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Monday madness...

I forgot to blog about Monday's strange event. So I got to leave work early. I had someone covering and it was just an hour. Anyway so I left.. I was like yay!

I ended up parked outside a convenience store where I encountered a st Bernard. I said "Move over Beethoven" a reference to a 90s movie about a st Bernard named Beethoven. I was like I better get home. Forgetting earlier in the day I needed to get gas and forgot.

So I ran out of gas. LoL. And I'm like I gotta grab a vs can and hoof it to the gas station. As I closed my trunk with my gas can in hand this old guy in a red impala slows down and rolls his window down and offers a ride. I'm like... That was quick. Meanwhile I'm in. Text convo telling em.. If I go missing it was a red impala. Jokingly of course. I could take a 60 something year old.

Anyway I got like 4 bucks worth of gas or a gallon of gas. I put $20 worth of gas in his impala. And gave him $10 when we got back to my car. He offered to put my gas in. I'm like That's ok.. You go rest your old bones.

Then.. I just spent the rest of my time doing routine stuff. Bless boss run. And yammer. I know it's boring but running out of gas was an ok rock to the boat.

Anyway that's my break. 😁


"The Juggernaut"
I told my heart a thousand times.. To walk away.
Growing colder than the dark.. Hard as stone.
Said I wouldn't need a thing.. I'm gone today.
Like a soldier in this war.. I'll be alone..

Anyone who needs someone.. Anyone who hears that call. Anyone to stop this fighting.. I don't need anyone at all..

Just because you had my heart..
Just because you held me close..
Doesn't mean I owe you tears..
Doesnt mean I need you most.
Just because you said you loved me.
Just because you had a shot.
Doesn't mean I'd die for you..
Because I'm a juggernaut..
And I will crush you..
And not waste a single thought.

I was born in this world without you.
You don't get to be my defining word.
You don't get to call me when you're lonely
If all you're gonna do is make me hurt.

Anyone who needs somebody.. Anyone who hears that call. Anyone to stop the fighting.. I dont need anyone at all.

Just because you had my heart
Just because you held me close
Doesn't mean I owe you tears
Doesn't mean I need you most
Just because you said you loved me
Just because you had a shot.
Doesnt mean I'd die for you..
Because I'm a juggernaut
And I will crush you...
And not waste another thought..

I don't live for the things you told me..
Or the promises you sold me..
It didn't have to be this way..
If only you were the one to hold me.
But you opened up that door.
And I slipped right through your grasp..
I can't wait until tomorrow..
If today is gonna be the last..

Anyone who needs somebody... Anyone who hears that call. Anyone to stop the fighting.. I don't need anyone at all..

Just because you said had my heart.
Just because you held me close..
Doesn't mean I owe you tears
Or you're the one I needed most
Just because you said you loved me..
Just because you had a shot.
Doesnt mean I'd die for you
I'm the fucking juggernaut.
And I'll crush you.. And walk away

(Work in progress)

Chicken Tendies...

There's actually a song called chicken tendies. Like.. Weird.

Last night I cut a wire on the bomb that's called life. Life should always be the bomb. And it feels good. You should always say something stuck in your head. It's like the end If stage door. "One should always listen.. The Last thing they might say is good bye"

My advice... If you need to say something to someone but can't find the words. Start with Hello. You'll find yourself through that door. What happens next is up to you.

Anyway.. So one top news story is Kim Jong un "threatens America" Lol you get 1 kiss me to fire and suddenly you're a super power. I feel like he should just do it. Don't talk about it. Be about it. If we live.. We live. Suck it.

Oh right.. So I finally got asked something I kind of expected. And it shook me. Not really. I was getting gas and the cashier was all. "Have you been vaxxed?" I was like how dare you ask about my immunity!

Suddenly I was back in the days of segregated bathrooms and riding in the back of the bus... Yes.. Grade school.

Anyway.. I mean it's important to be vaxxed but its like save that shit for later in the day. I'm even more essential than some d bag in a gas station smock. Hail me.

Ladies.. It's important to roar even after Helen Reddy died... Otherwise her creation was for naught. Roar damn it.. Roar.

