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Stay in your lane. (Really?)

LoL people are so catty. Drunk chick says to me "stay in your lane" as she is getting processed. I'm like.. I'm in the right lane. Mine didn't lead to jail ya big dummy.

A lot of people are like that. Think they matter enough they gotta remind you that they are better, even if they aren't. I've noticed A lot of old men are like that.

It's that lack or drop in testosterone production. It makes them whiny ladies. It's weird when biology turns guys into women.

Its a cool air morning. Can't wait to go home and sleep. Sleep yhe sleep of champions. It'll be marvelous.

185 - blue

Fake druggies... Failed coolness

A lot of people BS about drug use. It's kind of funny. You see these pothead right. Talk about plant variations.. Post photos like.. Whoa look at this kush chong, we gon get high.

I was listening to some guys talk last night about their sethbrogan lifestyle of needing to smoke daily to activate as a human. Talking about "I need to told or I can't live." And I'm like it huh.

I'm like ayahuasca? I've only don't Hiawatha! Calm down shag and scoob. You're so hip with your shroom talk. Got my fiending shiitake stuffed caps. LoL

Bragging about weed, especially since its legal.. Isn't sexy anymore. It's lost its dangerous status and is basically like aspirin now. Especially since y'all are smoking rag weed or popping low grade edibles. Chill out.

Anyway so... The only reason I wrote this was for that ayahuasca/hayawatha joke.

I'm finally gonna go home n rest.

184 - red

You'll never be as gorgeous as now..

Tonight a lady sat on the floor. She sat crossed leg in a dingy dress and canvas shoes. Her skin creped with folds in her tattoo. "I was prom queen once" she said. She looked at a group of gawking young women whispering to each other. "I used to be the queen bitch.. Take a look at your future..."

"I told myself once.. I would do everything at least once. Turns out drugs was on that list. I've done em all. By the time I broke free.. I lost teeth.. Got bad skin and thin hair.. You're going to be me one day.. Sitting on a floor arrested for shop lifting because you got nothing better to do but find a place for a decent meal."

I had nothing to add. I just looked at these girls like.. You betta listen.

"You'll never be as gorgeous as you are now.. It's all down hill from here. Some guy will say he loves you and ruin your life. His name was John for me. He said we should take it to the next level.. He tied that tube around my arm and put it in me.. Dope.. But it wasnt dope. It was but it wasn't." It was a joke zoomers didn't get lol

"Keep your hands clean ladies.. Your heads up and hopes high. Don't keep your hopes up and heads high."

Then she curled up on the floor under a paper blanket. And I felt like.. She was a living visual aid. She could be a motivational speaker. She seemed eloquent.. Learned.

When I was a kid. There was a lady.. Lisa Tiger. The first native american lady with aids. She came and told us how she got it. I'm sketchy on details but she had taken to drinking and drug abuse. Then later found out she had aids. She then decided to tell native kids to stay safe and to push her goal.. She got into body building. She would be like maintain your health and you can manage this disease. I think she's still alive.

My point is this.. These younger people haven't learned anything but surviving to drink. To the next drink. As parents y'all failed by trying to be their friend.

Anyway have a glorious day.

183 - black

Trust me, I know.. She said.

Lady got her keys and left her son in jail. The term joyride lost the joy part..

It's summer. That moment teens take the car without permission. It's not like a cop is going to pull them over and tell them your mom is kisses off and to go home. It's a waste of time. Auto theft comes into play once you are 18.

It's kind of dbaggy to take your mom's car from her purse. The dramatics come out.

Lady's son had beer. Got that DUI and she was like.. "You can give up on someone and give up on them.. Trust me I know"

Then as she leaves is like I'll get an tomorrow, where they keeping my car?

The question now is, will the bluff work?

Probably not. A DUI at 18 also entails underage drinking, open container and operating a vehicle under the influence. Sometimes they tack on transporting alcohol. Depends on the hassle. It's gonna be a long summer of mowing lawns.

