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Reservation Dogs: come and get your love

Last night's episode had a title I recognized as a song by Redbone. Growing up when the radio would play it they would heavily announce they were a Native American band.

Anyway last nights episode also tackled A Native myth. The deer women. When I was a kid the adults and elders would talk about these women. Top half a beautiful woman. The bottom half a deer. They would 5ake the bad kids and either kill them or raise them like a deer. LoL.

The Legend was they would hang around pow wows., only coming out at night to lure men into the bushes for hot deer coitus. That's how they kept their deer kind going.

I often tell this joke inspired by a true event. Like 4 years ago the police busted up a party and it led them on a chase. The car of course ended up in the ditch. Anyway unrelated., during the arrests this drunk female came out of the trees. They laughed and accused her of being a deer lady.

My joke was she came out of the trees and was like "that's the last time I do that for a buck"

Anyway that's my time

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Did the avengers give up when....

The black knight sprayed new york with that foam that left everyone stuck to the ground?


With the help of a criminal glue specialist, they freed everyone...

Im your criminal glue specialist!

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Nobody does it better.

So I've been told I don't act like a woman. It begs the question, how does a woman act?

I won't waste my time figuring it out or conforming. I'll answer it by stating, you define people by archetypes, then you are indeed a fool.

It's simple minded people that can not comprehend the intelligence of one person versus their genitalia, and that in itself is sad. Because if a man says, you dont act like a woman.. He expects the cliche, marriage/baby crazy 1950s stereotypes. If a woman says it she admits she's in that stereotypical corset and destined to be mediocre.

Life is meant to be lived. Humans are meant to evolve. I'm sorry If you are stuck in your cliche life. But don't expect me to change. I don't buy into fat girl bdsm by calling you sir or master. I don't feel the need to hand job you and tell you that you are king.

A warriors life is war and death. Burning like the sun until there is no light. I don't expect you to understand metaphors. I don't even expect you to have reading comprehension. A lot of people on here dont.

I've grown up surrounded by racism, hate.. Disgust. Misogyny.. Nothing you say is new to me.

I don't care what anyone thinks.. I just needed a blog today.

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As I try not to be political.

I've made comments like We should let the middle east bomb themselves. Words from frustration as decades long holy wars are fought daily. Sometimes it makes you wonder about the intelligence of people.

The comprehension that people will murder and destroy for fictional beings astounds. That people are so brainwashed they'll convince themselves a book that talks if love and peace will also say it's ok to murder anyone who doesn't follow suit. It makes zero sense.

But for those who need an end to justify the means, it speaks volumes about people's ability to believe.

I read an article on Yahoo yesterday by an ex-soldier who made 2 statements about Afghanistan.

1.. The need to escape and collapse was inevitable.

2.. Our own government has been lying to us about the situation.

But it's like when isn't the government lying to its people. If honesty were worth anything, let's be honest.. Trump wouldn't have ever won.

I'm not gonna Go into an anti-Trump rant. Instead I'm goung to say.. Life is a valuable commodity no matter where you are. It's worth protecting. I had a thought yesterday... It was simply this...

You know how people say if they couls go back in time and stop Hitler, things would be easier.. Different.

I don't want to have people say that in 50 years. If they could stop the Taliban, they would have.

Anyway ima wait for lunch.

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Stupidity for lunch

New report is out. 2589 active Covid cases.. 250 since yesterday.

Today is especially stupid because someone tested positive and came to work. Had to sit out in my car in 95 degree weather while they steam disinfect. Everyone us freaking out cuz dum dum pretty much came into contact with everyone. Except me.

But the whole building is getting steamy. They'll probably leave the doors open and air it out.

Now I will saysonetjing positive. ExPresident and pro-white fat cat American Donald J Trump said at one of his Neo-Nazi Republican meet and greets that the racists should get vaccinated. "I did.. Why not"

So all you dummies.. Your king said get vaxed.

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Dear.. My stalkers


I want to thank you for checking my blog daily. Even when you are banned and or pretending to "have a life". You keep blogs alive.