Ok that's my time. 11 hours to go.

Cheap Therapy - An open road and a burned cd (Not cross dresser)

I always found a burned cd and a long drive therapeutic. Not just listening to music but really getting into it. Singing.. screaming.. not giving any care to things that just annoy the heck out of myself. Last week I got snowed in and worked 6 12 hour shifts in a row. I went a little crazy but that was expected. Anyway so.. last night I needed to just.. redefine who I am currently.. so I burned a CD and went for a drive. the moon was perfect.. it had a ring of light around it. very very beautiful.

*turns on CD*
Dont thank me.. for what you got.. Ive given you love.. Ive given you too much thought.. Dont blame me. for sinking the ship.. you're a hopeless liar and a hypocrit.. only you know.. only you know.

*next song*
I dont believe what you said.. I can go anywhere.. i can hold my head up.. I can breathe in the air.. Im not officially dead.. I still have a heart.. Im not officially dead yea.. I still have a heart. Do you remember the times.. you ride your bike past my house? I wanna know you so bad.. know you inside and out.. you're officially dead.. you dont have a heart.. you're officially deal yeah.. you dont have a heart.. you're officially dead.

*next song*
Wish I could say you're not the one.. My heart hangs out you're having fun.. We cant be lovers and we cant be friends.. But I still want you and I cant pretend.. it fucking kills me that we're done. A little twist of the knife yea.. a little salt in the cut yea.. a little thorn in the side and it stings like hell. feels so.. Cruel.. the way you treat me like a stranger.. cruel.. when youre looking like that oh.. cruel.. the way you touch her when you kiss her.. you take my endless summer and turn it into winter.

*next song*
Job well done.. standing ovation. Yeah you got what you wanted.. I guess youve won. I dont wanna hear they dont know you like I do.. Even I could have told you.. but now we're done. Cuz you.. played me like a symphony. Played me til your fingers bleed.. Im your greatest masterpiece.. you ruin me. Later when the curtains drawn.. and no ones there for you back home.. Dont cry to me.. you played me wrong.. you ruin me...

*Next song*
Just when everything was making sense.. you took away all my self confidence.. All that Ive been hearing must be true.. guess Im not the only girl for you.. thats what I get.. thats what I get... Thats what I get.. thats what I get.

*next song*
Worlds driving me crazy.. I am starlight.. No use trying to save me.. I am so high.. Cos any other day.. any other.. we can find a way.. do what you wanna do.. I just wanna stay.. in your sky. Any other day.. any other.. we can find a way.. do what you wanna do.. I Just wanna stay,,, in your sky.

*next song:
Flirting with disaster.. you're the one Im after.. Think Ive found my destiny. Luxury and danger.. rapture me my stranger.. Hold me close.. dont let me be.. I could fly.. on the wings of my heart.. deep inside.. Ive been falling apart.. la la love. Theres a magic in you.. and Ill be.. under your spell. la la love.

*next song*
Im stuck.. Im out of luck. Im trying to talk my way out of this.. Even fog lifts.. but not this.. No.. not this. There's no way.. You're coming back. There's no way.. you're coming back. Babe I know you never leave without.. you gun.. But if you let it be and just sit down and lay your hand.. on me...

*next song*
You know it has to end like this.. you know its the only way.. you know it has to end like this.. you know it babe.. you know it has to end like this.. you know that its the only way.. bite my lip.. with a slip of your tongue.. now look how its come undone. you know.. you know.. you know I thought it was for me. You know.. you know.. you know I thought it was all for me.. ha ha

*next song*
Ive been walking in circles for days.. wandering in and out of this haze.. nothing is clear.. cept nothing stays the same. And I know.. no.. no ones to blame. but I dont.. dont want to play this game. without you.. I cant.. I wont. Everybody says get over it.. get over it.. All the people say get over it.. get over it. Ive got nothing, Im living with ghosts.. And I cant tell what hurts the most.. Living alone. or finding the pieces of you.. Pieces they forgot.. forgot to take. And its more.. so much more than I can take.. forgotten like this.. like you were never mine.. and everybody says get over it.. get over it. All the people say get over it.. get over it. But I loved everything about you.. and if I let go.. you're gone.. everybody says get over it.. but i know that they're wrong. mm they're wrong.. yeah they're wrong. So wrong.. yeah they're wrong.