Speaking of it smells like cut grass. I kinda dig the smell. It's summer. 2 days into it.

179 - Red

Turning wolfy

Idk what it is about a full moon. People go crazy. Howl. Eat rare steak. Chase them bitches LoL. Whatever it is I'm not hating.

It's been a long 12 hours.. Well 11 hours. I still got an hour left. Can't wait to zonk out.

This lady came in. She was like.. "Never punch a meth head.. If their teeth fall out it's assault" I was like whaaaat.

Apparently her daughter stole some cash. Lady is raising her grandkids. Found daughter walking.. Got out and punched her in the face. 3 teeth fell out. Now she's gotta wait til court LoL. She's like.. I punched her and she didn't care. She was with the shadow people..atleast I got my money back.

Addiction..yo. I won't get into it. Just wanted to blog in case it slips my mind.

178 - blue.

"U + me = us"

I will be your father figure

"I love strong women" he said as they shoved him in the drunk tank. "Are you a daddy's girl?" Sometimes it makes you wonder if all the guys in the world made a pact to be shitty dads just to treat women like crap. LoL.

Yesterday was fathers day. We celebrate differently. Some people had amazing dads.. Some had that crappy dad who was abusive. Some had a guy named Terry who gooed their mom and was never heard from again. Yesterday was a celebration of fathers.. Great and goo.

What was Wars dad like? He was a real piece if work. When he wasn't a stoned piece of shit. He was a cruel drunk. However.. He had redeeming qualities. He never got creepy to me or let anyone get creepy with me. He often got impatient I'd walk home with groceries..5 miles. Blistering heat or artic cold. He didn't give a fuck. He never worked because the pot made him paranoid. Plus he went awol from the army.

We came to a clash when I was 15. It was then he told me he was proud of me. He said he never had to worry about me. He knew I was strong and smart and capable. Then he put me to work teaching me to fix cars in the summer. Because He told me he didn't want me to need a man for anything.

You ask why I'm not boy crazy. Why I'm not out here trying to bang every dude. Why I'm not a single mom. It's because the type of man I like has to be special. I'm not out here looking for riches. I'm looking for someone to add to my genetic pool. Strength.. Brilliance.. Talent.

If you're an attractive guy and wonder why I'm not all over your junk.. It's because any d-bag can be semi cute in a photo. If you pass me by.. I'm not gonna wait for you to come to your senses. I'm not gonna complete your life. Or be another notch on your bedpost.

You can thank my dad.

I won't thank him though. He wouldn't want me out here praising him. Mostly because of weed paranoia and social anxiety. Zoinks yo.

I will say happy father's day to those who earned it. I do believe there's great guys in the world. Just not in jail tonight LoL.

That guy was hella lame. Cheesy poofs.

177 - black

Everyone is submissive :deadhorse:

When you're getting booked in the cold halls of justice. You'll pay for your crimes.

The sun isn't up yet. I remember why 5 am is my favorite. The cool air.. The reddish orange sunrise. The crickets rubbing their legs hard. Cows in the distance bellowing in an orgy of morning sounds.

You'd never guess a few short hours ago people were drinking and fist fighting. Then crying about masks as they got updated mugshots. Welcome to America post pandemic.. Where not getting vaccinated is your own damn fault. Feels wild wild west not caring about mandates because the law us the law.

The law doesn't care about your rights and freedoms. The law cares that you were drinking and speeding. The law cares you had weed in your trunk or worse.. Booty.

The law cares and just because you cry on Twitter doesn't make you a special snowflake. Do your time.

I heard there's a flock,of crows between here and the city on the walk of shame. A murder of crows scaring people. LoL. People are only as fearless as the crow let's them be. As the law let's them be.

Don't break the law... Justice has returned.

172 - red

Dolly doesn't need you pricks

LoL. Why do dumb people think anyone cares about their vaccinations? Get it.. Don't get it.. Who cares? Just shut up about it. People are killing and dying over mask mandates should make you realize how stupid society is.

