They remove her from her rich lady antidepressants while pregnant. Which..if you knew you were messed up,in the head.. While would you get pregnant?

Then after her baby is born her apparent mental case dad shows up. Then it gets creepy.

While teaching her to paint the wall. He stands behind her and breathes heavily. She starts tearing up. Then he buries his face in her hair and sort of implies sexual gratification before shameful crying.

Then she kills herself. After a future cut of her own daughter having a baby.

It was terrible. I saved you an hour and a half of a lifetime movie that didn't really have an evil man.

My point is this.. Get your tubes tied if you can't deal with the consequence of letting a dude nut in you.

No one gas time for your b.s. Kathy

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Nobody does it better...

It's the 3rd day of 2022.

A lot of people are doing resolutions. There is one resolution I think is important.

Resolving stupidity.

With omicron surges and a crappy christmas. I think it's time people stopped being stupid and got the vax. Wear a mask.

This morning on my way to work is topped to grab a muffin and a coffee and I see some chicks not wearing masks. They gave me a look like in a terrorist... Which I am. I coughed hard and was like.. If I didn't need this stuff is be at home quarantining.

They all went to the back while I made my purchase. I looked at the masked cashier and I'm like.. Im not sick. Just teaching a lesson. This stuff isn't over.

Slowly it will become an endemic.. Or it probably is. And it's stupid peoples fault.


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