*next song*
so you gonna tell.. or you gonna lay there..Oh could you just.. say it to me.. say it to me.. would you just tell me anything... are you.. are you gonna lay there> oh baby say it to me. did you ever think that we would be at a place where.. you ask me.. do you still love me? I ask you.. does the sea ever dry? we go on.. answering questions with.. questions and lies.... So just say that you hate me and that Im all youll never want.. Are we backless? useless? We want the things we never give.. no more.. sticking to the script of this holy dark song.. where you ask me.. do you still love me? I ask you.. does the sea ever dry? We go on.. answering questions.. with questions and lies.

*next song*
Its all I can do love.. push coming to shove.. its all I can do love.. Ive had enough.. Its all I can do love.. Pushing coming to shove.. its all I can do love.. Ive had enough. WHo are you? to want all of me? Who are you? go on now.. scream scream say my name. Ill blow your pretty face awake.. God Damn. could you feel an emotion? All I do is beg.beg.. God Damn.. could you show what youre made of? All I do is beg. God Damn.. could feel an emotion.. show what you're made of.. its all I can take.. God Damn could you feel an emotion? I think you love to see me beg...

*next song*
The devil I know.. his hands are nicotine.. the devil I know.. wont let me be.. I cant tell him no.. I just get so weak.. and this thunder shakin.. I cant take it.. And you cant help.. who you love.. No you cant.. help.. who you love. Is it better.. to take up another one? its the devil.. I know.

*next song*
I dont want to be your fucking dog.. that you drag around.. a collar around my neck. tied to a pole.. leave me in the freezing cold. I dont want to be your little pet.. at the edge of every bed you sleep in. body stretching out.. guess Ill curl up on the couch. Always talk to other people. dart my eyes across the room. Forehead kisses break my knees and leave me crawling back to you.. cuz I dont want to be your fucking dog.. that you drag around. collar around my neck.. tied to a pole..leave me in the freezing cold.

*next song*
Gotta get right.. Tryna free my mind before the end of the world.. I dont miss no ex.. I dont miss no text.. I just choose not to repond.. I dont regret.. just pretend that shit never happened. Half of us laying waste to our in the present.. Half of us chasing fountain of youth.. is in the present now. always in my mind.. always in my mind.. mind.

*next song*
Many muscles has the man.. each one has a reason. Many women felt his hand.. each one tried to please him. Imagine.. One day.. the tables could turn.. Imagine one.. day.. the tables could turn.. Behind every good woman.. lies a trail of men... shame shame for the rooster.. high five for the hen.. behind every good woman lies.. a trail of men...

anyway my point is.. right now.. mental health is a big deal.. you need to get right.. I chose this.. i dont trust therapists.. they only give you enough insight to keep coming back. take some "me" time. sort yourself.. its the time of the season.

Hump day. Not rump day

Its Wednesday. The sun aint out yet. The sky is a dark blue color. I saw 3 dudes on the walk of shame. It made me wonder. Was that one he'll of a taco Tuesday or what?

So I've been working on my book. Getting character details out of the way. I started thinking about those old sweet valley high books. You remember? They had like scenes on the cover of drama fron the book. They were obviously paintings but like so life like LoL. Dunno why I thought about it. Anyway so.. Character development. From the comic which was strongly female based. I draw distinctions of characters importance versus who are stronger vs caring about gender/race. It's a reboot of a storyline I already did before. I had to order a smaller laptop I can take with me.

I knew a lady who wrote erotic stories she sells online. If she's alive I'll ask her about the whole conversion process and what not. I mean you never know who survived covid.

I'm kind of excited. I might also do some drawings. It's been awhile but it's spring. I can't play bless forever. LoL speaking of. Yesterday I found myself so used to the mechanics I can predict movements. PvP has always been a terrible time.. But with my union buffs and the fact I unlocked blind executioner. The new season of red basin begins soon. There's gonna be a huge tournament in a few weeks. I plan to dominate because I really want the knight mage cosmetic. Gotta set that goal.

