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These Foolish Games....

Thanksgiving weekend is done. Such as it is... A time for family. A time for togetherness in a bleak world of Covid. The drama has never been better.

Back in the olden times the grandma network was in full effect. A few had police scanners and would listen. When a family member would act out, they drop a phone call like "what are you doing? Don't lie to grandma"

They kept the families in check. A lot of times, people needed to be kept in check.

But alas the greatest generation dwindled. Replaced by grandparents who spoil but mostly aren't there. Used to be we'd vie for grandma's admiration. Now we demand money.

They say suicide rates in minors is high. Because home life where they gotta clean and look after themselves is hard. So hard.

I remember my Young adult years were marred by who was the most fucked up. Who was on what happy pill.. Who read the most goth b.s. who was doing what drug. Broadcasting your weakness for the mass approval rating of not many.

Then came the period if autism. Who could win at most autistic? Who was truly like rainman?

Now it's sexual identification.

It's a stupid game... Acceptance.

We are not meant to be uniform.. Basic.. Lame. But it's where we are....

Anyway hope you had a blast.

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So.. It's gonna be Thanksgiving time. A time to be thankful for all you have. A time to be with family.

One thing you don't do is reveal your baby isn't some dudes baby. Cuz you've wandered into the danger zone.

A chick did this. And caught a whoopin

And it made me remember a time it happened to relatives. Might get was messy.

The sad part is how a family will shut down an emotional bond to a child. But at the same time... The child will realize yhe truth one day and it'll be even harder to break that bond.

My gripe is don't do it on the holidays.

At least after Christmas. Get those Wal-Mart $5 toys.

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What native American parents should...

So Yahoo posted a story about 2 of their own employees POV of being native parents. One is clearly white and really gas never struggled with being native. The other had a young insight.

Growing up we often read about how terrible natives were to white settlers often burning their homes and eating the babies.

It wasn't til high school when found adult minds can full comprehend that we are told the truth pre 1990 history books don't tell. The trail of tears, the wounded knee massacre.. Manifest destiny. And how these things still affect us.

I grew up around racist white people. That's why people saying racist things don't bother me. You become desensitized. You then see these same white people tell others they are Cherokee to get sexiness points. Because it's better to be a warrior than a fat hillbilly.

True natives know who is of the tribes. We don't lie about being half Cherokee. We know our lineages. We know our backgrounds and languages.

P.s. the native chat here is a Buncha fat white fakes. LoL. I'm banned from it. Ok so this clearly white guy pretending to be native.. He goes my mvskogeeNative. Anyway so this guy Paul sonething goes in their chat. He says hi. Then he informs wickedwomsn he sent her a friend request. He didn't demand acceptance. Just informing in case she didn't see it. The white guy removed and banned him. And I'm like why? "Harassment" I'm like all he did was announce he sent a friend request.

Anyway so.. White guy got protective of white woman. And I'm like.. All I witnessed was a white guy banning a native over nothing. And boom.. I got banned too. Which us no loss to me.. As I said it's clearly a bunch of white people anyway.

And back to my original thought. Knowing the difference between struggling and acceptance and announcing the burdens is b.s.

If you've never been subject of prejudice, no one's gonna believe when you scream it from your soapbox. It's like being white at a BLM march. It doesnt mean much when the Becky's show up. You don't know the problem trying to be the solution. It's a hollow gesture.

Knowing a lot of my friends are mom's. They tell me that they always tell their kids they are native. And its better to be on the reservations among your tribe until it's time to take over. High school is the best time to get in the white schools away. Then when the white kids hate you for being smarter, it's more rewarding.

When I got to college. A professor asked me how I dealt with racism. I said it's all good. Someone went. Woo woo woo. He slammed his book down and said this..

