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Smooth criminal

So... Day 1 of night shift is done. Tired but whatever. Just gonna get in bed and recharge.

It was relatively quiet.

Oh it's memorial day.

I hope you get what you need out of today.

Off to bed

157 - black

Daily doubles - weekend troubles

Currently getting things done. I have to come back at 10 pm for another shift. Getting thrown on the night shift

At least I can get breakfast on my way home. Sleeping to the sound of Ramis purring. It'll be nice.

So lots people hit the clank last night. Had to hear the cries of an 18 year old pleading not to have their parents told. Love it.

It's gonna be an interesting time.

156 - blue - could I BE any more awesome?

Anti-mask mandates for idiots...

Sometimes I wonder about the intelligence of a lot of people. People refusing to wear masks or get vaccinated. Personally I think if you want to be stupid, then be stupid. Don't make it about the denial of your personal rights.

Matthew McConaughey said it so the dumb could understand.

“I’m like, come on man, I’m not believing you’re really scared of this little cotton thing. And I don’t really feel that takes away your identity and your freedom"

Also heard a very stupid woman say the stimulus is going to illegals. I'm like.. You need to have done taxes to get stimulus. Illegals can't do taxes because they're illegal.. You big dummy.

A lot of stupidity lately.

Anyway that's my blog.

155 - black. 😷

Touching tips.. Awkward

On my way to work I decided to stop for a Gatorade and an orange juice. Came up to $4.44.

I handed a $5 and the cashier grabbed $.50 from the tips jar like I got you. Meanwhile cashier cashing out shrieks.. Those are MY tips. They started arguing about it. I'm like ladies chill and put my $1 on the jar.

Cashier is like. It worked itself out. I'm sorry $1.06. LoL.

I feel like it was a forced tip strategy. But whatever. LoL. That's probably as exciting my day is gonna get. It's cold, too cold but whatever.

I had a weird dream about a lady possessed by a devil she claimed. She was like get a priest. I'm like hush that noise. Put a cross on her body. LoL. Woke up like I handled that right.

I gotta figure out some stuff. It's gonna be a great day though.

154 - red

Hope your day is amazing

Music - Yesterday's gone - straight line stitch

"Yesterday's Gone"
I'd catch the next train going anywhere if I knew you where there
I'd swim across the ocean and sail the seven seas just to have you here with me
All I ever asked for and all I ever wanted now has flashed before my eyes
So many broken promises when you run out of time
The morning that you left I felt a pain no one could heal- I wish it wasn't real
And I can still remember all the laughter that we shared- life is so unfair

You lifted me up and fueled my dreams now yesterday's gone
When I breathe I whisper your name in memory 'cause yesterday's gone
But I know I can move on from that cold December rain
Straight from my heart I wish you could see how I've changed

How can I get through another show without your face in the crowd?
I still feel that chill in the air when the lights go down
Nothing can be said to make this all go away- just take it day by day
Every time I fall behind I think about your smile- and I go another mile

You lifted me up and fueled my dreams now yesterday's gone
When I breathe I whisper your name in memory 'cause yesterday's gone
And I know I can move on from that cold December rain
Straight from my heart I wish you could see how I've changed

Oh, The world still turns
What does it mean?
I silence the scream
It feels like I'm falling down
But what does it mean?
What does it mean?

You lifted me up and fueled my dreams now yesterday's gone
When I breathe I whisper your name in memory 'cause yesterday's gone
You opened my eyes and set me free but yesterday's gone
Now the wind whispers your name in memory 'cause yesterday's gone
And I know I can move on from that cold December rain
Straight from the heart I wish you could see how I've changed

152 - Blue -

I can still make a splash.

It's not raining. Every so often we get a lot and it leads to flooding. I had to drive through it to get to work. Couldn't tell how deep it was. Don't wanna be that dummy who drives through slow and gets stuck in the middle.

Just gun it and watch water fly.

Anyway I get to work and it's pretty much quiet. Just sitting here reading the news.

So it's like a lot of people went missing and were found. What people do for attention doesn't surprise me. For awhile there Sinead O'Connor did it. A series of years people would say she was depressed and suicidal.. Only to be found at Starbucks eating a bear claw. Then she would go on a rant about Islam or whatever.

It happens here a lot. So much cops roll their eyes when it's like Kristen disappeared. Again?