I'm gonna see what today has got. Hahaha. .

Must be tuesday

Ugh so.. It got a little exciting. The big guys came into the office all. It's man hunt time. Let's go. LoL so I get my t8hings and it started to get exciting. They're like "it's time.. To hunt a man" and they all pumped their shot guns. And that sound.. Made it seem sexy af

Chk-chk and my senses were like.. Hyper. LoL so I'm in the back of the unit and I'm setting up my stuff when they say they found the guy already. Crime didn't stand a chance. Without giving out too much information. I feel like I told a good story.

You gotta rip their hearts out (An after work blog)

today was so chill. Like I been busy most of it. doing the dang thing. The weather was hella nice. I got to go outside.. it was awesome.

So one of my problems today was a few of the wifi boxes in the units werent working. Im not the phone company.. lol. Im like.. idk what you want me to do.. so i took the box off and removed the battery and restarted.. Im like.. sometimes its a power supply conflict. if it happens just do this.. easy peasy. But I dont think it was smart of me to do that because if they get reliant on themselves.. Im out of a job

As I was under the dash board.. I was like.. you know.. everyone needs a hard reset sometimes. Yank out your heart.. look at it for 30 seconds and put it back in.. regret nothing. People who regret are haunted and you want to be a ghost buster.

thats why I always say Im a juggernaut. I dont have time to dwell. just get the job done and keep going. And you can be too. if you buy my self-help book. "Juggernauts and jugglies" it comes with a white board to draw targets daily.

Ive been digging "Carrion - Fiona Apple" today. I kind of feel like thats my mentality.. "All I want is to save you honey.. or the strenth to walk away" the whole song tho.

Sleep was good but...

You ever like.. Just feel like.. Bam. Look at what we got here? You wake up one morning and you just feel so powerful... So amazing. I think I'm over last week. Don't gotta worry about snow.. Ain't sweating covid. It's Noice.

You know when dealing With obstacles, it's always a good idea to know what you're up against. To figure out it's weaknesses and evaluate the situation with as much information as possible. It's why I never worried about people who tried to bully me.

That chick who beefed with me. How did I know she lived with her mom? That guy, how did I know he lived in a tiny little shack? Obstacles. You take a look..its in a book.. A reading rainbow. Then you decide if its worth your time anymore.

People are like that on here. You gotta decide if they are worth keeping. You learn.. Adapt. Overcome. You decide whether to give up and get going.

The code of the Juggernaut. Keep moving forward, unphased.. uncaring.. uninvolved with the walls people throw at you. You don't have to be the hero.. You just gotta keep moving. One foot at a time.

I lost my way briefly.

You've been doing your bullshit for years. I tried to pluck you from that. Set you on my shoulder.. Carry you. But I saw what you were.. And I'm past that. Suck it.. I'm out.

I speak in generalities.. But you're so vain.. I bet you think this song is about you.

It's not. I just to stir the drama. It gets me readers. And now... Day shift!

First day of spring

Spring cleaning. Gotta love it. Throw out old things and make everything new. I think society got that right. Nothing sucks worse than dirt on your shhht.

I got a little sleep. Turned my radio on and decided that shit aint worth crying over aint worth being thought about. You can't fix stupid, lame or gross. People are fragile beings.

Nope instead I said to myself. Girl, we're too smart to be taken down by nonsense. I think a lot of people should make self realizations if they seem unhappy. I'm my own cheerleader though. I can convince myself to do anything. So I'm convincing myself to wake up.

There's a song that puts stuff into perspective for me. Hollow man by trapt.

Give it a listen sometime

Good-bye moon

I'm moving to day shift and I'm on the fence about it. Waking up at 5 am. Going home when the sun goes down. I'm reminded of that story I told about the guy who invented day light savings. Guy just wanted a bit of sunshine in his life.

Anyway... So spring break travelling. I'm not sure if the 15-30 crowds been getting vaccines but it doesn't seem smart to be out. But then.. Idk. It's kind of hard to go stat in and sacrifice while others are out having lives. And you want to go out too but then you get conflicting news reports about infections down 80 percent but also new hotspots popping up.