Yesterday a big ol dummy said "I don't trust the vaccine... I've seen people yada yada"

At first I was like... Dolly Parton had the vaccine developed. It wasn't dumb ass assburger Elon Musk. Dolly was like.. Yo science let's squash c-19. Dolly doesn't need you to live.. She's got millions and her own theme park. If you can't trust an angel like Dolly, who can you trust?

My second response was... There's hot. Young and handsome guys with massive dongs and you think the government would choose to control you over them? Uncle Sam wants a pot smoking, little wang having doofus? For what? You're telling me the government wants depressed.. Middle aged.. Out of shape... Nobodies under their command? LoL

The truth is.. Everything sucks. And nobodies want to be somebodies. People used to say trump and watch their surroundings blow up with supporters or haters. Because it gives them that tiny but of control. Trump is out so now it's vaccinations. It's time you knew the truth. No one cares if you live or die. Shut up already.

Hit me baby one more time.

171 - blue

I know how to please a woman

He said as they threw him in the drunk tank. The funny thing is he got caught for soliciting.

I forgot about the leagues of stud muffin that pass through these hallowed halls of justice. Especially ones caught with old used hookers. Meth cooch is crazy I guess.

It's been a smooth night. It's cool outside and I know the years gonna kick in around 10 am. I hope I can zonk out as soon as I walk in the doors. Throw on the a/c. And sleep my daylight away.

Anyway so this drink lady asked me a question. She's like... What would you do if you caught your man with your sister? I'm like.. Find better men. LoL. But I'm glad I never had that kind of relationship with my sisters. That's so ghetto. Ghetto I says.

Anyway ima git.

169 - red

Wild is the wind

If I were to explain why I am the way I am. It's because I had a bevy of strong women in my life. A group of women who pushed themselves past their limitations.

My mom was a young mother. She pushed herself to work and go to night school and pushed herself into 3 degrees. It wasn't easy doing that from the poorest county in the U.S.

My aunt Karen.. Joined the military out of high school. She saw the world. Came back and went to college while also being a single mom. She pushed past the hardships in her way and got a few degrees herself before becoming a teacher.

My grandma was the coolwst person I know. Always so cool and classy and amazing. I often heard the tales how she dealt with racists while in the white border towns. As she got older, helped with the food Bank of America and her charity work earned her awards and trips overseas.

One time this nobody who knows nothing of my life, tried to trash talk me. I let her ramble because she was a divorced loser bragging about her trash car and pretend government job. She probably needed to feel big. I know who I am. I know my journey.

I sit here listening to these women on their 8 hour drunk tank visit.. Talk about why they make the same mistakes... I tell em. Look to your mother's... Your sisters.. The women in your life. Don't be jealous.. Look at the for once as they are.. Strong.. Determined.. Lived.. Learned.. You are part of that same line...same tree branch.

You need to be your own strength.

With that ima finish this sun rise. Clean my workspace and pray I can sleep like a log when I get home.

168 - black

Music - Glory Box - Portishead

"Glory Box"
I'm so tired of playing
Playing with this bow and arrow
Gonna give my heart away
Leave it to the other girls to play
For I've been a temptress too long

Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be a woman
I just wanna be a woman

From this time, unchained
We're all looking at a different picture
Through this new frame of mind
A thousand flowers could bloom
Move over and give us some room, yeah

Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be a woman
I just want to be a woman

So don't you stop being a man
Just take a little look
From our side when you can
Sow a little tenderness
No matter if you cry

Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be a woman
I just want to be a woman

The day before foodmageddon...

I kinda feel like things are randomly busy. It's been threatening to storm all night. It's cool out so it's like whatever.

So... It's my last night before I got my RDOs. I will not miss work at all. I just feel so tired. Making that hard transition back to 8 hour days.. 5 days a week. Especially with it being hot. I can barely sleep. I hope I can after I get home.