"Native Americans are the perfect race.. Why? Aside from natural physical superiorities, they can look like any race. The northern tribes are tall and light complected. The southern tribes have darker skin. They can look black.. White.. Asian and Hispanic. In that movie windtalkers the Japanese people left them alone"

My point being that We teach ourselves to like who we are. Based in rich traditions. Warriors.. Teachers.. Keepers., pilgrim rescuers. If we were cannibals those dbag p8lgrims blood lines would be wiped out.

Anyway 126 - red

Bet your bottom dollar...

LoL. I don't get it.

Meet and fentanyl addiction. There's a lot of people on it and they get out of jail and come back. So like... If you OD they take you to jail after you're cleared. Just tossing that out there.

If you get caught doing it with your child in the house or car, that child is taken away.

The stupidity of addicts is astounding.

So I know this lesbian couple that have been addicted to meth. There's videos of them tripping out on Facebook. They prostitute themselves and get high. They both are close to 100 lbs. Skin all fucked up. Buy because the mother of one works for the housing authority, they never lose their kid and sit outside while people film them.

It's like how messed up is your life that it's a normal thing?


It's a 3 day week for me. Probably off early Wednesday. Gotta wear my uniform for staff photo. It's gonna be a blast.

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In the saga of Noem, who recently announced her bid for reelectio...

Recently she was accused of using her influence in getting her daughter's real estate appraisal license approved. Then coercing a 70 year old state worker to retire, prompting an age discrimination complaint withdrawn after a $200000 payout and an NDA.

True to her word, the clerk said nothing when called upon.

Anyway so.. Noems daughter quit her job and is turning in her license. Guilt or not it's to fall into line for her mother's reelection. Which I doubt will go through. Then again South Dakota is full of dumb white people. Just the whites. Is this racist? Depends who got offended. The majority of South Dakota voted for Trump minus the areas where natives were the majority.

I don't blame Biden for the state of the United States. A lot of these wannabe Republican dopes say the same thing. Wah gas prices...wah mask mandates. Wah vaccines.

If y'all would stay and get vaxed and wear a mask. This shit would be over. But all you nobodies want to prove your life has meaning.

I like how all these dummies against mask mandates wear them. Take it off and breathe deep.

Anyway happy Thursday. Time to light up the world like nobody else.

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Spot on....

So I had the weirdest dream.

I dreamt I had Vitiligo. And people were treating me like it was spreadable like chicken pox or ring worm. Not once was I scared of it myself... But those around me were acting different.

Then I realized it was a dream and I'm like... If I am projecting this, then maybe my mind subconsciously feels stupid like I could spread it? LoL. Then I'm like it's randomly occurring. There is no way to prevent it.

Things are out of our control.

And I think that was the underlying messagevthe whole time. Accepting things we can't control. After that the sun was brighter... It turned back into the bright teletubby world the dream land is usually.

I woke up wondering why the theme of my dream was this. I think it's due to my recent DBD playing. I wasn't running as fast.. I wasn't able to finish the end game. On some level I felt powerless. And my brain was like.. I got you. A scenario where you have yo just accept things and ultimately... You can get past this too.

Anyway have a juicy Monday.


Whether you fall - music blog

"Whether you fall - Tracy Bonham"
Whether its the sunshine - whether its the rain
Doesn't make a difference til you complain
Whether its the water coming in from the roof.
Does it piss you off that you're not waterproof?

Whether you fall.. means nothing at all.
Its whether you get up... its whether you get up...

And you hate the silence as it fills up the room
And theres not much to say to your blushing groom
Maybe all eyes are on you as you finish the race...
And the world sees you struggling for last place.

But whether you fall... means nothing at all.
Its whether you get up... Its whether you get up..

Whether you fall.. means nothing at all....
Whether you get up... whether you get up...
Whether you fall... means nothing at all..
Its whether you get up.. its whether you get up...

Don't take it personal..

I don't get why people think so highly of themselves when no one else does. You see it all the time. People blurt out stuff and it's like.. No one asked.

Imagine if you will some fat greasy loser calls you ugly and you're like.. Coming from a fat greasy loser... Cool.