Idk. I've been dealing with these bouts of "don't take people in jail.. Covid" then it's like "it's ok.. Book em" conflicting b.s. it's like back in the 1st week of October when we had to evacuate because of exposure. Standing outside in the cold getting tested while the building gets fog disinfected. It's stressful and annoying waiting to hear if you got it. Then you get it and for awhile you feel unstoppable. But it really is a bad time.

I think its my hero mentality. I just want others to follow from my experience. Then I remember I aint your mama.

Saw a news article about Ryan Switzers baby started internally bleeding.. Then gets covid diagnosis. And you think.. This child has something 500000 people couldn't survive. And you pray for someone you never met. I hope someone is answering prayers.

And tgats my time. Gotta go home. 6:10 am

It's 6 am I must be lonely

It's 7 now though. I'm at work. I only had enough time to grab a Gatorade. I love Artic cherry. Love it.

Anyway so I am regaining my sanity and it feels nice. Like the whole cabin fever of gettung shut in by snow has parted. Hopefully we get some sunshine and I can regain composure. I heard lunch is gonna be good. Even,if it's not, who am I to complain?

Last night a bunch old folk were talking about how Biden supposedly said something to Putin and it had them reflecting on the possibility of nuke war. And I'm like you know Russia is broke right? They're so broke Ivana never went back. Never!

Maga people are always afraid but it's like you loved a long life. You're in your 60s. Do U really want to get Jessica Tandy old? An explosion is quick. None if this month's in bed only feeling arthritic pain. Just a bam and sweet serenity. You got your vaccine shots. If you really wanted to live, you'd get the vaccine and eat your Activia and get out there and change the world instead of fear mongering.

Live or let die. Just move

Anyway that's my today's blog.

St Patty's was hella dumb

The drinks did not disappoint. If you are a miserable person, please.. Stay away from booze.

An old guy used a pick up line on me. It was so dumb but I'm gonna share it. He said "Is your name lightening? Because you are Ma-Queen.. Kachow!" I said bloop as I walked away.

Sad thing Is that was the highlight of my night. No nerdpool

I heard IHOP might not be open today. Which sucks but I guess will find out in a few minutes when I leave. So far I've worked 4 days and I still got Friday and Saturday to go. Spring needs to hurry its butt. It's gonna be muddy and lame a few days.

I'm gonna try to like keep my cool and hope for the best. Ooh baby by Brandi is on xm

Might be a good day afterall

Too much of nothing is just as tough

I need to know the way to feel to keep satisfied.

The past few days were depressing as hell. Too much snow. But unlike everyone I had to drive to work and put in time. You don't get to phone it in when you're a crime stopper. If I Atleast got to take a drive to,clears my head, it wouldn't be bad. Anyway it's Wednesday. Hump day. Supposedly all down hill.

I had too much time to think. Too much time to talk about certain jerks. Too much fks to give. I had my fill of it. Gotta stop caring and move on. It's been a great 10 days since lame left. Learned a lot since.

So new topic. Ex-pres Trump told his minions to get the vaccine. It's not talked about much because he had his platform taken away but he did have a press conference recently and he told you dummies to get vaccinated. He said you still have your freedom to say no but you should get the vaccine. He had covid, you know. And he took remesivir and his body is making antibodies since his recovery. He isn't worried about vaccines because he has brief immunity. But he said.. If you have the opportunity, get it.

It's St Patrick's day. Spring break.

I've been in a funk a couple days. It really sucks. I gotta cheer myself up. 😎 that's my goal for today. Get happy

Gimme some of the white stuff

It's snowing. Blizzard til 6 am tomorrow. Ugh. Kinda over winter. But it is what it is. Plows are out but told it's super slushy. No travel advisory. Complete white out. So I'm looking forward to the drive home. P.s. I went to work today. Can't call in sick cuz I am the relief. LoL.

