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Tackled at the 1 yard line - RIP Betty White

Now before you call me disrespectful. Remember that Betty's career was built on comedy. Mainly as dimwitted Minnesotan Rose Nylund in The Golden Girls. As Ellen Harper Jackson in The Family sketches in The Carol Burnett show and spin off Mamas Family.

Beloved and revered.. Betty White was the last living actress from The Golden Girls.

A decades long career she brought laughter to many. My favorite was the witch lady from my name is Earl.

You will be missed.

Buying your way into heaven - #FreeBritney

With Britney out from her conservatorship, details emerge how deep the exploitation went.

In 2008 when Britney was put under a psychiatric hold after her divorce. Her Father Jaimie Spears borrowed $40k from Lou Taylor's management company and the later hired them to manage Britneys estate.

Their payout far exceeded their initial loan. Since then Britney was forced to make a few albums and tour. Taking in millions. None of it went to Britney.

She was still on a conservatorship and forced to make money for other people.

Lou Taylor and her husband Rob then "donated" money into their own churches. There thereby money laundering under the guise of church tax write offs. For a decade they filtered money through these religious businesses to remain off the radar of exploiting Britney.

Earlier this year the #FreeBritney movement began with a secret phone call from Britney to 911.

Just how deep this went was staggering.

Now that she is free. She can move on with her life. Get married and have kids. Spend her own money.

Recently she said she wasn't going to make music. But you know... That's something she can't do. The itch to perform will overcome.

I hope she can get some of her money back. It kind of sucks that her life was derailed because of Kevin Federline. The moral here is if a white guy can dance.. Keep moving.

Stay safe.

163 - gold

Weird dream

Hello dream enthusiasts. It's time for a weird dream.

Ok so I was at a fam reunion. And it was a cloudless day. Everyone was under a shade talking about memories.

Some kids asked me where the sodas were so I took them to the house and showed them the fridge. I went to the back door and it was dark out and the sky was dark blue. It got cold.

I started seeing multiple tornadoes. I'm like get your a##s in the basement. As I look up the tornadoes break away and there is a massive typewriter embedded in the earth.

It was one of them retro blue ones. Kinda neat.

And I saw every detail of it. Everyone looked at it like.. If that's real. How big is this person? Or are we smaller?


161 - black and white

Story Time - flop bottom girls

One summer evening. 2 women were brought in after a public street fight over the ugliest scrawniest guy I ever seen.

The aggressor had recently given birth and still had to use a hemorrhoid donut.

As they say in the book area. The aggressor started screaming at the other chick. She screamed "I'm gonna beat the sh#t out of you!!" and then she dooked in her draws.

After a few hours after she calmed down and was allowed to shower and use prison bottoms. She laughed a little.. Turned to the guard and said "guess I'm the one who got the shit beat out of them"

The end

Baby Oopsie - so bad it's kinda good.

Baby oopsie lands us in the life of Sibyl Pittman. An obese woman in her 40s whose life is collecting and restoring dolls. She hosts a vblog about her hobby called "all dolled up"

Often meek, Sibyl finds herself bullied everyday by her step mother and neighbors. People who know she had mental problems since childhood. She often imagines killing people. But morally restrained by just living her life.

She receives a package by mail that contains a weird doll head and various parts. As she restores them she comes to rebuild baby oopsie.

The doll comes to life and murders her step mother and a neighbor kid who robbed her.

She eventually decides to enjoy the doll killing people until it decides to kill her former gardener who us always nice to her.

Sibyl decides it's time to stop. Somehow she ends up in a huge black leather jacket that fits her doll slayer persona.

In the end she finds her feminine obese neighbor is a Satan doll cultist who sent her baby oopsie.

Does she die? That's the only thing I won't reveal. You'll have to watch it yourself.

The doll itself has a sucky voice and laugh and says things like "crazy broad" and "can I haz amburburs" much like another cartoonish asshat we know.

That's my review.

160 - red

Story Time - Daddy bdsm is gross.

A few years back I used to help book people in.

One day they brought in a couple. An old man nearing 60 and an obese 35 year old.

