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Day 5.. Canada's passive aggressive tactic

The sky is hazy and white from the Canadian smoke. Canada doesn't believe in controlled burning to lessen wild fires, and now it burns. Without a few Canadians burning, it begs the question... Is this an act of terrorism?

On the plus side it's cooler. But is it worth it?

The air sucks currently. They say do not go outside. Except government workers never take a break, thus I'm at work. LoL

While Canada's massive barbeque burns, it makes you wonder.. Are they so meek they won't put out their own fires? So it's like.. If they all burn, do the meek inherit the earth?

Jesus, it's me... Part the smoke.. Stop the fires and make me a sandwich? No? You're too busy keeping masks out of churches? lmao

Speaking of masks. You know what's helping me breath in this thick smoke? My mask. It's never been mandated in South Dakota because of a dumb shit named Kristi Noem. I wear it to keep myself safe and now it's pulling double duty. Preventing delta.. And smoke inhalation.

Mask up

10 - mint

Day 4. Finding repetitiveness

I think I am great at drone work. Knowing what I have to get done and doing it. The uncertainty is eliminated and I feel good about it. Drone away.

So I've been thinking a lot about nothing. Just numbing my mind. I'm gonna share a bit much but it's like whatever.

Aside from never knowing when I'm working because someone wasn't posting shift changes.. I had to witness a lot of gross things. Death.. Depravity. Death.. Even more death. It would sometimes keep me awake at night. You ever try sleeping after looking at a car accident where a guys skull was smashed in and his wifes guts were pushed out of her baby maker? Trust me sleep ain't gonna happen.

There was a time when It throw on my earphones and dive into art or whatever to deal. Numb my brain. Because I'm always thinking. If I numb myself tired I can sleep. After doing this for years.. Every now and then It slip and just.. Go overboard with it.

But then I'd have myself sorted in a couple hours and my brain would reset and I can keep being awesome. Drone work does this too. Just mindlessly get repetitive tasks done.

I qualify as PTSD and can do legal weed. But the problem is it is a drug and it can trigger early Alzheimer's. I love being in control of my mind. No cheech and chong movie would ever be cool to make me want to. Most of the potheads I know are huge losers. But.. That's my opinion. You can smoke pot and think you're cool.. But it's like you're bragging about it on the internet like a 14 year old.

I hope it cools off. I'm sick of 100+ weather. Gimme back my cold autumn days. LoL.

Anyway I'm gonna get what I can done. Onward

9 - purple

Day 3. The great migration

So there was a walk of shame this morning. I guess people don't give a fk about delta. Not that I'm concerned. I mask up and carry hand sanitizer anyway. Only this time I carry a purse.

I never use purses much. Feels like only lame asses carry around a ton of make up and a lot of things anyone can just take from you at knife point. Typically I carry my wallet, phone and keys. But I'm not out a lot so why not?

I keep a mini med kit. A plastic zip lock with tea bags because you never know. My sunglasses and my precision tools.

Anyway so the walk of shame. Lotta toe up looking drunks. The younger ones just call mommy and daddy. Sucks that 29 year olds still call mommy and daddy. I think over 25 and you live with your parents in your childhood bedroom has got to suck.

It's funny to me when people still live at their parents home.. Drinking wine and doing lame paintings. Almost 40 and you're the big of a loser. But that's just me. It's totally normal for ladies who get married believing their man won't get sick of their shiz because "I got the p***y so I make the rules" that's a shiz song by the way.

Its kind of stupid.

Anyway.. So theres a lot of things I need to get done by 11. So onward.

8 - turquoise

Day 2. Even stronger.. Even tougher...

So I was transferred departments and I love it. Got off work at 4. I forgot I don't have to wait for relief workers anymore. I hit shut down and left. It was pretty good.

So.. I was stopped by a lady I dealt with before looking for help. I told her front lobby. I'm not allowed to speed up the process anymore. I'm strictly tech now. Flashed my work ID. I'm proud of it.

So far day 2 is great.

So I am gonna try to stop asking people to wear masks. If more people get Covid.. I wont have to care. You either die or find out how terrible it is. Thats my stance.

Oop. Gotta handle stuff. That's my time.

