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Have you heard about....

Watch parties?

Live streamed movie chats. Watch a movie and have chat about it at the same time?

A lot of sites are helping provide entertainment in high definition streaming chat. You can even host a movie chat. This service is provided with a streamed window with a sidebar chat.

Watch with me chat is fun. These are also moderated with rules. So you can't join and start ranting about politics or offend people.

Also because I can't promote other places I won't provide the sites. But I can tell you. In private.

Movies with watch with me include "Dune" "old" "don't breathe 2" and many other tv shows and movies.

Just sharing a good thing.

72 - gray

Sometimes doin nothing...

Is all you can do.

It's like with addicts.. They won't get help til they realize it. They can't get healthy until they realize there's a problem.

Until then just sit back.

Because people need to fall on their own swords...

A helping hand

My grandma used to do alot for charity. She would help food bank. She would donate clothes in the fall. She would help deliver blankets to the elders during the winter in her huge truck. She went above and beyond to be a good person.

Over the weekend family got together to celebrate her. Remembering the amazing woman she was.

She inspired me to do good work for the community. I would donate gloves and hats. Donate tooth brushes and toothpaste to project smile. Everything I could do but could never reach her level.

After she passed I kinda stopped. Mainly because it felt hollow to help an elder. Over the past year I've been doing what I can. A few of my neighbors are elderly. If I see them struggle to carry groceries I run to help. If they need help around their home, I'll give a few minutes to help,

In my culture we are taught to revere our elders. Don't matter your skin color.. We just do.

I share this because a lot if elderly need help. Especially with winter coming. If you know an elder, keep tabs on them.. Check in. If you have shady relatives, check on grandpa and grandma. Make sure they are taken care of.

It takes so little to mean so much.

69 - gray

Friday Sept 24

Understanding yourself is probably the best asset you could possess, I'm not talking about pros and cons. I'm talking about knowing limitation. Understanding what you can and will do.

Alot of times people run what's called "shadow functions" these are subconscious routines you do that you may or may not notice but others do. Like having a tell in poker. But if you are imaginative enough, can be fully aware and do these in the guise of multitasking.

For instance, always noting the time you do or say something which you can later use in an argument. Time notation can be utilized without being aware.

I myself am aware of mind manipulation. I can say just the right thing and get others to do things. Like randomly say people scan my blogs for information about me to troll me on. Forgetting I am in charge of the narrative. The deeper they read the more frustrating it is to find a scrap of anything true. This is why people often turn to racism against me. Because that's all they've got. The truth is you only know what I allow and nothing or everything is true. It's why I don't care and you turn to racism.

Another shadow function is sympathic coersion, the act of exuding my opinion to see if others fall into line. Like for instance disliking battle. I made others embarrassed to have gotten to know him.

The reality is.. You read my page like addicts because I want it. And when you don't have my attention, like addicts you rage. You scream for my attention. You check to see if I am online to "catch me" because you ultimately suffer the worst of the effects.

Which is why I'm cutting off my attention.

Because I got enough Intel from previous interactions. I'm bored with it.

My next experiment will involve what I like to call.. Refurbishing a train wreck. A makeover of the socially inept.

Stay tuned

67 - teal

Last day of summer


Kinda over the heat. Didn't see a mosquito all summer. Blessing probably. Hate them blood suckers.

It's the last day of summer. Enjoy it.

64 - yellow

Hazard.. Women hiking

So they haven't confirmed if the body they found was Gabby Petito. But it seems like if you are a woman, this isn't the year to go hiking.

First of all in the summer there's snakes and mountain lions and bears. They can smell your blood and perfume. A hungry predator isn't above attacking a human.

Then you gotta worry about ticks and fleas and other assorted bugs.

Just buy a peloton, you might get injured and can,join the many suing peloton. Then you can,afford liposuction and wammo. Skinny and sorta rich.

It's the new American dream.

The last chick that got killed in Arizona. That guy said he ditched her in the woods.

Since we know guys won't ask for directions, why go hiking with one?

I read a story on Yahoo the other day about this guy who at the time was 26.. Connected with a student he taught at 12. When she was 17.. He assaulted her and left her for dead in the woods. For 32 hours she laid on that ground with her tongue out n neck snapped. When they tried to move her body she came back to life.

The moral is don't go hiking or in the woods in general. It just might save your life.

62 - violet

Touch me... It's so easy to leave meeee

Proxemics. It's the study of personal space. Your own personal bubble. It's definitions and limitations made by ones own self awareness and need to keep distance.

Safety was the priority. It was science and psychology working to determine the study of the minds need to separate from other beings.

