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Music - Here we go now - David Reilly

Here we go now

I wake up hopefully ready for anything
I breathe out to make sure I’m still breathing
I stand up to make sure I can still stand here
Another day I’m still alive let’s keep it that way
I guess we can try

Everybody are you ready, here we go now
There’s a world that I gotta face somehow
There’s a reason that I didn’t die for you
For you, I’m alive for you
Everybody are you ready, here we go now
I’ve been waiting for the enemy anyhow
There’s a reason that I’m still here for you
For you, I’m alive for you

I can smile but most of the time I choose not to
Then I sigh thinking of why I don’t like to
Don’t lose sight of the places you know where I came from
No matter what come what may
I’ll be okay if I remember to say to you

Everybody are you ready, here we go now
There’s a world that I gotta face somehow
There’s a reason that I didn’t die for you
For you, I’m alive for you
Everybody are you ready, here we go now
I’ve been waiting for the enemy anyhow
There’s a reason that I’m still here for you
For you, I’m alive for you

I try to do my best as a human
At least now I’ve got a reason to live
So I think I can

Everybody are you ready, here we go now
There’s a world that I gotta face somehow
There’s a reason that I didn’t die for you
For you, I’m alive for you
Everybody are you ready, here we go now
I’ve been waiting for the enemy anyhow
There’s a reason that I’m still here for you
For you, I’m alive for you

Fragility - An Open face sandwich

I often speak of weaknesses in others. Not because Im trying to be mean.. but because I assume if you knew what yours were, youd work on getting stronger. But alot of times what I say comes out misunderstood.

There once was a girl.. She was destined to be popular. She was thin.. had rich parents.. access to as much make up as she wanted. One day I was late for class and I stopped by the ladies to check my hair and make sure I had everything I needed for the day. Thats when I heard a voice say my name... and Im like.. Yeah?

She lept from the stall and asked for help. I understood at that moment that she carried alot of expectations on her shoulders. as I made a pillow from a roll of TP and ran to the office.. I started to think.. was she not eating to stay thin? Was she tired from staying up late practicing cheers? As she stressed out from dating the QB? Then I thought.. Oh I hate that **tch. perfect.. flawless.. passing out? whatever.

But as I led the office lady to the ladies room.. I started to imagine.. like what possibly could be so wrong she would utter my name and ask for help? I started wondering.. where were her friends? where was that cousin she constantly talked about?

I started to think.. maybe its to those we dont really care what they think.. we decide to lay down out flaws.. our concerns? we allow someone who doesnt care about us.. to see the things we dont really say.

As an adult I understood perfectly.. that sometimes.. it doesnt matter how strong your stones are.. stone breaks. And its when youre fractured that you understand... somethings gotta happen.. somethings gotta make us stronger.. somethings gotta remind us.. we're fragile creatures... we're brains in a meat suit..

I know there's things now.. autism... bipolarity.. the spectrum. And I may sound like I dont believe or care. Its because Ive always maintained control over my mind and find it a cop out to say.. Oh Im a D-Bag because Im bipolar and I need weed. Its hard to define whats truly a weakness that you cant control.. or a weakness you can fully control and suit your whim. All i know is it only takes a moment to think about what you're going to say.. edit.. and then say right.

Its like learning to read.. sound it out.. and get on with it.


Rutherford Falls - a review

Rutherford Falls is a show on the peacock about a man whose soul existence is being the hype man for his ancestor who founded the town of Rutherford. It tells the same ol tale of whites cheating natives out of land for simple trinkets. However it also tells the tale of two friends. One white.. One native who both just want a little greatness for their town.

A lot of the things in it were things I've posted. Reagan Wells is the name of the female lead character. A woman from the fictional Minishonka tribe. All she wants is to build a cultural center celebrating her tribe. LoL her exhibit was like a picnic basket and some trinkets. Later in the show it's beadwork and a photo of Shaylene Woodley.

LoL I mentioned why Shaylene Woodley is big among natives. Or maybe I haven't. In 2018 when the North Dakota Access pipeline was being built over tribal land and concerns about the dead buried.. But mostly at the thought that the oil could contaminate some of our fresh water.. From that "mni wiconi" or water if life was started to protect the water.