7 - gold

Day 1.. So far so good

Started a new position. It's mostly the same thing. But I get to be alone for 8 hours dying from hot car baby death. They said today is gonna be the hottest day this week. Not year.. Week. Ugh.

Anyway so.. I wish this Covid stuff would be over. A lot of people aaying "I refuse the vaccine" ended up getting Covid. In South Dakota we have like 2450 deaths from Covid. 2050 people dead and it was preventable.

I'm at the point where I don't care if you are stupid and don't wamt tge shot. If you're dead I don't have to care about you. Keep your reasons to yourself.

I'm a believer in science.

Anyway my time is up. I'm outta here

6 - yellow

Some normalcy finally.. Suck it

Today is my last day doing rotating shifts and this job. I've been sorta dealing with some mental preparations. I won't go in to much detail.

I don't think I'm worth gossiping about. I just want to make it clear, I was not fired. I was not punished for anything and I was not demoted. With one dumb ass gone and her wireclub husband loser about. I just want to crush this before it starts.

I'm going to be on a regular work schedule like most adults. Not taking a hit in pay.

I'm no longer going to be asking when I have to work. So that's the good part.

Anyway so.. I kinda feel like the delta is gonna ravage us soon. Especially with Sturgis biker rally coming up. Last year we had a huge epicenter in the 2 weeks following.. With the delta.. Republican dummies anti-vaxing and a dumb as shit governor. It's gonna be a terrible time.

Speaking of South Dakota's dumb shit governor. Kristi Noem is making a bid for presidency. She's going to fail for 2 reasons. 1. She's a dumb ass white woman. And 2. The Trump is supposedly running again. So either she has to back off from running against him or.. Feel his wrath.

Trump will dig up dirt she don't even realize she had. And I don't think she wants to risk gaining him as an enemy. So unless she decides to downgrade her aspirations to being vice president. She's gonna be in for some bad times.

I don't think she's smart enough to realize this yet.

Earlier this year she scammed a Buncha people by claiming Reba McIntyre was going to be at her fundraiser dinner. Reba took to Twitter and was like NOPE. LoL.

Anyway I'm done

4 - black for the last time

That which does not kill me...

Better watch it's back.

I got bit by a spider and stomped that sucker. Dunno what it was or what's it's name is. If it died a virgin.. All that doesn't matter. It's dead mow.

So anyway there's a movie out called "jolt" it was just the lady hero movie I needed. Ima spoil it right now.

Lady bouncer in England goes to doctor to get aversion therapy. They attach a shock vest to her that gives a shock should she get aggressive. She meets a guy. They bang. He gives her a camera.. Then dies..

Hearing he was a victim of a crime boss.. She tracks down one boss to find another.. She starts beating up people and killing them to make it to the biggest crime boss.

As she strolls in, she sees her dead boyfriend. He says he used her to distract the under lords do he could kill the boss. Then uses her own shock belt against her. Why she never took it off is a mustery. Anyway so she throws a remote bomb n kills him.

At the end Susan Sarandon shows up and tells her.. Girl.. You are cool.

I think that means there's gonna be a part 2.

And now I.. Killed a spider.

The end.

4 - red

Is you crazy?

I don't know if it's just the situation or something more sinister, but people are crazy. It's not just people...

Yesterday the goose I'm at war with saw me. He was on the other side of the perimeter fence. I was walking to the building at I heard a hiss. I looked for snakes when I saw him side eyeing me.

Today he was at the same spot eating angrily. He honked really loudly so I walked to the fence and kicked at him. He flapped his wing like he couldn't believe it. Like you for real?

He flew away. But I think he's gonna be waiting for me after work for out moment of truth.

My point is.. Stand up to your bullies, have 1 epic fight.

2 - black

Dolly said...

You can't see the rainbow without going through the rain. Smart lady.

It's a huge cloud this morning. Cool air. Some of these clouds gold. It's gonna hit 94 today.

So I wanted to talk about these new Covid strains. Delta and lambda. With travel resyri tions down for the summer break through infections are rising. I read 6 people in Texas caught Covid in a Texas wedding a few weeks back. The one who had delta came from India. Their vaccine had no effect. Then delta started emerging. It got to here in South Dakota.

