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Lamb 2021 (feat. Spoilers)

It wasn't a horror movie. Or was it?

What it was is a movie about acceptance. But there wasn't a lot of it considering it had maybe 3 people in it.

In Iceland a farming couple discover a sheep had given birth to something special. A hybrid human sheep. They are childless and see it as a way to have a child they name Ada.

They don't reveal the hybrid right away. They try to live their life normally. Ada wanders off and they freak out like parents would. They eventually find the child revealing she has a sheep head and a human body.

Time goes by and they are eventually visited by a man named Peter who seems disgusted at first but comes to care for the child.

The wife has nightmares the sheep are angry and when Ada disappeared she was found at the sheep that gave birth to her. The mother takes the sheep out and kills it. Believing sheep retaliation or that the biological bond would eventually drive the child away.

The mother continues having nightmares.

The end was predictable but with a twist revealung the child's origins. Which I won't give away. Don't read Wikipedia if you want yo be surprised kinda.

Prepare for a sex scene and dude butt.

101 - orange

The Night House (includes spoilers)

Beth's husband killed himself.. Leaving a note that said "you were right, there is nothing. Nothing is after you.. You're safe now"

A woman experiences supernatural events not knowing if she is awake. At first I thought she was haunting herself like Nell in the haunting of hill house. It wasn't.

Beth was being hunted by a presence. Her husband figured it out and built 2 houses to trick the evil force and killed himself to prevent being used to do the presence bidding. That's right.. He was killing women.

Anyway the end was good I'll leave that alone. I recommend it.. Definately.

100 - maroon


Thats right.. another reboot.. it wasnt pretty bad.

The premise is 4400 people who went missing over the course of 100 years are suddenly returned all at once. Unaged,,, with emerging abilities.

Instead of recasting for the original roles.. it takes on new people.. with new lives. We follow Shanice Murray.. a new mother who returns to work at a law firm. On her way to work she is seemingly abducted by a green flash of light.. only to fall to the ground in michigan 16 years later. Finding her family moved on with their lives.. Believing she abandoned them.

We are introducted to numerous characters. Each with different backgrounds. Different points of time. with emerging abilities.

I have hopes for this reboot because I was a fan of the first season of The 4400 on USA.

One of the major differences is they come back in the midst of the current pandemic. they wear masks and use panel windows. I think instead of namedropping instagram/twitter/facebook or tiktok.. they acknowledge the world has changed without selling out trying to lure in teens. However there is always these small messages about unequality and racism being prevalent in todays world. Which it is.

theres only 1 episode and I thought it was pretty good.. cant wait to see more,

99 - pink

The nerve

LoL. Some chump asked to borrow some Wi-Fi. I'm like sure my password is EFILATEG. LoL

When he said nope. I'm like I'm not giving you my password. How dumb are you?

Anyway today was one if them blank days nothing happens. It's been dark most of the day. Probably bumming people out. Not me tho. I was zinging people all day.

Tonight Chucky comes on. Can't wait. It's gonna be good.

5 more days till Halloween

98 - brown

6 more days til halloween

I don't have a thing to wear.

I was gonna be Eve from the Bible.. But wear a maple leaf on my crotch? No thank you. I ain't promoting Canada. 🇺🇸 1st.

When I was growing up we indeed had trick or treating on the reservation. Old school costume a like clowns or sheet ghosts or vampires if you had a black sheet or blanket. We had to use plastic supermarket bags for trick or treat bags or old Ice cream buckets.

No one was a princess. LoL. It's like who has dresses?

I did go to Halloween dances in my teens. Zombie..vampire.. Mummy. It was pretty decent. Gothic suicide chick was great.

I think it's why I overdid it as an adult. Making up for being broke as hell as a kid.

Anyway.., 6 more days. I loaded up on those krusty krab marshmallow candy just in case. I mean there will see be trick or treaters here. Kristy Noem is like. "Its better they get Covid now than later. Finally cuz down on the flawed genetic kids" weirdo.

Have a great Monday.