Disappearing isn't a huge deal anymore when people can find you. But a decade ago it was harder to track you via cellphone.
Story time.
I knew this chick Tracy. Over a decade ago she went to a tap room to watch a football game. She left with a guy.. Which was caught on camera. She never made it home. Her car was found a few blocks away from home and they didn't ping her phone right away.. So eventually they found the guy. He denied it. The guy later tried to kill his ex. He's in prison now I believe but Tracy has never been found.

Anyway my point. With the advances in technology. They can track where you've been. I read an article about 2 guys who beat a rapist to near death.. Then killed the rape victim. They tracked his phone showing he met up with her and he was eventually tracked to where she had been killed.

Always keep juice in your battery.

And juice in your fridge 1

151 - black - 😎

And they called it... Puppy love

Its weird when people fight over pets like they were children. You break up and suddenly someone wants your dog or you adopt together and your bitter ass wants little wagsy.

I had a friend who got a dog when she was in a serious lesbian relationship. Went the whole 9 yards with dog birthday parties and photo shoots. Bought it Halloween costumes and wrote poems about her dog.

Then she met a dude and left her "wife" and they fought so hard over this dog. There were kidnap attempts and police got involved. So dramatic. In the end my friend got her dog. Just in time to give birth to her daughter and totally ignore the pooch. She was like... If you want our dog come get her. Ex didn't want the dog either.

I got to work to a dramatic argument and tales of dog abandonment between a straight couple. They accused each other of animal cruelty.

That's the human ego. Fight someone you once loved in hopes you win the break up. Meanwhile poor Rufus is home without water in his bowl. Blows.

Love your pets.. And always leave em water.

150 - red. "Mission complete"

Do the gypsy... *spins* Then I was...

Its kind of weird. There's a lot of vagrants in the morning. You'd think Covid woulda got a few of them. Sounds mean right? Let me explain.

The past 2 years there's been a rise in HIV and AIDS among the homeless. A couple years ago this southern white homeless prostitute came. She slept with A lot of homeless panhandlers. A lot of them tested positive. She knew about her diagnosis and continued hookering.

Anyway because the CDC guidelines say public safety is to be protected.. A lot of times health care workers will inform us when we bring one in.. Like yo he got the virus. Wear gloves and goggles and don't let them bite you.

Anyway there was a massive group who got it from this one hooker who left to Denver. She left right before the pandemic hit.

And I know it's not gonna take em out instantly. But you'd think they'd care about their health.

Most of them keep to themselves. The dbags who bite their lips are the ones living off their grandmas. Kinda gross.

We have harsh winters and pandemics and yet those who got nothing to live for are still alive. I guess if anything it shows the unbreakable human spirit? Dunno.

There's younger ones who are like.. You can buy me a sandwich.. You can get me a burger you know. I'm like but you're doing great without my help.


Anyway it's another rainy day. So depressing but I'll try not to let it get me down.

149 - Red. 😁

Even though I try.. I can't... Let go

Something in your eyes captures my soul..

Anyway I woke up to fog. It rained all night. The cold weather refuses to go away. Not that I mind.. Summers are always humid as heck. Oh God have you ever listened to the lyrics to Rico Suave? Trash

Anyway so I had a weird dream. I was at my grans house at night and a nearby house caught fire. Symphony of destruction played in the background. It was a house party LoL.

They pulled out that red hair guy he was all "just like marionettes..." Then they knocked him out. LoL. And somehow... Somehow they were like. Its white privilege and Republicans inability to follow mask guidelines that caused this accident. LoL. I'm like how did a news crew even know? The news lady looked at me and was like... That's the conspiracy.. Ask Tucker.

Lmao. I sat up in bed like what the actual hell? Hahaha

I really try not to care about politics. That's why it was a weird dream. Anyway gotta light today up like no one else.

148 - blue. I've been in love before - cutting crew

When a problem comes along... You must whip it.

Boot legging... It's like why?

But then it makes sense if you're the type who has to wear a trench coat and shades for a tiny bottle of pino. Risking reputation for some bubbly.

Since last March. We had a rise in bootlegging. Mostly transporting with intent. You should see some of these hauls. Always gallon jugs of vodka. They sell these water bottles full of watered down vodka. The water bottles you buy from the store. Thus why it's always vodka. Clear clear vodka

Anyway I wanted to talk about a rise in suicides lately. Dunno if suicide is the cool thing again. But like if you're a parent .. Now is the time to ask your teen.. You ok?

Dunno. It's just a scary thing.

Anyway TGIF

147 - black

Don't fk around with a guy in shades oh no

I can't believe it. Well I can.