The lady was ultra aggressive. She kept treating to sue people for the mistreatment of an elderly man. I thought she was his nurse tbh.

Anyway so as we are booking them. The old man turns to me and asks me what I think about bdsm daddy/daughter relationships. Im like "ew gross"

That's when the chubster chimed in. "You couldn't do the things I do for daddy"

I remembered Mr floppys advice...

I'm like "what's sick and degrading yo a pretty girl is just another Saturday night to a chubster.. Chubster need love too.. But they gotta pay"

Never saw her again

The parade of lights...

Last night was the parade of lights. A lot of towns/cities do this but for the socially awkward I'll explain. People make Christmas floats and toss out candy bags.. Teddy bears. Thus even the people who can't afford Christmas can get a taste.

However in true weirdness. They played AC/DC instead of Christmas music. LoL. Imagine seeing Santa on a massive float to the tune if "TNT" magical right?

The night wrapped up with a biker gang handing out hot cocoa. Normally I'd talk about being unsafe and omicron. But it's Christmas. LoL

Anyway.. Yesterday I got to help with the PD float. It was the dumbest float. It had these flat LED lights around old printed paper with a wreath design that said happy holidays.

It was so bland. I got to staple garland around the edge. LoL.

Other than that it's been super chill. People just want to be home for Christmas so the drinking and meth can wait til Saturday I guess. It's super quiet.

Then again the day just started. Who knows?

I'm gonna light up,the world like nobody else. Oh uh whoa., that's what makes me beautiful.

155 - red

Story Time: He may be missing but..

A few years ago. There was a rise in schizophrenics it seemed. One day this lady came frantic about her brother. She claimed he had been missing 48 hours..

He lived in a little trailer alone. So she asked for the police to do a welfare check, explaining he is schitzophrenic.

Anyway so theyget to his trailer and knock. No answer. His sister shows up with a key she got from their grandma who pays the rent.

He wasn't there but there was a huge pile of feces and a 12 in black dildo sitting on the coffee table. It had poop on it.

An ex officer looked at the lady and said "he may be missing.. But his s**t sure isn't"

The guy showed up a few hours later saying he was at the library that day.

Sure.. The library.

The boneheads

Yesterday someone said their wife was double vaccinated and boostered and still got Covid.

The problem is. Being vaccinated doesn't allow you to be a bonehead. It weakens Covid 19. It is not immunity.

In the news a lady in California is suing her workplace because she got Covid.. Gave it to her husband and he died. She claims She got it.. Quarantined and exposed her family. He got sick and died and now she wants $.

First of all. Yes she got Covid from work. But the protocol has always been.. Quarantined alone. Use separate bathroom if possible. Sanitize the bathroom after use. That's maybe a blast of Lysol and be on your way.

Being a bonehead is easy.

There's no vaccination against bonehead.

Don't be announcing the vaccines don't work. It was never an immunity to not get it. It's to weaken the reaction should you get it. Smart people would still wear masks and social distance. This pandemic is not over.

The last disease we had to combat was zika. There was an army of pinhead babies from Brazil that taught us we can overcome disease. Hope brought from the smallest minds.. Literally. A major side effect was micro encephalitis.

Let's pull together.. Apart and smart our way out of... Nm look who I'm talking to.

Peace. I'm off to light up,the world like nobody else.

154 - green

5 daysss

Til Christmas. Yay.

So Sarah Palin says she refuses the vaccine. Which if you ask me.. Is the stupidest person doing the stupidest thing. Good riddance.

Elizabeth Warren tested positive for Covid. She is double vaccinated and boostered. She says her symptoms are milder than she expected because of the vaccinations.

Omicron is 3 times easier to catch than delta which was already easier to get.

All this business could be over in a couple weeks if people stayed home and got vaccinated. It's like don't want to vaccinate? Cool. Then stay home.

Its stupid people prolonging this. Very stupid people.

As someone who recovered from Covid. Double vaccinated. The shot isn't terrible. I'm not controlled by microbots. I've not mutated or grown extra limbs. Fearing it is hella stupid.

Anyway I'm done with stupidity.