It's pi day and I got one waiting at home. Cant trust Rami, so it's in the fridge. I left a unwrapped Twinkie out once and he shredded it. Didn't eat it. Just shredded it

Anyway other than blizzards and pie. I got nothing. Gonna ride this out n hope the next leap is the leap home

:tunes: somewhere out there.. someones saying a prayer

Its 20 minutes til Pi Day.. 3/14 and its day light savings at 2 am. which means itll be 3 and 4 am is right there..

I heard Day lgiht saving started because a guy wanted to watch and collect caterpillars.. but he also wanted to work.. So he started this movement to get the day pushed ahead in spring so he could get off work earlier to enjoy his hobby. Can you imagine that? Being that into bug collecting u get a whole continent on board. But it also comes in handy for farming.. getting the most out of sunlight because plants need it.

Water and sunlight... and dirt... and cows.. the chain of feeding is crazy.

Anyway so.. Pi day.. alot of people celebrate it as Pie Day.. the day to eat pies.. Cherry.. apple.. pumpkin.. pies the limit. There was a discussion about whoopie pies.. but idk. thats more like a marshmallow sandwich.. Im on board for the name but idk.. pie is pie.

Somewhere.. out there.. beneath the pale moon light.. someones thinkin of me.. and loving me tonight.


Find your inner power... and get going.

I dont know about you but I often find it odd to share others deaths/addictions/shortcomings in the warped need for attention. I dont like talking about death or disease or political views. Mainly because you open yourself up for others opinion when no ones opinions matter but your own. So when i see someone talking about "My friend killed themselves" then give a warped view of how their friend supposedly felt. it makes it hella weird... awkward.

I used to hang around people who did that. Always talked about breast cancer and surviving but getting fibro myalgia and going through days and months and years of pain.. and asking for someone to play a death song for them while alive. And Im like you ghoul.. and suddenly Im the most terrible person in the world. I guess it takes a special kind of person to sit there silently and nod and be like.. yes.. you are special. Unfortinately Im not that archtype.

Religion says suicide is a sin.. an unforgiveable sin. So people who die sit in limbo between this world and the next. And yet.. its people of religious homes and beleifs that do it. And you have to wonder if its an unforgiveable sin, why do it? The truth is.. we will never know what goes on in others heads. Looking for a why.. will always be the question. Because we cant ask these people we've lost.

I bring this up because suicide is a taboo topic. And yes.. I might have been abrasive with a few people about it. But the point is.. If you feel the need to be weak and seek support.. then do so. Walk away from the thing causing you problems and find your peace.

In my culture when someone suicides.. they supposedly walk the earth faceless... until their memory fades from loved ones minds.. then they become forgotten.

Im guilty of being terrible to people who have been terrible to me. Im only reactionary. if you treat me good, I will always treat you good. Respect is earned.. thats instilled in me.

But if you seek peace.. keep walking in that direction.. dont turn around.

the wiccans say.. so mote it be.. dont start none.. wont be none.


Yesterday was so weird

So I had to help with work. Which was cool considering I had nothing to do anyway. Annually we get a few new units at work as budgeted. Long story short I rode shot gun to a few towns over to get prepaid equipment on a Saturday.

While out I had time for observations. The roads were repaved. There was still snow in some places. LoL. One of my observations happened while I was out.., I found it really weird.

I saw numerous guys who were all the same... Form. LoL. I mentioned yesterday that all these cornfed farmboys had juicy butts. LoL legit it musta been swim trunks day. Seemed like every dude in that town had on bright colored shorts and really tight shirts. Firstly they were like 5"10. Stocky and u could see they had really round booties. Like it was super noticeable.

If I were a gay man I woulda been in heaven. Bunch pale stocky blonde guys with giant butts and tight clothing.

Anyway that's my time. Leaving work

The move (every girl has one)

A long time ago. There was an art bestowed on most females. If you weren't weird and had friends. You developed a tiny healthy competitive streak with your friends called "the move"

Its where you take a tiny movement or gesture and use it on guys to get them to notice you. Since the rise of the Kardashian's, this move has been replaced by booty photos and sexting. That move is cheap and pathetic and called slipping in the DMs.

The move is still alive in those who remember it. For some it's dropping and picking up an item. For others a hair flip. The arch of your back.