Shaylene Woodley showed up out of No where. And started talking about it to the news people. At first I was like.. This (censored) but then she got arrested and helped get others out. And I changed my mind. Anyone coming to the aid of natives and a protest to protect the water.. Is gold in my book.

Anyway so Rutherford Falls starts as one man (ed helms) weird need to be the spokesman over his family legacy. He finds himself to be basically a fan of his historical roots and has no real power or influence with his family company or town. He loses his sense of importance by realizing he had none to begin with.

Notice I said nothing about the events of the show, it's because you should watch it for yourself. It's a comedy and it would help you understand native concerns/memes in modern times.

Sorry. Like I woke up n can't get back into rest mode so I'm yammering. Maybe it's my body saying don't get too comfy.. Your little down time ends soon. Who knows.

I'm being productive kinda... Sioux me

Show what your made of..

Every moment we live is a chance to do something great. Every action we take determines a number of events which change lives. I believe this...

Often I say to myself, you shoulda stayed home. Not to me. Just people around me. Like someone got beat up in a drunken brawl. In jail for assault. Shoulda stayed home. Someone's drunk corpse on the road.. Shoulda stayed home. The smallest things can turn huge.

The other day I was grocery shopping and I see this chick with a 6-8 month old baby on her hip. She had on a mask and baby didn't. My first thought was who brings a baby out in a pandemic? What kind of dummy goes around with a baby with a deadly airborn virus floating about? When I got to the register, she showed up. So I coughed loudly at her cart and she threw her arms around her baby and gave me a death look. I'm like relax.. I'm not sick. But you shoulda left your baby home. A real mom woulda wrapped her arms around his face.. Or better yet left him home with his dad.

Sometimes you gotta shame a mom,for her to learn. She obviously wasn't smart.

But it brings back my point. The smallest choices could be different if you stayed home. Her kid could have gotten the rona.

Today is a day that could be the greatest or worst depending on your choices. Depending on the moods. At times we can move mountains.. But always be sure about the thing you want.

I'm not trying to fight. It's Friday.

Often I have to remind myself. People hating me.. It's bound to happen. It's been my entire life. Hate me for my race. Hate me for my jokes. Hate me for long lustrous hair. Hate me because when I speak.. People listen. I've been hated since day 1. But decades of living taught me one thing. I can survive anything. Hating me won't kill me. I used to say.. I'm greatness with or without you.

119.. That's how many days it's been since I realized happiness isn't a dream. It's there. And I've been trying to stay the path. The true test is realizing you weren't happy and to find what will make you happy. I've been trying to be less toxic and to enjoy the small bits if my day.

119 days is when life said.. Take a chance.

So I extend this feeling to you all. Find happiness... As a fictional Marvel character once said to his younger self.. It is the greatest gift that we can bear pain without breaking.. It's born from the most human power.. Hope. We need you to hope again

Stay beautiful

One night I became all the people I hate...

This place really takes the shine from your sky. Sometimes I'm reminded how stupid this site is. Like I came here to tell jokes n listen to music. Then I'm reminded the kind of junk people come here.

There's an old gross dude who basically cheats on his wife and writes love poems to women and is basically the most disgusting person ever. Yet he sees nothing wrong with this. Rationalizes that he isn't wrong because he technically doesn't bone these women. Maintains these relationships and claims to be intelligent. Some of these chicks act like oh.. It's just another day on wire.

Then you meet these low grade women in like otters den. And you see them in action and you feel like they bring the curve down. Like you are placed in this designed fish tank for socially inept goobers to take their shot at.

Then you remember this place sucks. You have friends at this point and you try to like.. Take a deep breath and roll with the punches.

I remind myself.. ENJTs dislike weakness. I think that's my problem. I see weakness. I try not to care but I respect nothing. My reaction becomes.. Do I fight or just let it roll off my back because caring is beneath me? I've no problem with women on here. Just that I see a lot of weakness and it's making me numb.

You can read this and think I'm a b**ch, but you never had to be strong. I see a lot of single moms on here and it's kind of sad that your lives are this way.

And I'm brought back to the numb feeling like... Why do I care? Then I remember every time a dude asks me where's my tit pix.. Oh yeah. Back in the land of sexless tools.