People do some shady shit sometimes. There's this dude who has HIV. Instead of dying, he constant does these stunt moves of getting wasted and challenging people knowing he has the virus. Then when arrested tries to either bite the officer or he bites his lip and spits blood.

It's like.. What a piece of shit. But I'm sure cancel culture will spin it yo innocent aids ridden man harassed by police.

It's a Good thing we carry sanitizer now. Instant disinfectant. Thank the Lord.

It's Thursday. Aside from work. It's kind of slow and it's been just an hour. I saw another trailer for that movie a quiet place 2. John kransnighhf or whatever was alive. I'm like ugh prequel. Or maybe not. Either way stop the nonlinear stories. Jk

I'm gonna go check scanners and make sure the units are good to go.

146- red

My memory of this morning is... Foggy

For is a weird thing. It's like silent hill.

I know a lot of people never played silent hill. It's a game about a man looking for his wife or her body as she mails him a letter with her intent to die. Ends up in silent hill.. Which seemingly has endless fog.

It's kinda cool.. Temp wise. Which means it'll be warm or hot soon.

I had a weird dream. Like I was running from something and my tires were melting. I got out n kicked my car and it started sinking. So I did the old artak dying in the swamps routine (never-ending story reference) I'm like come on.. U gotta believe..... For me

Then I woke up and it was 5:25 am.

I ran to the shower and got changed fast and ran. Twas weirdness.

Ima get some stuff done. Heard I'm off tomorrow. Hopefully that means schedule is posted today. Kinda sick of waiting on someone who may or may not have dementia to post it. Toodles

143 - black

Flaming hot lies - a 2nd Sunday post

LoL have you heard the tale of Richard Montanez? This truly is a strange tale. He was supposedly a janitor turned inventor st Frito lay who created the flaming hot Cheetos. The man got paid between 10-50k dollars an appearance to tell his tale.

Story goes.. He was a janitor.. Sweeping up Cheetos. Then he says.. Oi mi canto. Es un cheeto de spicy muchos locos. And so the flaming hot Cheetos was born.

For 2 decades he's been raking in money to tell this tale. They're supposed to release a book about it next month.. And Eva Longoria was set to direct :"Montanez - flaming hot forever" starring Mario Lopez as a shirtless janitor using his skills to wipe out hunger with flavor and dump competitors in the rubbage.

Frito lays finally came out like.. It's true he worked here. But flaming hot Cheetos were created in 1989 by Lynn Greenfield and a team of flavorologists.

Frito lays is denying the story like.. His story is getting huge riding off the Frito lay name.. It's false.

It's like when people's dads randomly say they boxed in the golden gloves. That being a golden gloves boxer ultimately led them to complicated marriages filled with hardships.

I just thought I'd share this tale.

Still 142

It's legal now

I love when people assume hemp products are illegal. These older ladies were wine drunk and bragging their arthritis lotions were hemp.

It got super serious at first. "Am I looking at a drug charge?" LoL. Then it's.. "I'm going to fail the drug test" to "oh wait it's legal now" then you say recreational use isn't legal and they get worried.

Finally you toss em in the drunk tank and break the news that hemp is a bi-product. It's just fibers once they extract the thc. They thought they were big time drug users but it's basically plant poop they were smearing all over their bodies.

People are dumb. Buying hemp products is a waste of money to seem cool. Just go out and buy a joint and spark it. The dumber you are... The more you won't care about border walls and skin colors. Smoke it!

It's hella rainy right now. That comedy will keep me giggling til 2pm when my shift ends. 8 hours baby. Back on 8s.

142 - red

Love lift us up where we belong...

where the Eagles cry... On the mountains high...

Unfortunately, the walk of shame was prom dress... Tux free. Theres another tonight. I can imagine the glitter falling and the kids dancing to foot loose. Everybody cut everybody cut.

It's to be a cold rainy weekend. Bleh. But also bleeeehhh. I'd rather be on a beach being fed grapes by a shirtless Adonis with a math degree. Cuz then I'd get my grapes all accounted for

Such as it is. I gotta keep my head on today. The early day is the base time for alcohol smuggling by teens. They don't do champagne anymore. Just gallon jugs of vodka. So hardcore.

I am going to make my rounds.. Check the scanners and maybe preoccupy myself. Gotta keep things running smooth.

141 - black

Never have I ever... Sitting this one out.

Truth or dare. Are you truthful or daring?

Out of boredom I decided to check out the drunk tank. Lmao. I came across a game of never have I ever. Lmao.