153 - peach

Racism vs trauma

Lately people confuse trauma with hate. And a lot of times it isn't the trauma that triggers racism in people. Because trauma can be worked through. Being a d-bag is all you.

Michelle Odinet is a judge in Louisiana who recently was caught on video saying racial slurs after a failed robbery. She claims she was on a sedative and it caused her to use the n-word repeatedly.

Now one would contend the trauma of being through a robbery would be like.. Ok it's shock. But blaming it on medication is not. Why? Because you dont take personal responsibility. People would have understood trauma. The fact you blame it on drugs.. Means the racism,is there. It just 5akes a truth serum to come out.

She was all "I'll take unpaid leave" with the understanding she can come back.


Roseanne Barr tweeted a statement comparing Valerie Jarrett's partivipation in Trump's regime to planet of the apes. All people saw was Roseanne call a "black" woman an ape. Why did I "..."? She didn't look black to me.

Regardless Roseanne got cancelled. Same should happen to Odinet.

I'm not affected by racism. It happens a lot that you become desensitized to it. So when low IQ nobodies call me names.. It's like so what? I'm not your free pass at racism. You're racist. You don't need me to be one. And I dont care what fat nobodies think. You're fat and a nobody.

Now if say Leonardo DiCaprio called me an injun I might be upset a second. Because he is someone and a celebrity. I might be like.. Oh no.. Not you Leo. But then I'd be like.. Oh well. I'd waste a minute on Leo.

Not on fat loser chicken shit cowards. Because let's face it. When I give you an opportunity to say what you want to me and you go for weaker people.. You've already showed me you are chicken shit.

Why respect that?

Anyway enjoy your Friday.

150 - nerdpool red

South Dakota and Transgendered athletes.

If you're from here, you'd know that transgendered teens don't play sports. Why? Because of the staunch Republican views on gays. Because corn fed farm kids are cruel. Because it's sports.

You never hear about transgendered teen athletes from South Dakota. So why is Kristi Noem making it a big deal? Because it gets her name in the news. Because Republicans and church folk dislike gays and gay culture. Nothing brings bigots together like a common enemy. And this time it's transgendered kids.

I've always followed the code of "if I'm not gonna bang you, I don't care about sexuality." I didn't ask if you're gay or bi because I'm not interested in you.

We live in a society that tries to force acceptance. You want to be accepted for being gay. Then accept yourself. Being gay is not a golden ticket to having the world be your oyster. There's kids struggling with coming to terms against religious ideology or familial acceptance, they don't need a flashy quincinera.

Trying to figure out who you are should never be about likes and reposts. Take the time to sort your brain. Love yourself. Then learn to be unashamed by who you are.


This tactic if being against transgendered athletes is not a new thing. It's an adopted norm to "make America great" for bigoted old white folk.

Kristi Noem is a piece of poo.

She turned down the federal pandemic aid we needed. Then turn around and accepts it.. Going against her first statement that Lord Trumpdemort told his constituents to deny help from President Biden.

Then she denies us mask mandates and leaves our state borders open for travel. Inviting the pandemic to surge in our state.

The tribe set up a border not allowing anyone in. She threatened them with Trump's death squad and demanded that accept the scarlet fever blanket. Google it.

Then.she started saying she was against the vax and mask mandate proposed by Biden. Telling media outlets South Dakota would not stand for it. Then made a PSA about getting vaccinations. Which you can see on Facebook

This 💩 needs to pick a lane.

Then she says her kid never got special treatment in getting a state license for home appraisals. Turns out she did.

The only time she says or does anythingnis when it affects her. I hope she ends up with a transgendered grand child. So she can change her turn on her bigotry. So she can see what an a$$ she's making of herself.

And that's my blog for today.

149 - mint

Bren's words

SD Gov Kristi Noem used her position to get her daughter a real estate appraisal license.

Sherry Bren, former head of South Dakota's appraisal certification program spoke up about her firing from a position she held for decades citing age discrimination.

In 2020, Cassidy Peters sought a real estate appraisers license. She failed. The process gives you two chances. If you fail the first test you are allowed to take a second test and have a reviewer help you learn. A process that has held true for decades.