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Skipping leg day might be good if...

Saw a news story about an army veteran who was in an explosion get caught faking being crippled. How'd he get caught? Posting gym selfies.

Windsor Mill was injured and he was disabled but recovered. He got $1 million in ssi and benefits from this.. Which he bought a luxury car. He then would go to his doctor appointments and bypass stays stating they give him anxiety.

He started going to the gym regularly and that was his downfall.

He isn't the first to do this. It made news because of the amount and that he was a veteran.

It happens a lot. Construction workers will get hurt.. Sue the company. Get a pay out and hit the gym only to get busted. That's why it's better to skip leg day and just sit in your chair.

Anyway it's a frosty morning. It's gonna be great though.

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No duh

USA today posted a story about how getting a vaccine after recovery gives you super immunity. It's like no duh.

I got vaccinated after I got infected. I got out of my 14 day quarantine on October 30th. Got vaccinated January because work required it as I work with the public.

Closing the jails for small crimes such as PI and theft and DUI helped keep us from getting infected. We told people to separate or sleep it off because getting Covid and causing a hotspot were not something we wanted. The $1000 curfew fine was rarely upheld. We just wanted people safe.

I recently got re-vaccinated because vaccinations run out. I'm about to hit the market where antibodies are gonna end. People think me getting vaccinated now is hardcore. But not time wise. I work with the public. I gotta be able to not pass Covid and not get sick by Covid. So suck it.

They still print stories where people are telling you tgey don't need the vaccine and they are naturally immune and have good physical health. Then get sick and die.

I know I said I was going to stop caring and tell you if you want to risk your life, that's your choice. I stick to that. No one cares about your personal choice. You reap what you sow.

If you think you don't need or want one. Good luck. Stop convincing others they don't. Don't be that Scumbag.

I shared my Covid vaccination experience.. Where to get vaccinated. Because a lot of times people don't know what to do and would rather get sick than ask. Don't feel stupid. It's a few minutes out of your day.

Anyway have a good one.

91 - orange

Love lift us up where we belong..

It at least the top shelf at the store.

I saw a little boy ask his dad to lift him up to get a bag of chips. I was like aww.

The walk of shame had a lot of people wearing football jerseys, LoL. Dunno who played but I'm guessing some were losers.

I never got alcohol addiction. I mean a drink now and then,is ok. But when dies the fun stop and it become a thirst?

Bootlegging is up. They never get past the check points though. Why? It's never nice vehicles, it's always got a shattered window or busted headlight. You'll get caught if your vehicle looks junked out.

Anyway it's a beautiful morning. I gotta get things started.

90 - winter green


The awakening update on bless lands today. What is the update? According to the release notes... Some changes.

First, there's a huge increase to power damage. Blessings change to breaths. Mean8ng instead of blessing it's called breath.

Gear grades change from grades to levels.

Costume fusion also comes into play. Meaning you can blend pieces into new design. For a more personal feel/look.

New "twisted" bosses were added. From the list I saw its probably a change in size or color of a field boss. Such as the wandering green giants, the blue f4ost giants and the fleshy fire giants. Big whoop. My guess is a darker skin and glowing eyes because it's Halloween.

More timed dungeons will be added.

They needed power of the noob player. You used to see a boss done in 2 seconds if a moon had high attack power. It's scaled down where you are strong.. Just not God tier strong.

I can't wait til work is over today.

85 - 🎃

LoL. Weird dream

So I play this game so much it invaded my dreams. So I had a dream I witnessed a murder. This dude was strangling his girlfriend. So I ran up behind him and stabbed him 3 times.

She died anyway.

LoL so they're asking me what happened. I'm like I saw him strangling her and I stabbed him 3 times. Nothing helped. The officer was like.. You know why? Your critical strike level was too low at 7%

I'm like... But my critical damage is still 180%

Hes lie.. Doesn't matter if your chances to land a critical strike is low.. Cone on.. 7%

Haha I woke up like dumb.

85 - blue


Tonight Chucky starts on syfy/usa channels.

