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That girl (a repost)

A co-worker came to see me shortly as I started my shift. She said "did I ever tell you how strong and independent you are?" I'm like.. Ok what do you want? She says "and smart... Look It's like this.. The ladies room is out of toilet paper and the janitor isn't coming in til Monday.." Im like say no more.

I kicked the men's room door open and stole the handicap stalls toilet paper rolls. It's like, no one working is handicap and we aren't open to the public anyway. It was an untapped resource. If they run out Sunday, not my problem.

Shortly after I got back to my desk and I'm told a sensor stopped working outside. By this time it's dark and snowing. So I finish up and I heard what I thought was a woman turf it in the parking lot. It was kind of an echoey "oof". So I'm like.. Hello? You alright lady? Miss lady? I start checking between cars I walk past. I finally get to the last truck on the lot and no light. All I hear is a kiss and a goose honk. There were 2 geese hiding from the snow storm. And they were pissed.

They started chasing me. I ran to the back door laughing. I scanned in and closed the door trying to catch my breath. A few seconds later a cop comes in like.. What was all that about? I'm like.. I said honk if youre horny and it chased me down honking.

That was just my first hour if work.

Anyway so they ask me to help with a big girl who beat her boyfriend up. When they got her out of the unit she bolted and slipped in the snow. Her snow angel imprint was boobs and thighs. I don't know why she chose to run while in the loadinf area. There's no where to go. A lot of fences and a long walk. To each their own.

It's like 5 inches of snow right now. They say it's gonna be like 40 today meaning it's gonna be muddy as hell later. Muddy.. We in that muddy season. The guy on xm yesterday was talking about his daughter in Chicago. Said the cold wasn't that big of a deal and he reminded her in march the weather could turn in an instant and it's super cold again. #NorthProblems

We living in Mr Wendal times. "Here , have a dollar, In fact, no brotherman here, have two. Two dollars means a snack for me but it means a big deal to you" everyone keeps whining about stimulus. Wouldn't need one if people stayed home for 2 weeks or got vaccinated. 2 weeks for the virus to die. I dunno. Refusing science over your conspiracies or facebook group post is silly. How does it cause autism if you are already born? Think about it.

2 weeks is all it would take. 2 weeks. The bible says famine before feast. Famimize and feastality will come. A fancy feast.

Anyway mask up.😷 also it says repost because I tried to correct my post and lost it when my phone browser closed itself.

New ed Sheehan song means 1 thing

It means the kahleesi actress is gonna be un a movie when yet another dude dies and she learns a lesson. Get in that will asap.

I learned recently, the boy on the plastic bubble died when he was 12. He never reached his buttchin teen years a la Travolta. Which made me think, did Hollywood need to sexualized his life story making him a hot teenager with a love interest he would leave the bubble for?

The fault in our stars also romanticized the tale of 2 teens who had cystic fibrosis. Instead changed it to cancer and tossed in a freshly out if puberty boy next door who was super romantic. Idk. I guess it's to give those suffering cystic fibrosis hope. Love will happen,if you keep breathing.

Anyway thats my time. I'm going to make my point. It's ok to tug our heart strings. But don't make us have dying wood. No one wants to be turned on by someone's health tragedy. Thanks


If you could only see...

Last night was uneventful til about 4 am. I'll spare you the details. But it involves people who ended up back with their mom's after a divorce.

Now I'm not taking jabs at anyone. But you shouldn't drink the boxed wine and act a fool. It works in Adam Sandler movies, but not in reality. In reality you shouldn't dishonor your family because you couldn't deal. You love the people who love you.

Anyway so I'd like to explain some clarity I've had recently. I always said I'm not affected by stupid things but I was. It wasn't external. Very much something close to my heart. I realized I needed to stop being afraid and just... Give in.

Fear. The ultimate whammy. We've all had to deal with fear at some point. Swimming in the deep end. Taking off the training wheels. Asking someone to dance. Asking someone to love us forever. I remember that quote from nothing hill. I'm just a girl, standing infront of a boy... Asking him to love her. And then when it's done that sweet release of untied insides. Letting go.

"Fear can stop you loving, love can stop your fear" the classic morcheeba lyric.

Sometimes you gotta walk in the dark to find the light. Cliche shenanigans that ultimately you gotta stop finding stupid and irritating and walk the path. It's so much easier to unleash. As I sit here pre-dawn. Britneys singing crazy on the radio. It's all too clear. CRAZY but it feels alright.. Baby thinking of you keeps me up all night.

Anyway thats my time. I'm out.