A process Kassidy Peters failed. In July of 2020. A meeting was held at the governor's mansion. Supposedly about updating the procedure to become licensed. Bren was asked to attend. She felt like it was because Gov. Noem's daughter was denied. And boy was she right. She was asked about why and she told them. You fail the test you are given a second chance and a reviewer will teach you. There are classes available. Kassidy didn't take the classes and still failed.

After the meeting Been was fired. She sued for age discrimination and settled for $200k. She had to sign a NDA which prohibited her from talking about why she was fired or for speaking badly about her former work place. She remained silent for months because of this.

However while she couldn't disclose to the media or do interviews. The NDA could be overlooked if she were compelled by the courts. Which is what she did.

She told the courts Kassidy Peters failed twice. But was given a third chance which she passed at the behest of Governor Kristi Noem. No one else was ever given a third chance.

Why is this important?

Because it was nepotism and an abuse of power by Kristi Noem.

Noem claims the meeting was about streamlining the process in getting an appraisal license. But it begs the question, why does she care all the sudden? It was a process that worked for decades. It was a process many people passed. It only became a matter once her daughter got involved. Then all the sudden it's "let's change this policy"

Changing the rules for your idiot kids is likened to teaching your own kid and giving them all A's. It's unethical. Involving herself shows that there was a clear objective and abuse of power.

Anyway in the next month or so, they should reach a decision and hopefully it's one that ends Kristi Noems political career.

Gov Noem. She is literally scum. She refused to close SD or allow mask mandates. Pushed for the biker rally for both summers of the pandemic. Caused surges. Then she had a statue made of Donald Trump on Mount Rushmore. All during the pandemic she travelled to other states. If she had covid, did not disclose. You think Florida had a shit governor, imagine one thinking she's gonna be president one day.

Oh that's right.. She planned to run for president in 2024. But remembered Trump was gonna make a second attempt so she's settling for governor re-elect.

What a dummy.

148 - purple

Ansel Elgort totally ruined WSS..

Not really. The West Side Story reboot wasn't that necessary. Considering they still do tours of it every year. It's one of the biggest musicals.

Ansel Elgort was accused of sexually abusing a girl on Twitter a few years back. The girl said she messaged him on Twitter.. They snapchatted. They met up in a seedy parking lot and after the sex began she was like noooo!

I didn't know this. LoL. I try not to bother with people I'll never meet.

Anyway so I gave WSS a watch last night. From what I saw it was like.. Aside from Ansel, Rita Moreno was the only other famous person in it. They tried to update the dancing. Added some lines that didn't need to be in it. And tried to update the singing. The clothes were dull.

Like in the original they had vibrant reds and blues. The hair styles were great. Rites purple dress was awesome.

In the new one they had flat hair styles. A lot of yellow and browns.

And the cuts.., oh boy. They had cuts in scenes that didn't need it. There was so many cuts I felt like I was gonna get epilepsy.

Steven Spielberg is what...80? Maybe his vision of what it was good was marred by trying to seem artistic. It just looked like a noob YouTube editor cut it in a way to trigger epilepsy?

The cast were mostly new.. Unheard of people. Some of their roles weren't stepped into. It was basically like watching them mimic the original cast.

The school dance scene (mambo). Like the revamp was dumb. They did the opposite circle random dance partner., then Anita yells out something. And the band starts the mambo song. All the Latinos and whites literally face off 1 foot from each others face yelling mambo.

The funny thing I always thought were the white kids challenging the Latinos to a Latin dance. Its like challenging them to build a better burrito. It's like yeah right. Your gated community white kid gang is gonna out dance the Latin kids And win a fist fight also.

The sexual assault scene. LoL. I'll leave it at that.

Maybe I should have said spoilers? But.. It's a remake. Can I really ruin a remake?

The end.

146 - dark gray.


Above and beyond. Teachers...

So today there's a lot of news stories about schools making teachers do squid games type stuff for money for their class.

I mean I'm aware it's not a new thing. I've seen them do things like musical chairs for cash. Then theres those cash prizes for winning best teacher in a district.

Today there was 2 stories about a school in South Dakota and a school in Canada. That dumped cash on ice during a hockey game and had teachers compete to get the most cash for their classes.