Idk. What I do know is that if you treat me like doo doo, then are surprised I dislike you.. Maybe.. Just maybe.. You reaped what you sowed. I'm fully aware you don't have to like me. But I'm also not here for you either. We can do this tango but know.. I don't change my mind once I decided you are weak. War don't play that.

Love me or hate me. I'll only blind myself temporarily. But once my eyes are clear.. My mind gets clear.. It's juggernaut time. I stop for nothing once I start walking.

Monday April 19th

It snowed a little.. I kinda hope it dries up though. I kinda hate the cold.

Anyway so I am burning a CD.. gonna take a long drive and see whats going down. I dont really have much to say other than... Murrica.. we did it.

We still got these late to the party Trumpers who keep calling President Biden Sleepy Joe.. but the way I see it is... no one is taking responsibility for their choices.. Its like drug addits and drunks. In 90s therapy they were told to pass the buck.. Blame your mom.. blame your parents.. So you couldnt go out drinking at 13.. theres alot of people who had it worse.

Today society is like that. Passing the buck.. "Blame Trump" "Blame liberals" "Blame Covid" Cancel culture.... but you gotta step back and realize that alot of times.. peoples frustrations can be quelled by simply doing 1 thing. Saying ok I fudged up.. how do I fix this? Realize your fault and work on them. Alot of times our minds are the ones we have to go to war against.

Dont beat yourself up over flaws and short comings.. To Err is human..

And we.. are human.. Whatever you need to do to get bad toxic thoughts out of your head.. do it. Its better than suffering and feeling like the worst person in the world. eye for an eye? no.. just roll both and be glad u can roll both..

As mariah carey once sang.. anytime you need a friend.. I will be here.

115 - pink

I'm nacho friend

A taco bell worker said while warming up,a microwave burrito. That's a great look. Made me want a fupa Grande.

Anyway it's Wednesday. It's my Friday. I'm wearing blue. So I got to work to fund a new k9 and she was hella mean. They're like say hi to Patty. So I'm like Hi Patty! Woof woof woof!

I'm like whoa... You're speaking to me all wrong. Nah she's gonna channel that rage. I know it. Then she's gonna be unstoppable.

Made me wonder if she's that way from lack of affection. Then I remembered the movie Megan Leevy. Was about a service dog and a chick who couldn't get her shit together. They form a bond. Then she gets let out the army and she worries fir her dog because he was gonna be destroyed. So she protested and eventually spoke to Gov Schumer. At the end she got her dog but for like 6 months before he died. But the photos they had he looked like he had the best last 6 month's of his life.

It's been over a year since Bob passed. I still got his floor mat out.

Anyway it's gray put and cold. I'm gonna get my daily done. Have a great Wednesday.

110 😊

Drama on the open waters.

I just wanna remind.. Any story from work I tell is ok to tell as long as I don't give out information on the parties involved. :law and order ka-chunk sound:

Anyway so an older lady called in her ride missing. Turns out her 23 year old crack head grandson had taken her keys and went on a joyride. They had scored some crack and weregoing to go smoke.. When ammo.. Red lights flashing.

Instead of accepting they messed up decided to try to outrun the boys in blue... Well black. No one wears blue.

Anyway so they decide to try their luck on a backroad and end up in a creek. Totally ruined a slightly used Corolla. Dunno how much crack was found but... They were busted. Officer turned in his stuff with dried mud up to his knees.

I can't wait to see what other shenanigans happen today. It's gonna be rad.


PS. Today's color is red.

I don't care if Mondays black..

Tuesday Wednesday heart attack.

It was cold when I pulled into work. The kind of cold your windshield has frost. That cold jolt doin it's thing.

I don't expect much to happen today. It's still chill. Taking only need to people. Gotta keep people separated because vivid is still a thing. Numbers are way down but people are still getting it. The need to be a social butterfly taking precedence to safety.

Not a lot has been happening. Just the daily objectives at work.

I finished watching "them" there was a lot to unpack there. There was a white cult. A few ghosts. Trippy fire states. A lesbian kiss and A lot of racism. Oh and an albino lady in a bunker. The last episode was ok. It explained everything.

It was a nice disconnection from reality a bit. But it's good to be back.

Anyway I'm gonna do some cleaning and get started on my routines. Have A beautiful day.