It's because you know in your head you aren't gonna bang this loser.. You wouldn't even say hi at the grocery store. What purpose is there in caring? You shouldn't care.

Anyway.. The point is... A lot of people think highly of themselves. And that's ok. A good outlook is the mind trying not to end it all in suicide.

However... Keep in mind people get sick of people like that... And then you overpay your hand. It's called the wammy. Wam bam thank you ma'am. You're done.

there's never a moment I'm not hurting peoples feelings.

The nothing.

That's what I call it.

From a psychological standpoint, people are over barren. We let stupid things weigh us down. People calling us fat or ugly or a myriad of things said to drag us down.

Then there's the nothing.

You gotta remind yourself, who exactly are you getting upset about? Some fat dude with a bulbous nose? Some chubster Karen telling you that you can't do this or that.

You are your only limitation. Once you look past the shit holding you down can you be your true self.

To the people out there... Casting insults. Is that the best you can do? Big claims about hacking when you aren't shit. Big claims of tossing insults. You aren't anything to be upset by.

To the people out there who feel alone and attacked from all sides.. You are not alone.

I have a hero complex. It gets the best of me. But I do not regret a thing.

Cast your eyes to the heavens... Behold the night. For only the night is big enough to hold me.

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First female sniper....

So in news.. The first female sniper finished her training and is now a deadly weapon... Cool..

But Then the female of most species are the deadliest. Take lions. The females do the hunting and murdering. In birds the female is bigger and carries more food to the babies.

Mad cow disease comes from mad cows which are female. LoL

More to the point.. Why not a deadly sniper? Why has it taken so long? The answer lies in the physical training and the fact women aren't considered more skilled since most wars were fought by men.

Imagine if you will.. Female suicide bombers hiding c4 under their milk flaps. It could happen.

Anyway my point.. Girls are doing it for themselves. You go girls.

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I think the big mistake was revealing the origin story and plot before the movie kind of ruined it.

Ok.. So.. Don't hate me for this. But.. Immortal special needs characters.., I'm gonna leave it at that.

It's like being fat and gross and 50 when you decide to be a vampire. It's like sure you won't die naturally, but do you want to go hundreds of years looking like meatloaf in that Is So anything for love video?

If offered the chance you should ask for a few months to get in shape. Get that nose job. Those implants and then.. Sure if you cleaned up a bit.

Sounds mean but whatever.

Still, should go see it. If anything to kill a couple hours. Wait I mean stream it. We are still under a pandemic. Then again.. It's your life.. Go maskless.

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Hardships hit everyone. Especially during pandemic and natural disasters. Notice I separated those. Covid-17 was developed. For what reason remains obvious. War.

But back to my original thought. Hardship. We all go through them. It's our reactions that separate us. Do we rise to the occasion or do we start gofundme too easily?

Back to Covid-19. We were presented with a solution donated by Folly Parton, who just wants us all to have normalcy again. The virus is scary, especially to those in her age range. The fact that people want yo make it political or religious is stupid.

Ok so you have personal reasons. Good for you. Stop ttying to,convince others to follow your stupid example. Because when you get it and you get hospitalized or dead, then it will be a stupid example.

Aaron Rogers excuse about being allergic is valid. But he should also have to skip the season to protect himself and others. He got it... And hopefully he gets over it and has immunity for awhile. I'm not wishing death on him. Like I said his reason is valid. But the decision not should come with not playing. Is he gonna suddenly be broke skipping a season?

Anyway.. Peace

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Tyson's decision was for the best.

Tyson's meat packing company. Known for their chicken products was hit last year with a corona virus outbreak. Plants had to shut down while they figured out safety protocols.

As a raw meat company they had to already wear protective gear. That's what you do when you supply the world with food, you take that step to ensure safety if all.

This year Tyson's told their employees, get vaccinated or lose your job. Since then 60,500 workers. 92% of the work force had been vaccinated without push back. Why? Because the mandate eliminated the need to religious or political stance. It was be safe or get lost.