I mean on one hand it's like.. Why was there a need to make them scramble for cash for school supplies?

Why was the amount of teachers participating so low?

Then I remember.. A lot of teachers are old. A lot of these older teachers retired. Since Covid hits the elders worse. A lot of them quit than risk getting sick. So A lot of the younger subs were green lit to be teachers.

I have a friend Maeve. She went from being a mom to bus monitor to a teacher in 2 years. Green lit because of the shortage of educators.

Anyway I gotta get things going.

Just wanted to share these stories about dash for cash for school supplies.

My first snow day

Since becoming admin, I thought.. Can't wait for winter when I can get snow days. Then there were talks of la Nina and a mild winter. Then it snowed. A foot of powder. And since the roads are bad admin for a snow day.

What am I gonna do? I'm already awake. I'll dig myself out at noon. I think ima enjoy the DBD winter festivities.

Theres a challenge. If you can leave the match via gate or hatch in a snowman costume you Dan win fabulous prizes. Bloodpoints., shards or cosmetics. Xmas cosmetics which means ugly Xmas sweaters. Yay!

143 - grey thermals

Story Time - 2 hot lovers

I've said it before. I worked at a diner in my teens. I could balance a tray of hot plates like no one's business. Anyway.. One Friday, my sister and I got paid at the same time,

So we were like., let a get pizza! My brothers n sisters were like neck yeah. But no one wanted to place the order. I'm like.. W/E I'll do it.

I'm like what do I get. They kept shouting "2 meat lovers and hot wings" over and over. The guy answers the phone like "can I take your order?

"I want 2 hot lovers" I shouted and immediately realized I said it, I fell to the ground laughing. Everyone was like what's up with you?

Luckily I didn't have to pick up that order.

The end.

He really is a disgusting sick freak....

Part of my training dealt with trauma survival. We had to listen to recorded calls and learn about trafficking. Why? Same reason we had to do physical training. To be prepared for anything. Why do i mention this?

New details about Josh Duggars pedophile care emerged. And though not enough details were told, enough was present to determine how sick he is. The video they found on his work computer described as "abuse of an infant" instantly told that it really was one of the top 5 most sick videos.

Years ago a white man named Peter Scully went to the Philippines and did some really sick shit. The whole idea was these people are so short and look child like that he can live out his pedophile dreams within a legal parameter. Meaning 18 but looks 12 was ok.

He wasn't satisfied, so he and his 2 girlfriend's would abduct children, rape and later kill them. These snuff film type pornography were sold on the dark web for a decade.

This is why i make fun of white guys and Asian chicks. You got a tiny weiner.

Anyway the worst of his films he and his girlfriend severely abused a baby. I read somewhere the child survived but was crippled and disfigured.

I haven't seen these things by the way. It's general knowledge within the police community. The amount of things I had to memorize was pretty lengthy.

Anyway so Josh Duggar hopefully gets found guilty. His case wasn't political enough the whites were gonna get him off. Not this time.

It's pretty sick that he molested 4 of his sister's. He shoulda been castrated way back then. Can you imagine growing up and having Josh Duggar be your father? His brain damaged wife is always smiling so proud of him. F****n b***h.

So I hope he gets chemically castrated and raped In prison. Would be the kind of justice he deserves.

Ima light up the world like nobody else.

141 - ivory

They aren't nerds....

You must not confuse nerds with fanboys. Nerds are educated and intelligent and knowledgeable about their area of expertise.

Sad virgin cosplayers are not nerds. These are fanboys.

If you know the intricate workings of technology and the coding of such workings, you are a nerd.

If youre a fat greasy slimeball talking about the origins of the Kenobi family or wandering off to a Star Trek convention to ask Geri Ryan the bra size of 7 of 9 in a galactic sizing breast armor. You are a fanboy.

I say this because nerds.. Smart people would not be going to anime conventions during a pandemic. Smart people would always wear masks and be vaccinated. They wouldn't get Covid and spread it like wildfire. That's stupid.

I hope being a fanboy was worth it.. To the 15 losers who got Covid at an animecon in NYC and thus spread it even more.


And now back to our show....