With that being said. It's a rainy day. Or it rained when I left for work.

So I watched a movie called "swim" it had Joey Lawrence in it. I know right.. Whoa.

It was about an over privileged family of attractive people at their beach side rental. It rains and a shark ends up in their house. It had cheesy computer effects.

I guess the. Shark had... Expensive taste.

LoL. It's a lot of CGI. Ya know this big dummy saw I had white eyeshadow on and used her shitty photo shop skills to put white eyelids on a photo. Same dumb chick changed a photo of her Mitsubishi spider from red to white in her portfolio. I won't name names. I mention this because CGI is either hit or miss. Depends on the shit artist.

It's gonna be a lovely day.

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Sturgis Surgis

So South Dakota has 1939 active Covid cases. 376 New cases. 78 delta. Death total 2056. The Sturgis Sturgis has begun. I'm not surprised. It's old wannabe bikers causing this for "freedoms" stupid people. So yea I'm glad I have zero chance of infection.. Because I'm producing antibodies and vaccination and my job sort of keeps me from being around people now. So my job... I complained that the schedule was never posted til way later and I'd show up for work and be sent home. The schedule lady didn't like the spot light. But Because I'm the best tech we have, they put me elsewhere with a well-defined schedule. That's my tip. Be the one they can't afford to lose. I still do what I do just not at the jail. A lot of my co-workers were like.. How did you do that? I want to do that. I'm like just be super good at what you do. Be unexpendable. It's gray right now. Cool breeze. A break from summer hell. It'll go hack to terrible tomorrow. Just tired of the heat and smoke. 29 - dark blue

It's titled get over yourself

I think if it weren't for everyone trying to be special snowflakes everyone cares about, things would be different. We wouldn't have trolls.. Mask mandates.. People titling themselves influencer.

I never wanted or had a spinach enema because a Kardashian had one. Ever.

It's like how we had a-holes in chat. Day 1 they show up acting like anyone should care and vie for their acceptance. That's how you end up friendless.

Now we got mask mandate which isn't hard. If you can't wear a mask then stay home. No one asked you to go to Disney land during a pandemic.

A lot of people need to get over themselves. You make your own like sh*try with your terrible personality.

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You gotta hold em. And love em..

Mitakuye Oyasin.

We are all related.

What I'm saying a tribe is your family. People who watched you grow.. Have your memories.. Feel your joys and sorrows. This is what it means.

The main reasons I never batted a lash when people got racist at me. It's beneath me to care. I grew up steeped in racism. A lot of times a fist to the face changed their minds. You either knock respect into them or make them even bigger racists.

Never at any point did I feel less by words. It's like who cares? LoL. What matters is you know who you are. Like they say in the fast n furious movies.. Nothing is stronger than family.

Take care of your tribe.

In the end.. They just might be your blessing.

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Ch ch ch ch... Ah ah ah

Its Friday the 13th

Sometimes I forget I dont have to be awake til 7 am. Still waking up at 5. Hives me time to make breakfast and pack a lunch. Speakimg of lunch.

It's too Damn crowded. I don't want to be out with the mass crowd of unvaccinated old Nazi people. Now before you accuse me of false race card... One of the major stories in the news is vendors are selling Nazi flags.

According to the local news. Kristi Norm says the rally is about freedom and the right to not be vaccinated. Last year everyone was like oh Sturgis wasn't that bad til a week passed and infection rates went up.

So now it's a waiting game and there is no way Im gonna get caught up in b.s. old bikersarestupud people. Let's be honest being a biker hasnt been cool since the 70s when most of these old ass bikers we're semi young.

It's like how you gonna be 60 and gun/drug running? How you gonna claim rebellion and then go home to your garden and complaining about Biden?

Rebels dont care about politics, thats why they're rebels. LoL

Sturgis is old white people Halloween. Idont see any black bikers or Latino bikers. Just a Buncha old white people in cracked leather. #truth

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Grandmas Recipes....

On the reservation we are told to honor our elderly. Cherish them. Learn from them. They keep our history.. Our language alive. Anytime someone mistreat their grandma gave permission to rip em a new one.