A lot of people won't vaccinate because they really don't know the process. Like any other flu shot, you show up. Sign in and get a shot. They ask you to wait 10 minutes in case of an allergic reaction.

It's very simple.

Mask/vaccine mandates should happen. Because then,people can make their choice and are cut out of infecting others. Vax or find work elsewhere.

More companies should follow suit. Even government.

South Dakota may never adopt that. But those of us who work with the public know what sicknesses you can get. Which is why we vaccinate. Kristi Noem takes credit for our personal stances to,wear masks and vaccinate. She doesn't. She travels using state owned planes for free to go around and make personal appearances about her political ambitions.

The truth is she is very stupid. You give stupid people power and they do stupid things.

Don't be a Noem.

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The resurrection of JFK jr

Yesterday it was predicted John F Kennedy jr was to appear after 2 decades of death to crown Donald Trump king of kings and yada yada. As per QAnon predictions. Hundreds of these people showed up. Tonight JFK Sr is supposed to hit up a concert. Probably Morgan Wallen.

Yesterday I watched Scream 1.

Aside from lack of colored actors, I drew one major aspect. White people were sucks. Someone got murdered and white kids ran out and bought the masks and wore them to school. Henry Winkler was all.. You disrespectful jackasses and got killed for it.

I thought crazy and then the QAnon thing happened and I'm like.. White folk are still crazy as ever.

My nephew told me "the X-Men movies don't make sense.. I don't get the point"

I said the movies don't.. They retcon everything and then said it was a mcu move. But the story made sense originally.

Back in the 60s when racism was a huge deal. A white guy created it as a means to talk about racism. As a white man who never experienced it, he imagined a world about people born as mutants. It's the theme of most of their comic books. Trying to find peace in a world that hates and fears people born with mutations.

It's about a man, who wanted a world of peace and understanding who felt like educating children the world is afraid of and trying to give them a better life.

I went on and on about the diversity of mutants and how sometimes tgeir powers were reflections of things they feared about themselves.

Then I explained how the fantastic 4 movies covered this. They were mutated by cosmic rays which then reflected their fears about themselves, manifest into powers they have to learn to accept about themselves and master these powers.

How Rogue was the scariest because her initial reaction to her ability is what hindered her from being her true self.

That in the and she realized her control was the key to being her full potential self. It's like this.

A girl who felt was an outcast, manifests the ability to take other people's powers and memories and life force. Scared by the act of hurting someone she loved.. Becomes an even bigger outcast because she didn't want to hurt anyone. She just wanted to be normal. Creating A subconscious psychological block which stopped her potential.

In the end she needed to understand herself and realize she is her only obstacle. Once you move past year and what others think, there is no limit to what you can do.

My point is this.

We live in a crazy world of anti-vaxxers, this isn't new. We live in a world of anti-markers. We live in a political and social world. All you need to do is the right thing and cut down obstacles. Get that vaccination. Help this disease die.. Get back to your life.

Being stupid is your obstacle.. Get over it.

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Kal Penn..

Probably the greatest actor... I had no idea he was gay or in an 11 year long relationship. He's so good I never invested any interest in his personal life.

Before you say this is a hate blog... Let me finish.

I like that some people xan keep their private life, private. We live in a lame world where people know your bikini trim and what's in your breakfast juice. It's good when people just want to be private and do it for as long as possible.

Janet Jackson, at one point she was in a10 year long marriage to Renee Elizondo that no one knew about it until they divorced. She then dropped "design of a decade" which wasn't about their marriage, but a collection of hits in her career. People kept trying to make a connection like I just did. When ultimately there wasn't one.

You don't have to trade fame for transparency. You can live you life.

That's why I write this. Cal Penn never traded his personal life to remain famous, though his career isn't marked by Oscar worthy performances. He balanced being known and remaining unknown.

So kudos.

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Fear and love

Fear can stop you loving..
Love can stop your fear.
Fear can stop you loving...
But it's not always that clear..