Breaking bad and bustimg chops (a love story)

They might not have been Charles and Diana. Not as polished, not as elegant. Definitely not as beloved. But their love was that of the ages. In a string of declining looks, health and ascending criminal activity, they shared a love of the ages.

As she clung to her man with teary eyes, bleeding gums and wild abandon, it became clear. She was addicted to him more than the meth. As she sat on the cold concrete floor with shifting eyes repeating "what did I do, what did I do" she kinda seemed Mallory-like a la natural born killers. Underweight. Toothless.. Lost.

It made you wonder if it was love that led her down this path. Codependancy... Which are you? The dog or the tick? The host or the parasite?

I guess it's cool,in a way. To have lasted through addiction. In love. Kind of admire that actually. She seems the type that if you told her, being with this guy is killing you, she would be like.. Death take me. Like a boss.

I won't sit here and wonder. I know deep down I'd be the same for the right guy. I always wanted a guy to be psycho over me but let's face it.. I'm the psycho. I'm ok with it. LoL

Anyway.. The sun is rising. I gotta get home and to bed. Have a great day

Heart shaped box

Declarations. Love.. Peace.. Trust. Friendship. Declarations are meant to announce. Praise. Proof. A declaration of independence meant to free a nation. Or just one person from toxic unhealthy things.

Recently I ran into,an old is friend Shaunna. When we were kids she dated this dyde and tgey seemed to be that couple. The forever couple. High school love. So I'm like what ever happened to that guy?

She said he dropped out of college and started sleeping with ugly chicks. One day she's like.. I am going to go. And she did. Never looked back. I'm like. That's what Is do. It's what I did. I don't talk to people who have punched holes in my heart.

Then she told me something interesting. She said if a man loved you. He will move mountains to be with you. He would look at you.. Tired and angry you.. And grab your hand and say.. Let's go to bed. Not sexually. He just wants to feel close.

Guys are conditioned to be strong.. Silent. Unfeeling. Then it overliads and they end up being weak. Love is about getting stronger. Not weaker.

And I was like no kidding. Then we talked about schools and her kids. And it was nice to catch up with a friend. My point. Check on your friends. Mental health is a good thing. 😁 smile and mask up 😷


Ohio chemistry teacher....

LoL. An Ohio chemistry teacher got busted sexing a minor. She must not have been that great since she couldn't use roofies.

All kidding aside, what kind of lunatic uses the position of a teacher to molest kids?

It happens a lot apparently. The fact is, theres a lot of mentally unwell people in teaching positions. It's like that guy from high school. Graduated but still comes back. Stands by the trophy case. Signs up to be assistant coach. People who are so socially inept they never left the glory days.

It isn't just men, it's women too. That chubby girl who tried desperately to fit in. Suddenly that cute boy has to listen to her discuss choisir. The mind boggles. How do you even act on it? Slip him a note? Meet me at 4 😚😋💋 Its creepy.

Then there that Letorneau lady who got caught. Preggers.. Prisoner.. Baby.. Preggers.. Prisoner. Married kid. LoL. Then left a legacy of pervy teacher.

She said once she loved a drawing he did.. Probably stick figures banging. And she knew she had to get some. Years later his job is trying to sell weed. It's like.. Wow you knew how to pick em.

My point is that if you're gonna teach and it be chemistry.. Stick to the science. And if you do what this lady did, you have the option to whip up explodey juice. Chemistry your way out of it.

This where u wanna be when Jesus returns?

The art of shaming used to be a top tier move. Someone gets drunk and their mom would be like.. I can't believe this turd is in jail. I can't believe I raised a lush. And the person would sober up and try.

But it doesn't always work and contributes to the victim mentality. I think a normal person reacts in proper manner. Accepting fault and resolving to change for the benefit of family.

The other night while getting some snacks for work, saw a girl in her twenties forcing her grandma to use an ATM. Frustrated that grandma didn't know pin. I thought to myself what kind of p.o.s does that? Then I'm like oh answered myself, there she is. LoL.

Anyway my point being. Shame on ya houses. Don't be that person. My times up. Gotta go home. Have a great day


So nobody likes you.. Now what?

Theres a type of person who can't seem to help themself. They say the wrong thing.. Do the wrong thing. They are the socially inept. And yet they never change. Never try to not be a d bag.

That's what I like about my job. It doesn't require me to care. Be it relationship or political squander, I can choose not to care. Say someone's family sends them to the clink after being drunk and annoying. They have to sit and reflect. Reflecting or deflecting. 2 different things.