There was a time you'd open the door for anyone elderly. A few years back at my aunt's funeral, my cousin Veronica yelled at an elderly woman just trying to eat. I drug Veronica outside by her hair and told my cousin Jezzy, handle this bitch. Haven't seen Veronica at family events since. Because you never disrespect anyone's grandma.

My grandma had the best recipes. But the best recipe she had was being a good person. A dash of respect., a pinch of generosity., a smidge of kindness.. And a fist for anyone who tries to take you down.

And so I share this recipe with you all. It takes zero effort to be decent. You act like a Scumbag dont be surprised you get treated like one.

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Reservation Dogs - review

Reservation Dogs is a show on fx on Hulu. It's about 4 native teens and their misadventures to make money to leave their little town for California after the passing of their friend.

It's accurate in the way people talk. The way it's like growing up on the reservation.

In the first episode there's references to the movie "Willow" they explain the girl Elora Danon's name. The meth scrapyard guys little tidbit about the baby being played by twins. The name of the scrap yard "Burglecutt" is the name of the bully dwarf character on Willow. In episode 2. The doctor calls willow, the discount Lord of the rings.

It tackles some crazy topics, like the youngs obsession with hot chips. Elora Danan ends up with ulcers from eating bags and bags of hot chips. Side note.. Rapper Lil Xan almost died from his hot Cheetos on addiction.

One of the humorous things was the white meth head exclaiming "I'm native American" most white kids on the reservation fit that mold. Long hair.. Smell weird. Claim Cherokee.

It's only 2 episodes down. I think like 4 more to go. It's on Hulu.

The best part of having 2 perfect eyes..

Is great reading comprehension. You ever notice someone with a wonky beady eye can't read for sh*t? It's no wonder they take underwear milk photos like losers.

Anyway.. So this old man at the gas station started talking about his right to bear arms and not wear a mask. His right to basically cry like a bhole.

I'm like who cares? Some of us are here to get a Gatorade on our way to work. I don't care about your right to be a butt-head.

That's all any,of this vaccine mask stuff is. People thinking they are important enough to be heard or saved. It's like if you wabt to he that dummy, don't let anyone stop you. Go be that dummy.

Today is gonna be lovely. I just wish the smoke would let up a little. Then again... There arent any mosquitos.

I'm gonna light up this day like nobody else

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Mandates? More like chicken dates

LoL. I was going to say I don't get why stupid people won't vaccinate and mask up. Then I'm like oh yeah, stupid people.

I spent a lot of time with stupid people. They were always regretful. Why did I drink? Why did I do drugs? Why am I still with him/her? It's like stupid people realize it later and repeat.

They aren't going to cure corona virus. It's already up to 19 and variants. Vaccination can prevent or slow it down. Science knows this, yet people think they know what's best. Til they get it.

You might be lucky to get a less severe version. Who knows.

I am just writing to write. I dont care if stupid people live or die, it's your funeral.

The bubonic plague wiped out 1/3 of Europe once. They burned bodies and tgrww corpses into a river. Dont think anyone is gonna lay you in a bed of flowers if you die from a contagious disease.

Anyway enjoy your hump day

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Too much booty in the pants..

LoL. I'm sorry but they need to stop making stretch skinning for fat people. No offense but no one wants to see your FUPA.

So a lot of these arrests lately have dealt with meth. I think it's gotten to that point of boredom that a cheap thrill is better than nothing. I'm not complaining. Legalizing weed was bringing meth a step closer to prominence.


Well for one, by legalizing weed you take away the dangerous taboo. What once made you a sexy rebel is medicine for the stressed, the depressed and the mentally unrest. I mean they use it to treat anorexia. That's chicks who don't want to be fat.

Two.. Unlike pot it's ready available. No waiting weeks for it to grow and cure. You mix it up like cake batter and it's peanut brittle time.

Three it's cheap

Four it can keep your weight down.


Sturgis starts soon. Here comes the virus surge. Sucky

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