He's back to undo the reboot. The original doll and a few actors return. I heard Alex Vincent makes a cameo. It's gonna be killer.


Happy Indigenous Peoples day...

That's right, we taking it back.

When I lived in New York I put a sign outside my door. Twas like... Happy Indigenous Peoples day.

Why not native American? Because America was named for Amerigo Vespucci. So to use Native American on this day would mean it's ok to go by a white persons sneaky definition of Indigenous People.

Nope. Not today.

A lot of states have adopted to change Columbus day to indigenous peoples day. Don't be a dbag. Convert

83 - tan

Baby, this is what you came for....

Thursday. The week us kinda flying by.

I saw the walk of shame on my way to work. Lotta people got busted for alcohol transportation. Aka bootlegging.

The odds that people would buy 5 gallons of vodka for personal use is unlikely, even during a pandemic.

With 400+ new cases. It makes you wonder why people can't just stay home. Why people fight mask mandates or vaccination., astounds.

Last Saturday I went to this place that offers outside dining in a corn field. LoL. I forgot yo mention it because it got super racist. You can hear the kissed off Trump supporters because they went out of their way yo be vocal, talking about "I'm gonna go over and rip those Indians masks off"

I'm like please do it. It's assault if You do and you'll get to spend all that time with people who hate racists. They will tear you a new one.

I got into an argument with this lady in her 50s talking about 'why can't they stay in their own place?

I'm like stfu y'all just renting space. Ask the owners why they opened. They need the money or lose the farm. Stfu.

Needless to say after we got our meals it got quiet.

Anyway I am gonna light up the world like nobody else.

79 - baby blue

Dead by daylight...

The hour of the witch approaches.

Mikayla is a witch with an ability to enhance healing speed and lessen detection. Why do you ask if this is important...

If you play the game you get survivor perks that do help you survive. But with recent buff perks to killers making it harder to survive.

Things like tinkerer that notify a killer you have a generator nearly complete.. Or lethal persuer that lets the killer see your aura for 9 seconds. Or discordance that allows a killer to see you if you are near a totem. It makes it harder to be stealthy.

With pinhead/cenobite, the latest killer who has a special that creates chains that spawn and slow you down until you play his box riddle. Things seemed one sided.

With a new witch character and perks, you can level the playing field.

Dead by daylight plays across platforms. So there is endless fun. Especially since its Halloween time.

76 - red

We really stalled on brain power.

Stupidity is on the menu apparently. It's raw definition no less true today. I read an article about the state's who turned away the cares act because Trump told them the big financial boom would bring workers back.

South Dakota never shut down. Never enforced a mask mandate. Freely allowed dummies to attend a biker rally that ultimately became Covid surges for 2 years. 2 years. They claim the unemployment rate stayed at a steady 2.6%. Yada yada.

When this stuff started popping January 2020. We (essential workers) couldn't call it in. We had to go to work. We had to protect ourselves because the governor was too busy with her nose in Trump's booty. We kept our numbers steady because it's either work or starve. Especially since they rejected the cares act.

Almost everyone essential got covid.

And then we get to 2021, when a vaccine was in test stages, we had to get vaccinated for work. Because we work with both unvaccinated and with carriers.

Science and medicine created a vaccination that could weaken Covid effects. Could save lives and it was paid for by Dolly Parton. And we still got people crying about choices.

Science has proven evolution., technology you use to cry around on in chat rooms and forums. Ended diseases in the past. And you still believe in a magic diety from a 600+ year old book?

Sometimes high levels of stupidity astounds me.

75 - Navy Blue

Your mom's jalapeno poppers.. Suck

The other day a new worker came in. Had to be 20. She had a Tupperware full of jalapeno poppers she made.

They were awful. I don't know if the oil ruined the cheese. But everyone got the runs, I didn't.

LoL experimenting with recipes is dangerous work if you never actually watched em be made. Eyeballing cooking is a bad idea.

At least it was a teachable lesson. Especially for those who ate em.

73 - mint

Also 80s watch party at 4 pm east coast