Like everyone else I hate waiting for normal life. I hate that people can't stay home. An infection lasts 2 weeks. Then it stops once your body starts making antibodies. It's simple science.

A lot of people are refusing for stupid reasons. Microchips.. Lack of co I'm liberties. Fear is the common denominator. The fact we still have Covid and variant/mutations contributes to people being dumb and scared. I'm not here to call you names.

I'm here as someone who wants to get back to life. I'm here as someone who wants kids safe. If you want to be selfish, fine. Get it. But stop wasting the rest of our time. Stupidity prolongs this., stop it already.

Dolly paid for them to find a vaccine. She then refused to take it until more people had it because she didn't want to be privileged. She is 1 person who tried to save the world. 1 person is all it took. And now a bunch of people hamper this to feel self important. You aren't special.

With that I start my day.
1 - Red


Geez. Life is a fucking spin cycle. I wasn't gonna say anything. But I been getting hassled at work for telling someone to do their job. And now I face.. The unknown.

My grandma used to tell me. Things will often be difficult when you are blindsided by stupid people. Because they don't lose anything. They go through life slamming into walls without purpose. If you get upset by this, you'll get slammed into walls too.

So I am deciding to just roll with it. Let the dice roll how they may. What's the worse that could happen?

My advice to those blindly following your hearts... Stay true to your path. If life were easy.. Every one would do it.

To those stupidly slamming in the night.. Do you.

And to future me.. Right now is when,you made the right choice. Never forget that those who didn't appreciate you.. Didn't deserve you. You rock...

1 - white.

So Seductive...

Did you know seduction is a crime? Albeit an old crime. But if you're in a cheating couple on either side of an affair. You could get charged?

I haven't seen it used in a long time. LoL.

So say.. A couple were married.. Husband is like.. I think I'll hook up with this lady, it'll be so exciting. The wife can call in a domestic call and ask for seduction charges, which can be verified in court and be used against the guy. It'll be documented and CA,n be used in divorce proceedings.

The thing is no one knows this because it's never been in a movie. You don't see it come up on law and order. But it's a very rarely used legal strategy. It's filed along with adultery.

Anyway it's Saturday. Gotta make a 12 hour push and get things done.

203 - black

After the boys of summer have gone...

So I stopped yo get a drink on my way to work. A group of panhandlers came in. Ages 25 to 46. 6 oh them. Dirty. Hair all over. Cashier says "God I don't like these guys.. They come in.. Share a coffee and leave with all the sweet n low packets."

I'm like "who? The boys of summer?"

They left and in like it's not even 6 am and they're ready to find their bum spots.

I get to work and 4 more atart their journey straight from jail. I mentioned to them the other day.. Day labor got approved this week. Part of the benefit of having a friend in politics here... Always in the know.

According to South Dakota's Covid dashboard we have a Buncha Covid cases.. Kind of weird how the cases drop to 0 then over 100. The delta variant can bypass vaccination. Makes it scary the news refers to it as breakthrough infections.

Why can't people stay home for 2 weeks. Especially in hot as heck summer weather is beyond me. Stay home. LoL.

Anyway I'm gonna light up the world like nobody else.

202 - Red

Thursday doesn't even start

The morning walk of shame went down. A group of hung over boozers made their way home. Twas a sight. People bonded like they were at summer camp.

Stuff happened last night but I got sleep. I was feeling kind of angry.. sad.. lost. But that changed as I got to work. The lobby music was on. One of my favorite songs was on.

Then I got over feeling dumb.

The truth is... My brain is running and I'll find clarity while doing work. I just gotta remember... I got a right to be happy. I don't have to feel lame..

Anyway ima get today going. Gonna post said song...

Enjoy your day

Home is where the heart is...

"Im homeless" some people would rather sleep on the streets than eat their vegetables at dinner. Imagine that's your mistreatment. You won't stop partying and get the boot. Teens... Lol

So this 18 year old tried to tell a sob story. He's like.. They don't like my friends. They kicked me out because I dropped out. It's like.. Dude studying isn't hard. Where are your friends? At home in bed. You tried to pick a lock with a toenail clipped blade. This is your life.