Been doing too much thinking.

Oh I saw that some guy in Pennsylvania. Duped a bunch of trump supporters out of thousands. I can see the compulsion. Trump supporters are idiots. The temptation is great. So he made a Buncha trump family social media accounts and said send money to this account because America needs to be great.. Yada yada. Then reaped the rewards. He got caught though.

Anyway ima hit. Hope I can make it to bed and zonk out.

165 - Red

Gender binary? You the matrix?

I hate this gender binary stuff. Especially when it's white people demanding you use the pronouns. But they get mad when you call them IT.

Why does anyone have to care? No one needs to know your sexuality. Why can't people just stfu about their sexuality and live their lives?

Now days it feels like transgendered kids are there to be freakshows, people trot these kids around and try to make a buck off it under the guise of spreading hope. They start YouTube channels and monetize their child's journey.

So the big debate about trans in sports. I can get When it's former males in female sports. You never hear about that short stubby trans guy in the NFL. It's always a former male in women's weightlifting or basketball. Girl you Juanna Mann?

If you got breast implants so you could smack women around then get shamed about it, you did that to yourself. It's never ok for a man.. Even former ones to smack a girl around. Then get mad she kicks your ball sack.

I don't hate transgendered. I can understand the mental struggles. I can understand the need to be happy. If you need to become the person you want to be.. I'm all for your journey. Do it for you.. Not YouTube-Facebook likes.

One time I had a conversation with a transitioning ftm. I talked to my nephews about this. Ftm told me he had suicidal thoughts once the hormones started. Enhancing depression and frustrations from slow transitioning. He felt alone. Crazy.. Broken.

Then we discussed that hormones played a huge role in this. When you mess with your hormones you become unbalanced. I likened it to steroid abuse. How roid rage is caused by messing with your testosterone levels. You either get super depressed or super aggressive.

I related to my nephews.. This change in males around 13 can effect your mind. When we grow up. It's always oh a guys voice will deepen. He will get taller. Guys don't have emotion. They're programmed to instantly be sexual beings. And that females go through special changes and society should handle her with all the care in the world.

I'm like.. If you get thoughts of sadness. It's not weird. It's normal.. You are normal. Don't feel or believe you aren't supposed to feel. It's important to get as much vitamin d and calcium. Vitamin d combats depression. If you need someone who knows science and biology hit me up.

And so they do.

Anyway I gotta jet.

164 - black. - dance into the fire

Groove is in the heart

Some believe love is an affliction of human want. The mind believing that it needs this one thing to be happy. Maybe they're right. Lonely people are miserable.

The mind is capable of terrible things. Sometimes the things people say while stewing over night make you wonder if love was really worth it. Because it seems like love turned into hate. But it also begs the question... Was it even love to begin with?

This lady "Chris" caught her girlfriend with a man. She then fought the man and lost. As she sat here all night she kept a bitter state of mind. Telling herself numerous times.. F**k it. Finally asking... Why am I here?

We often realize hours later.. Love drove us here...

The question you get to is.. Can I just go? Can I walk away? Love doesn't just end.

So being at the end of my shift. I said to Chris. It's not always going to be this way. It's unfortunate you found yourself in this situation. But please be smart. Get your things and go.

You fought for her.. Did she fight for you? You'll see things clearly. Have a good one.

no I'm never gonna dance again.. The way I danced with youuuu

Smart people know when to pull the plug and survive. Summer hasn't started yet. Always have hope. Because once 2 smart people fall in love.. Nothing else stands a chance. Be smart

163 - blue

Every day is a new chance to be your best

Music - I dont wanna live without you - Foreigner

I heard this song twice today.