You ever notice Angelina always does this move.. She tilts her head forward then back showing off her long neck and her lips get poofy? That's her move. She does it in a lot of movies.

For me I just look over my shoulder. I don't look in people's eyes unless I like them. So if I look over shoulder in your eyes. I'm doing my move.

I think we need to get back to seduction over sexual gratification. Be sensual and less overly sexual. Guys have a move too. LoL. Just throwing that out there

As the sun rises (movie spoiler)

The night ends and I find myself wondering.. Why am I so awesome? LoL

After a night of work and being amazing. I come to find.. Sure, I'm very fortunate. But if I can bring losers together in life and online. I must be good. Anyway so the promise of every today is the chance to learn something new. I do my learning. You should do yours. How do we grow as humans? We learn our lessons.

As the sun rises the hope of renewal rings true.

I also got yo see a movie called "the stylist" LoL. It's a movie about a lonely hairdresser who finds her clients lives so interesting, she wants a piece of that. Do she takes their scalps and wears them.

Movie made me feel bad because all she wanted was friends. The bride begs her to do her wedding hair. Invites her to go running.. Invites her to a bachelorette party,ales a confession about not trusting her fiance to the lonely hairdresser. Then tries to ghost someone she asked into her life by being a bridezilla. It's like what did you expect?

The end wasn't that shocking. I won't ruin it. But I will say without a shocking twist.. You realize it could only have ended this way.

The weird thing is the hairdresser had perfect hair through out the movie. It's like.. Why steal inferior hair?

Anyway that's my time.

Stay cool
See you in emglish

Punky Brewster all growed up

A lot of things have been resurrected in hopes of using nostalgia to revive a terrible time in television history. One of these was an 80s classic.. Punky Brewster.

Penelope "Punky" Brewster was a child abandoned at a super market, who id fostered and eventually adopted by an elderly bachelor photographer Henry. It tackled such topics as being in an orphanage, the process of adoption. Puberty.. Death. CPR. When the challenger exploded they covered it.

Anyway zoom 30 years later. Punky is am divorced single mom. Raising kids after she booted out her rock n roll husband played by Freddie Prinz Jr. They find a new punky. A little girl who like punky was abandoned and put in a orphanage. The very same Punky went to.

Anyway like most reboots, it relies on key elements. Racial inclusivity. A new centralized character to reach a new audience. A lot of cheesy 80s family jokes.

It all leads to the adoption of the new Punky. Whose mom didn't bother showing up for a custody hearing. Meanwhile the OG Punky is dealing with her mom coming back into the picture. Explaining away the 35+ years of abandonment with an alcohol addiction. Punky of course did the acceptance thing. Even finding she and her mom have matching sun tattoos.

I think it would have been better if Punky tore into her mother. It would have been more realistic. I mean wholesome forgive and forget is ok. But it lacks reality. It would have been more relatable to those abandoned by their mom's and forced to go through the child services experience of getting tossed in different homes and foster parents.

It was a good attempt at resurrecting the show. It could have been worse. But it also gives me something to blog about.

Enjoy your day

(music) Promise Me - Straight Line Stitch

This is the last day
The last day that I sway
No longer will you dictate what I do or say

I've taken a leave of absence
I've taken a leave of the senses
And there's nothing in the world that could change this
I can't change this
No regrets

I'm calling on you angels of truth
Tell me that you'll never fall through
Promise me Promise me
Don't crumble like paper mache'
Tell me that you'll always find your way
Promise me Promise me

This is the last day
The last day that I sway
No longer will they dictate what I do or say
Not another dying day
A part of me that's wasted away
And there's nothing in the world that could change this
You can't change this
No regrets

I'm calling on you angels of truth
Tell me that you'll never fall through
Promise me Promise me
Don't crumble like paper mache'
Tell me that you'll always find your way
Promise me Promise me

Standing on the sidelines
Where I've been left behind
Right here on the sidelines
Waiting for the right time
And life goes by
Life goes by

I'm calling on you angels of truth
Tell me that you'll never fall through
Promise me Promise me
Don't crumble like paper mache'
Tell me that you'll always find your way
Promise me Promise me

This is the last day
And life goes by