A lot of people do gross things. These 2 chicks started arguing about the taste of semen. One said it's sweet. The other said tuna juice. LoL. I rap on the door like. Ladies ladies ladies. What we got here is tasters choice. You're both right.

Anyway they talked about gross things like threesomes. I'm like. Gross. I wouldn't because it would require me to tall to other gross people into that. Then I did the standard "not again" to make myself seem cool. I think I got away with it.

I'd lose at never gave I ever. One... Because I think too much. Two.. I have class. And three.. I'd need tons of booze. But I don't drink. So there goes that.

Anyway gonna knock Friday off my list. Stay lovely.


Love me like a monster.. One last time

Sometimes I wonder about the random PMs I get. Wonder why anyone would think I was waiting for them. Wonder what drove the decision to throw out the ol "I'm hard right now"

There's plenty of chicks with their tits out. Why me? Do I seem desperate? Or is this an any port in a storm type deal? Dunno.

That's besides the point.

It's Tuesday. Near 6 hours of work left. I really need some recharging my brain time. I need to get some sunscreen and walk around.

I wrote something and deleted it.

I think I said all I wanted to talk about today.


Compassion is a gift...

It's odd when people do cruel things then expect you to relate. It's like a guy beating his kids and then saying... Oh I didn't know how to pay for electricity. First of all you didn't get paid for beating them. Losing them to cps was definitely worth it.

Lately I've been running into the panhandlers who are like in their 20s. Talking bout "you can buy me food" I'm like I could but why spare you the time of standing out here in public begging? Beg! Beg til it hurts!

I used to say ass, grass or gas... Til they started showing me butthole. Then I'm like you know... No. I'm gonna have to pass.

Today is gonna be good. I can feel it.

Anyway I should tend to the job. Get things going. Stay lovely.

136 - red

Music: Mother mother - Tracy Bonham

Mother mother, hows the family?
Im just calling to say hello.
Hows the weather? hows my father?
Am I lonely? heavens no.

Mother mother, are you listening?
Just a phone call to ease your mind.
Life is perfect - never better.
Distance making the heart grow fond.

When you sent me off to see the world
Were you scared that I would get hurt?
Would I try a little tobacco?
Would I keep on hiking up my skirt?

Im hungry.. Im dirty.. Im losing my mind
Everythings fine.
Im freezing.. Im starving.. Im pleading to die
Everythings fine.

Yeah Im working - Making money
Im just starting to build a name
I can feel it - Around the corner...
I could make it any day.

Mother mother - Can you hear me?
Sure Im sober.. sure Im sane.
Life is perfect - Never better.
Still your daughter.. still the same.

If I tell you what you want to hear
Will it help you to sleep well at night?
Are you sure that Im your perfect dear?
Ill just cuddle up and sleep tight.

Im hungry.. Im dirty.. Im losing my mind
Everythings fine.
Im freezing.. Im starving.. Im pleading to die
Everythings fine...

I miss you.. I love you

Mama - a tribute

I'm celebrating that Cool ass lady that made me. That super fly honey who brought all the money. That mega dime.. That super miss.. Without whom I don't exist.. My mama.

I was blessed with a fleet of string women in my life. Women who showed me that anything is possible. But the one I turn to is my mama. She was a young mother who pushed herself to go to college. Made herself indespensible at work. Even though dinner wasn't always on the table, we understood she was studying hard so that one day she could show us that you don't have to give up dreams. Thats what mothers do.. They mother the hell out if you .
I've been very fortunate to have had a mother that was driven despite having been railroaded by a lot of losers in her time... Including my dad. LoL. What? It's not fathers day... I ain't gotta praise him.

I lived my life different. I didn't have kids too young.. Went to college right out the gate. Made sure I put education first. Never worried about not being married. It'll happen.

My point being. I love my mama. I know I'm lucky and that's cool. But I think it's a good thing we remember our moms today on mothers day for 1 simple thing. Making sure we weren't on missing posters and milk cartons. Keeping our chubby cheeks fed. That 1 thing is loving us. That 1 thing covers a lot of ground.

Happy mother's day... To moms all over.

135 - blue

Its truly outrageous...

Truly truly Truly outrageous.. a fantasy

It's dark and gray. Cool breeze. I hope it's just feel and cold. Kinda over rain. 7 hours to go. Ain't much to report. The boys n black must be doing their job. The other night like 3 am. This dumb guy shot himself in the arm. LoL. Tried to play it off like an assassination attempt. Gunshot residue showed self inflicted. Ya dummy.