Unmasking your demons

Nothing sucks like a stalled life. A lot of times people mistake stalls for fear. An inability to get over criticisms. You see it all the time. People stuck without jobs or aspirations.

I believe it started with people thinking mental health being popular. At some point therapy stopped being about personal responsibility and growth. It turned to small patches and prolonging healing to make a few bucks.

Like you hear it all the time "imagine what I coulda been if it weren't for my "fill in the blank" the only thing holding you back is yourself.

Unmasking your demons.. Learning your weaknesses.. This is a tool to being the best you. The pros and cons of being you.

I believe once you unmask things that hinder you or generally distract you from your goals... Ultimately will help you. You can't fly with the Eagles with things holding you down.. Capishe?

One of my favorite quotes comes from a game called dragons age. And it goes..

"The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment... and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly."

And with that it's time to light up the world like nobody else.

139 - red

Give a little

Tis the season. Even though we are under a pandemic. The dept is doing a winter coat drive along with the salvation army and the food banks of America.

We are collecting gently used coats, which we will wash and dry and repackage in plastic as to follow safety guidelines while we are under a pandemic. Thankfully, it's been a mild winter so far.

South Dakota has witnessed 900 new cases of Covid this week, which is why we will wash and dry and repackage as to ensure the safety of donated items.

Right now I'm sitting by a card board box with 3 jackets in it. I'm here til 1.. Which is like 25 minutes.

I scheduled to use my early out to take my nieces shopping for coats. Coats and a few hours with auntie war. They're lucky.

Despite the emails I received about tubbo. Who cares? I never cared what he thought of me. I'm not here to impress him or be his friend. So please keep it to yourself., unless it's funny. Then by all means.

Back to my original thought. There's a lot of local charities seeking donations in your area. Now's the time to search your heart and give to those who need it.

Ima tell you a little story before I go cuz I'm killing time. Last winter when the Covid outbreak became a surge around Christmas. There was a little old lady living in the sticks with 3 adult grand sons. She passed around Thanksgiving. Her grandsons were so afraid of Covid they never left their home.


They died from starvation. It was after a blizzard check they discovered the bodies.

Anyway.. Stay safe. Happy Friday

136 - peach

Story Time - The Never-ending Story

There's a thrift shop I used to go to. It was owned by a family. One day I decided to buy a DVD for my nephew who was sick in bed. I saw the never ending story and thought he would like it.

Anyway so I get to the register and the guy says to me. "The Never-ending story? That brings back memories..." I nod and he says "I went to my first sleepover to watch that movie... Yeah I was 13... My friend got it on VHS... We stayed up and watched it. I snuck outside to see the girl next door.."

He put my DVD in a bag and continues. "It was a dark night and you could see all the stars.. We sat on the patio outside her trailer. I leaned in and we kissed. Her dad comes outside in just a robe and some white cotton boxers. The kind that are sheer.. So I had my first kiss.. Saw my first dong on the same night that I first watched the never-ending story"

All I could do was nod. And awkwardly walk out.

The end.

Every now and then I'll post a story time blog. True stories I've heard because people are nuts and they gravitate to me.

Stay tuned

There... I said it

Josh Duggar is probably the ugliest man in existence. No wonder he molested his sister's while they slept. He is a disgusting person. LoL

Who is Josh Duggar? He's this disgusting turd whose family was featured on tv, for having a horny mom who pushed out 19 kids. They then went on food stamps and reaped the rewards..

A decade ago this guy admitted to molesting 5 kids. 4 we're his sister's.. 2 forgave him. The other 2 called him a gross fat turd And turned their backs on him.

Their family us one of them gross religious ones. Mormon probably. Instead of prison they sent him on a church retreat to cure his pedophile demons.

Anyway a couple years ago, the cops who keep tabs on him found child porn on his work computer. Said it was in the top 5 sickest videos on the dark web.

Now it's a big deal because he admitted to child molesting his little sisters. He wants that fact to be disregarded in his child porn case.

If you look at his photo. He's fat and balding and his smug grin says it all. Gross and should be in prison.

Anyway.. It's Thursday.

I'm gonna light up the world like nobody else.

135 - green