Social distancing was never a forever plan. It was a choice made to help us and this epidemic slow.

Recently there was a video posted about a woman named Janene Hoskovec. Supposedly an intelligent woman, who coughed on a mother and daughter shopping while not wearing a mask. This d-bag thought it would be funny but she got recorded and exposed for it.

Like most narcissists, refused to apologize.. Got fired.. Will probably get dragged in the mud for awhile. This is the world we live in. You can believe yourself anonymous for d-bag behavior but ultimately you'll get exposed. Best to Quit while you're ahead.

Proxemics is the study of personal space. Stay in your bubble. Especially if you're easily exposeable and disposable.

59 - turqoise

Hairdressers.. Beauty school drop outs..

One school I didn't think would be open are beauty schools. Considering make up tutorials are free on YouTube. Anyway..

These white chicks were arguing at the gas station. They were talking about hair extensions.

Finally it got quiet.. Then girl 1 says..

"You can tell you bought your hair extensions from eBay."

Everyone there looked at girl 2. She said..

"Where did you get yours? Looks like they came from cousin It's A-hole"

To which everyone went "ooooooooh"

Girl 1 was like "whatever" grabbed her redbull and left.

No one asked.. I'm like. My hair is real. LoL

Anyway have a good one

58 - red

Boom I got your boyfriend... I got your man

LoL. It doesn't happen often, but when people call in asking if someone is in jail.. Classic.

Used to be all that information was released. Be like. Oh yeah Roger is in jail. For what? You'd have to ask those chickens. $200 to get em out.

Today some miserable lady asked if her boyfriend was in jail. It's like nope, you ain't a family member. Nope can't tell you that.

Then she would be like.. I'm his fiance!

Boom we got your boyfriend.. We got your man. I don't get domestic calls without the violence. "He wont listen.. I demand he be locked up" it's like you don't deserve love if you're gonna be a b-hole.

Anyways. Clickbait title... And you fell for it. Weeeeeird.

56 - green

Religion is stupid

Every summer a church from Tennessee goes to the reservation to lure kids into bible school for charity porn. Lemme tell you what charity porn is.

Charity porn is when church people go to impoverished places and take videos and pictures of them feeding kids and building stuff no one needs. Like a community garden shed, then they take these photos and post them asking for donations. We clear?

So even through a pandemic they send all these church people from covid surging places to these impoverished places to get their photos.

Today 2 buses showed up claiming they are just passing through and start building their sheds. They were told they can't but then they pulled God into it and called the cops.

Last year when this happened Governor Krist Noem threatened to have Trump send in the reserves to handle the native Americans. The tribal president then issued a ban. But then the 4th of July celebration happened. Trump didn't care. His sons girlfriend ended up getting Covid.

Christianity is stupid. First they worship a fictional God, they start wars for it. Used God to justify genocide. And now infecting people. All religion is stupid.

But today I'm gonna say Christianity is hella stupid.

51- gold

Kristi Noem bans abortion meds

Kristi Noem is Definately a weird one. First she approves right to carry arms.. Opposes mask mandates and refused to close South Dakota due to Covid. Then she demands her fellow Republican surgeon general face charges for killing a man with vehicular homicide.. Now she bans abortion medications.

She is all over the map.

I think she does some things to get her name out there. I can't believe we are under the rule of Sarah Palin part 2.

Then she's running for president in 2024, which lets face it she will not even be a contender because she's unknown, irrational in her political stances.. And basically an idiot.

She promised to help farmers because "I am a farmer" and then makes idiotic calls. She brown nosed Donald Trump so hard that if he does run again in 2024,she's going to have to death with whatever secrets she's hiding.

It'll probably be.. She did anal with her cousin Joe Bob. Or something equally hilarious.

Anyway so banning abortion meds.

There was a movie recently called "Plan - B" about two friends adventure to get the plan b pill after a crazy drink party. It takes place in South Dakota. Let's me save you 90 minutes....

They're refused the plan b pill.. So they decide to drive a few towns away to go to planned Parenthood to get the pill. They deal with one of them coming out if the closet, meth heads and their van getting stolen. Only to discover the planned Parenthood got shutdown.

They end up asking the mom to get the pill for them.

As it is, teens go to Denver for abortions. Taking plan b off the shelves only ruins revenue.

Idk. I'm not pro-life. I know things happen. I think forcing your beliefs on others will only result in chaos. So good luck with that.

I'm gonna light up today like nobody else.

50 - blue

Breaking even

Today I woke up and said.. Yup.. It's over.