If you got better grades, you can go away to college. You could be doing so much new exciting things. Didn't we just come off a free stay at home year of school? Wtf?

LoL. In weirder news. My brothers ex-wife kidnapped one of the many kids the law took away to live the beggar life in Colorado. She does this every year to secure section 8 housing and help from the churches.. So meet another guy to make her pregnant. Only this time she's 50..

So gross.

That's the hustle. Trying to secure shelter from pity than working and growing the hell up. So again.. Does being homeless mean you're heartless?

Or maybe I'm cynical

200 - Red

Dazzy dukes.. Or dizzy dooks?

Lmao Lotta coochie cutters in the drunk tank. I get it's hot but 90s video ho jot? I guess so.

Actually it was very cool.. Very chilled when I left for work. Very chill. LoL. There must have been a sale on weird hair dye. Saw someone with pink on top.. Green on bottom hair. I'm like watermelon sugar.. Hi!

Unfortunately, it was EBT day and the same dramas are happening. I kinda hope it gets normal enough for 8 hour shifts.

I made an egg in a mug like I saw on YouTube. I tried poached by cracking an egg in water and microwaving it for 5 minutes. It takes ramen 3 minutes to get good. Anyway it was ok. I sucked out the yolks.

Spoiler alert.

So I'm watching black widow and I'm like.. Black widows dad was the guy from stranger things.. And it was the 80s. So it was like seeing what happened after he teleported to Russia in the stranger things finale last season.

I can't breathe without you

LoL. So this morning I stopped to get a sandwich and witnesses some stupid stuff. They forced a guy to wear a mask. He was like I have breathing problems. My nose holes are too small. We don't wear masks in Nebraska.

Then they gave him a disposable mask. He got his stuff. Then he got to the cashier again and "fainted". But it's like how you gonna catch yourself if you faint? He was down a total 10 seconds. Looked at the cashier and was like.. I told you. And left without his Red Bull and pack of mini donuts.

I'm like.. I guess...

LoL. Its so lame the things people do for attention. As I drove by another has station he was walking in with a cornkuskers mask.

The things people do..

Anyway I am gonna get to work. Also to nerdpool, I saw toothpaste cat. Down to 8 lives I guess

Have a lovely day

194 - black

A kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it..

I always wondered why broken busted chicks get the psychos and I never do. It's like oh he killed a herbal and wrote you a love spell? Oh no... The monster. /sarcasm

It makes me feel less desired when the homely chick gets that kind of love. Then again, I've never been bad touched either. Something about chubby chicks no one wants drives men wild.

Not that I'm truly complaining. I'm just waxing poetically. The truth is.. I am envious about that because like everyone else, I'm just trying to feel special. But I don't need that. Just would be a nice change. But not really.

I think that movie "Fear" disillusioned me.

Saw a guy with blood on his shirt. I'm like wtf? Turns out he beat himself up over some dumpster fire. But it got me thinking a bit.

It's the 7th. I'm off on food stamps day aka dramatic love day. People will buy out all the taco salad fixings. Maybe some cans of oysters n make more kids. Weird. But that's love.

Who am I to argue?

Have a great day

193 - blue

Not until I've had my coffee

I like how no one wants to be bothered until they had coffee. Like bean soup is gonna change your day. Then again they aren't those dweebs with their triple shot double spiced venti macchiato. So bougie

Anyway so it's rained and he air is cool. The. Weather's been ultra hot before but when I see it's barely 90 and am complaining it's too hot. Makes Me wonder.

Then again getting old sucks. But gotta do it. Gotta push uphill and see what happens.

Oh before I forget. If you're going to be out in hot weather driving. They make a vapor lock filter for your gas tank. It lets air in and out and.. That includes vapor. Vapor lock happens when the vapor escapes your tank through fuel lines. It's science.

Have a great day

192 - Red


Isn't America great? I mean in the sense we don't answer to a queen. That we don't adhere to a loss of weaponry in case aliens attack.

We live in a beautiful country.

We should respect ourselves.

Happy 4th.. But on the 5th. Cuz I follow my own rules

191 - maybe blue