Winter fell

Seriously snow... Go away. LoL

It snowed a bit since yesterday's thunder rumbling. Which woke me a hour before I was going to be up. Ugh.

Anyway so... In walk of shame news. I passed 4 dudes on my way in. I'm like what checks came out people are in jail? It's crazy how a little bit of money allows folk to be drunk all day.

Speaking of a big story on yahoo was a bar reopening led to a covid out break and a school to shut down. I mean I'm all for reopening,and safety protocols but was a bar really something to celebrate? It's like that hairdresser who still beehived wigs while coughing amd sneezing and infecting 90 people.

Conspiracy theorists are still yelling hoax and that's fine. Ask the millions who recovered how fake it was. 100% will tell you to go f yourself. That was not the flu.

And then you realize most of these theorists never go outside. You challenge them to get it and they're like nope. LoL

Anyway ima get things started here. My watch has begun as it were. Today black is someone's favorite color

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I recall talk of a reboot. Then the Joss Whedan scandal hit. Probably a dead idea now. Now the fans are left to wonder what it would have been like.

At the end of the series, Buffy and her crews unlocked all the potential players abilities. Meaning there was more than one. How to you reboot that? Do you start over with Buffy Summers as a teen in the now and bring back Sarah Michelle as a villain?

Or do you pick up as Buffy as a mother hiding her abilities from her kids? No doubt she would have a teen daughter who uncovers the secret. Like the walking dead pewdiepie would make an appearance as a vampire. In her club would be dope performances by Halsey or the chainsmokers.

It makes you kind of glad it might not happen. Who would want to live in a world where a vampire Shawn Mendes screech sings while people pretend he's a great singer. He made an appearance in "the 100" and convinced me we shouldn't survive the apocalypse.

Maybe if Buffy was more inspiring, we wouldn't have a #MeToo movement. Girls would fight back as it happened instead of waiting decades. I'm not saying they deserve it. Just that if someone hurts you call for help. Don't waste years of injustice hoping someone else gets the courage to speak up.

Anyway... I think Buffy would have been in her 40s. No kids because vampire jizz is dead. And she can't stand the idea of bringing a baby in the world with vampires left to kill. And her driving force is to make the world safe for her baby first. But the surprise would be she got pregnamt from a shit demon. I'd watch.

I just pray something good comes on TV soon so I'm not sitting here wondering these things.

Just gimme a bowl of popcorn chicken and a sweet smile. And I ended.

Stay lovely

Easter morning...

Not a creature was stirring. Not even the boiling bunny in the pot. It's a beautiful morning. The sunrise looked like one of them golden photos they use in religious cards. It needed a inspirational quote. The only one I could come up with.. "Don't fk it up"

I coulda wrote the full f word but I'm not in my Alanis Phase yet. Any day now.

It's Easter. I was kinda hoping the Rona would be dead by now. But it's fine. It'll happen.

Anyway, I made a joke yesterday about Easter. Lotta people were talking about Easter egg hunt. I said I hope they catch a drug mule tonight so I can have my own keister hunt. Cuz police. I don't handle that by the way. So if thats your fetish.. Nope. I'm good.

It's kinda cold now. Dunno what the ladies are making today but they said a little ham n cheese later. So theres that. I'm not that religious. I just think kids should have great Easter memories. It's like Christmas but with eggs instead of iPhones.

Ima get to it. Stay safe and a kiss under masks is still a kiss. Don't let big pharma tell you different.

On the fences

Easter is cancelled as far as I knew. Cept some places. I'm not gonna harp about covid. I'm not gonna say its not safe.

My plan was to inform and say this can die. We need to come together and overcome this. I too want to get back to life. I don't want to fear monger

We got vaccinations and it finally feels like we are on the verge of life. A few people I talk to have gotten covid and I know it's beatable. But this thing is out there. I just hope not for long.

Anyway I'm working tomorrow on Easter. I wouldn't have gotten to celebrate. But I do feel for the kids. I saw a sign that said a few places are giving away Easter bags today. And I felt a little better. I see kids playing without masks. So it feels a little nicer.

What I'm sauing is have some hope. It's been awhile but please stay safe and know.. It's almost over.

Hopefully bbq will be back.

Stay lovely