I think this urge to talk shit is dumb. I keep talking smack to nobodies. It's like.. An addiction and I only make them feel special by doing it.

I'm going back to my I don't give a fk mentality.

Anyway so it's Tuesday. I had yesterday off. A fringe benefit is I no longer have to work on holidays. Which is great. No more missed Thanksgiving. No more working on Christmas or new years.

That's the best.

Anyway I won't report much today. So if you're that weirdo checking my profile every 10 minutes.. Ima show you how to deal with a troll/bully by cutting you out completely. Talk all the smack you want., you're no longer my concern. Have fun being chicken shit. That's all you've been this year anyway.

Feel free to check out my perfect ass as I walk out of your life.

49 - red

Labor Day

What a good day.

Anyway so I been having a ball. Talking to family. Catching up on things.

I was commenting on how I never leeched on to family and made them pay for me to travel. On how I am a great sister, cousin, daughter. Just amazing.

That in my 30s Im not a divorced loser living with my mom. Or that I'm such a huge embarrassment my mom had to privatize her Facebook. Or that Im living in a tiny hone making big meals for one.

I'm so amazing a wonky eyed lion faced lady pretends to be me. A fat hobbit wants to be me. I'm just amazing.

life is A lot better when you are me.

48 - peach and blue

Death and beauty: warriors life

A lot of people never knew how to be strong. It's why there's news about adults moving back in with theirelderly parents. You see it A lot on wire. People in their late 30s-40s talking about.. I moved in to take care of my parents. When life kicked the crap out of them.

However idont necessarily blame them. They were raised to be like that. Get married at 18 thinking you'll be taken care of. Then it all goes to shit for not using that time to learn a skill or finish school.

My point is.. A lot of people were never taught to be strong. Spoiled by multiple Christmas presents.. Getting your wonky dead beady eye fixed. You don't learn empathy.

Then you try to teardown strong people who don't give a fk about you. Because it's better to drag people to your level than do you own thing.

The Lakota live by 4 virtues. Does not mean we are bound by them. Because life isstruggle and hard. Because you need a warrior mentality. Fight for what's right.

The pity is some will look down on me for saying this. But the truth of the matter is I don't care. I don't live my life to please anyone but myself. I don't bend the laws of nature... I break them.

Would rather life free.. Fierce as a wild fire.

It beats having to brag about things I dont have.

A warriors life is death and beauty..

And you weren't mean for war...

46 - green and blue

Every girl that can.. Will stand up...

I'm going to shift attention to something I feel should be discussed. Abuse. I know I've always maintained that if you're with a d-bag just leave. Only a stupid woman stays.. But right now.. Im going to be supportive.

I know domestic violence happens. I see it everyday. As much as I numb myself to maintain sanity because it would be easy to feed off drama like a tick. The truth is, helping feels like pushing a car uphill. Frustrating.. Tiring.. Especially since some women fall into this gap of being helpless.

It's easy to be dismissive. Unfortunately sometimes help never arrives. Sometimes people get very lonely and that leads them to welcome domestic violence.

I could do the cliche... If he loved you he wouldn't hit you speech. Someone who loves you wouldn't make you live in fear.

What it comes down to is the truth. The truth is he might kill you. The truth is he probably never loved you. The truth is... You deserve to be happy. The truth is.. You are in more control of the situation than you let yourself believe.

The truth... You control everything and the more you deny that, the closer you get to failing. The truth.. You have people who don't know you.. Care...

Seek help. Shelter.. Escape. Rebuild.

There are endless limits.. All you need to do is make your choice. Be safe...

44 - blue

Road rage - an itchy twitchy gaga

LoL. Road rage is crazy to witness.

On my way to work, I stopped to grab a Powerade. And as I come out I see a lady ram into another car.

I thought it was another lady. It was a dude.. Um. Dunno of transitioning but Definately a guy in a dress. Anyway the guy gets out of his car and the lady tries to back out and bolt.

Dude jumped on her smashed hood and already spider webbed windshield and starts stomping. I never heard the word "bi**h" said so many times. He jumped off before She spun out. He was like y'all my witness that was a hate crime.

I'm like I didn't see a thing. Because it sucks being summoned to court. I didn't even give my name. I was in civvies. I was basically a blip.

Speaking of men dressed as ladies...

Yesyerday they brought in a guy in a long denim skirt and a tank and the cheapest green tattoos you can imagine. Anyway he tried to shove a gallon of vodka between his legs to steal it. They saw it on camera but like.. He put the neck in a dark dark place and clenched. LoL

The weirdest stuff happens around the 1st of the month

42 - red and black