Anyway so I am kind of iffy about Covid being "over" when alot of people are antivaxxing. I just want to add.. Mutations can't happen when you're out of the womb. You aren't gonna magically turn half crab. That's stupid. And if you were gonna get microchipped it would need to plug into something. It would also need intelligence and let's face it.. You aren't very.


Anyway I am gonna get to workin.. Stay sexy... I mean cool.

134 - red

Get well soon

The first may walk of shame

Today was the first walk of shame of the month. I checked. LoL. I guess it was poppin

Anyway so being drunk is back in season.
Nearly graduation so a new batch of drunk is on the rise. No more juvenile detention. Of course they will pass the buck on responsibility. Nice.

Anyway it's Friday. Just putting in my 8 hours. I'm back on 8 hour shifts! Yay 🙌

Its gonna be a magical day for sure. I'm already 2 hours down. Then ima punch dance my way out of here.

. Nerdpool

Anyway so hopefully It's drunk time this weekend. Never happens on my shift. Excuse me. My day shift. It's usually so boring. Time to get things done.

Work mode.

133 - blue

May the 4th be with you

Its star wars day. It's a day of telepathic aliens and semi super humans.. With light sabers. If you think about it...

Aside from a tale of intergalactic trade embargoes and boring space political moves.. Whose message was clearly.. The Republicans ruin space.. It was also a war of psychics. Much like trancers.. They went neh neh neh neh. When they used their brain magics and heads exploded.

You'd think they'd solve their problems with head explosions. But due to code of space conduct.. They had to solve em with beam swords.

I know it sounds like I'm pooping on a great universe. I'm not. I like Star Wars. I wouldn't call it a nerd thing. It's fan boy stuff. Sure it's sci-fi and sure the stereotype is nerds are into it. But being a nerd means having knowledge on a subject not many people have. Robotics.. Physics.. Math. Knowing princess Leia wasn't wearing a bra. No!

When I was a kid.. The thing was eating chick o sticks and calling it star wars food because it's what Yoda ate from Luke's backpack.. Supposedly.. Playfully.

Anyway enjoy your star wars day. Stay cool.. Space cool.

130 - black

It's always been about the dance...

Drug addiction. Quite possibly the weirdest addiction. It makes you lie, cheat and steal. When I say cheat.. I mean you give em a baggie of quarters for a hit. Adding cheat makes it sound greater than it is.

In the past there's been news articles. Like a toddler found with parents corpses because parents needed one more meth hit. It's sad finding bodies. Makes you wonder what led them to this point?

It's easy not to care. To watch your loved one do this. But when they pass you live with guilt. I've been fortunate not to have a relative on drugs currently. I see it at work a lot. People shaking.. Darting eyes. Paranoid. Not knowing who will emerge. Will it be Carol or some trippy hag cackling as she chants for another hit. Or the desperate liar saying they want to stop but will be back in this place in a few days.

It's the dance with danger and death.

Would it be a good day or bad day? Only one way to be sure. Go through it. If you know someone... Even if you gotta be a b*tch.. Say something. You never know if today is the day they don't survive.. Their dance is done.

"I chose the music... Now it's my turn to dance"

Sit this one out.

129 - red

What's love got to do.. I said got to do with it?

I often wonder what a mother would think if her son got arrested for beating his wife? Kinda seems like nothing. I'm fully aware you get them to 18 and send them out.. But it's like. If you raised them and feel it's ok.. Then you're probably messed up too.

If I had a son and he did this.. I'd sucker punch and be like.. You better kill me if you hit me.. Oh it's on boy!

There's a saying.. It takes a village. In the winter kids play hooksy. When they grab on car bumpers and get drug across the icy roads. I'm like who even thinks that's cute or cool? Typically I roll down my window or get out and scream at them. I use cuss words sure. Because you gotta put the fear of God in em.

Sometimes at parades or community events. We give out badge stickers. So kids who know m6 face always scream as they run up to me for stickers. Street kids know my name and I'm like... Cool? But I don't got stickers right now. LoL. But it's different each time. Like is it annoying or am I good with grabbing my stickers? If I go with the flow I think.. If it inspires a kid to grow up and want to fight crime.. Then why not? But then it becomes a thing where it's expected daily and I just wanna get home and rest.

Anyway my point.

Is it cool if a guy beats his wife and kids? No. Used to be a time when it'd go public and people shamed you. You'd walk in 7/11 and people would be like.. "There's no meat to cool your swollen fist... Wife beater"

RIP - Olympia Dukakis

128 - blue