"I Dont Want To Live Without You"

I find myself in a strange situation
And I don't know how
What seemed to be an infatuation
Is so different now
I can't get by if we're not together
Ooh can't you see
Girl, I want you now and forever
Close to me

I'm longing for the time
I'm longing for the day
Hoping that you will promise to be mine
And never go away

I don't want to live without you
I don't want to live without you
I could never live without you
Live without your love

I ask myself but there's no explanation
For the way I feel
I know I've reached the right destination
And I know it's real

I'm longing for the time
I'm longing for the day
When I'll be giving you this heart of mine
Believe me when I say

I don't want to live without you
I don't want to live without you
I could never live without you
Live without your love
Now I don't want to live without you
I don't want to live without you
I could never be without you
Be without your love
I don't want to live without you
Live without your love
(Live without your love)
Live without your love
(Live without your love)
You see I'm lost without your love
(Live without your love) oh, oh

Summer shows it's grimey face

The sun was up at 5... I'm outside listening to a lot of birds chirping and singing. And a few ugly shrieks of a dove. You ever hear a dove in the morning? Sounding like a terrible Muppet. Bleeehhh bleeehhh. LoL

It makes me wonder if tgats what Prince had in mind?

Anyway so it's been summer like. Muggy and bright and annoying. At last the snow and cold stopped.

So anyway the big discussion last night was about fuck boys. LoL. I guess that's the one thing you don't want to be messing with. These chicks were talking about their jobless, careless.. Sleeping on their grandma's couch boyfriends who cheat on them. I'm like.. You kind of did that to yourself. You decided after knowing he had nothing to sleep with him. That's all you.

So they asked me.. What would I do with a fuck boy? I'm like.. Oh I tell me brothers and cousins to get jobs. LoL. I don't get with one so my only interaction with one is to be related to them. And I do my part tellung them to work. I do that for you ladies.

I only catch feelings for math geeks.

Anyway that's my time. I gotta finish up. Disinfect and hopefully catch breakfast before sleeping.

162 - Red

Sunday Sunday sunday

It was a g-g-g-ghost

I like when people claim to see ghosts in a building less than 5 years old. No record of any death. A broom falls and suddenly a priest comes in and splashes holy water from a dasani bottle. Lame.

I like how it's always a civil war ghost. It's like God you're dumb. The civil war happened in the south, LoL.

I used to remember old unsolved mysteries where it's an old hotel with like a 18th century child with spin curls and a Dixie land cap named Julius, who giggled and made candy disappear.

It's like why would a ghost haunt us? We aren't exciting at all. Ghosts would get so bored. End up... Dying of boredom.

Anyway I'm gonna bring an Ouija board and scare some dummies later. It'll be awesome.

161 - black. *🍯*

Jeopardy in Jeopardy

Not really. I just thought it'd be a spicy title.

I guess jeopardy will be temporarily hosted by Mayim Bialik. Bialik, known for her roles as 90s sitcom teen Blossom and Big Bang Theories Amy Farrah Fowler. Is also a graduate with a degree in Neuroscience.

I'm kind of agreeing with her stepping in after Alex Trebeks death. She's intelligent and was brought up with those acting skills that would help her connect with contestants. All in all I think it's a good fit but only time will tell.

LoL aside from this.. I have nothing to say. I'm tired and it's almost time to go. Ima have a nice breakfast and get some restful sleep. It'll be fun on the bun.

158 - blue

Big Purr

You ever hear that terrible song? LoL

Anyway it's that time. Time to get going home.

Grudges... How long does it last? Determined by your feelings on something. When I decide to have one I stick to it. If I don't like someone, I don't back away. I put that mental bookmark in like nope..

I'm not saying forgiving isn't impossible. I can get over anything. I just feel like unless someone flat out asks.. Can we redo? I'd be like ok. But people don't. Thus my stance on social vampirism. I don't get involved unless invited.

Why say any of this? Blog filler of course. That and I'm not one of these people seeking friends to stomp on them. Empty personality just yapping like "we're cool right? Ol buddy ol pal?" Nope.

Ok my relief is here. Outs

158 - Red