Reflect means you think about what you did wrong and try to fix it. Deflect is passing the buck and seeing everyone else as the problem. One gets you fixed, the other to further ruin.

People often say being nice costs nothing and that's true. But then you get the demanding respect types who feel loss at life and feel they are owed attention and respect. Nope. Don't work that way.

We get those types. Veteran talking bout "I fought for your freedom" my freedom was never in jeopardy. No one forced you to go in the military. As far as I know the draft wasn't a tjing since what.. The 60s 70s? Yet we get the "I'm sick, I got the PTSD" nut it's like again, if you werent prepared for that life, community college was always an option.

My friend Jules went military. She served over a decade and a half. Not once has she every made an ads out of herself. She applied her training to her career and seems to be one of the coolest people ever. She never got drunk and slapped around her family or beat her husband or threw around the right to carry weapons. She uses her time to ensure we don't end up in that situation. That's what smart people do. They rise to the occasion.

People often will treat you the way you treat others. If people see you being a dbag they will treat you this way.

Anyway that's my time. Outs.


Covid Creativeness

Ive been putting off doing some writing in my spare time. When I was in high school I used to make comic books with my friends Jaye and Marietta. We did the story and art as a team. It was a sort of creative outlet that we used to do when we had spare time. We didnt make a huge deal about it. When I got to college I turned one in for an english assignment and the professor liked it so much he had his wife give us a deal on making copies. She worked at a print shop. Anyway.. before I go TMI. Im finally getting things rolling.

Inspired by the music of God lives underwater.. I started to put together a working outline which I will flesh out first before I begin actually writing this mama jamma. In the mean time I will be thinking of things to add.. But right now I am going to post here on my blog.. my working outline NOW... and some of my prologue.

Just trying to make use of my free time.

(My Outline)
Enter Darkness – Timeline Events – Reborn

(Prologue – Antiquated)

Chapter 1 – Enter The Rudest Awakening
Chapter 2 – Enter V and J
Chapter 3 – Enter Demon
Chapter 4 – Enter The voice of God
Chapter 5 – Enter Dirty deeds
Chapter 6 – Enter Wasted time repaid
Chapter 7 – Enter Confusion sucks
Chapter 8 – Enter Caught
Chapter 9 – Enter Abandon Ship
Chapter 10 – Enter she dropped it in the ocean at the end

Enter Darkness – Timeline Events – Making Monsters

(Prologue – School ties)

Chapter 1 – Enter The first awakening
Chapter 2 – Enter 13 is unlucky
Chapter 3 – Enter Grow a pair
Chapter 4 – Enter You gotta go broke before you become unbreakable
Chapter 5 – Enter Life sans the box
Chapter 6 – Enter Over before it started
Chapter 7 – Enter The best around
Chapter 8 – Enter Choke on my dust
Chapter 9 – Enter A woman scorned
Chapter 10 – Enter No ones happy ending

(My prologue - Antiquated)
Life evolves at speeds we arent aware of until we see it for ourselves. But often evolution comes at the price of things becoming antiquated. How once great civilizations have become ruin. How decent art becomes priceless with the passing of time and life. Time is a monster whose feeding is never satiated. It just moves and devours and we never notice. Every now and then things that shouldn’t be forgotten are just that.. Forgotten. Antiquated.. Rotting away in storage waiting for the time its value becomes apparent.

Somewhere in an abandoned military installation in New Mexico is a door. This door is cold and hard like its secrets. Nearly dead to the world.. tethered by an electrical umbellical cord plugged into the wall. This sleek dark cord is attached to what one would call Antiquated technology. In its time, a cutting force in computers. Its smooth processors running Windows 95 at a steady pace for decades. Its purpose floats in the atmosphere between earth and the moon. keeping even more antiquated technology alive in its dark cold abyss. A computer that is not aware of time or life save that its kept alive for its one and only task.

A mission that will fail

Stabbing Westward - So Far Away

Each night I feel the distance that has grown between us
Open up as lonely as the space between the stars
I wish that I could find a way
To smash my fist right through these walls
Of ugliness and emptiness
And gently touch your face

But every time that I touch you
You feel so far away
And every time that you need me
I feel so far away

As you lie silently beside me choking back your tears
I wonder if you recognize
That silence now defines us
Desperately I try to fight this overwhelming sense
That I may never find
The strength to change
How hopeless we've become

But every time that I touch you
You feel so far away
And every time that you need me
I feel so far away
Can I feel so far away?
(Feel so far away
I feel so far, far away)

We need to find a way to break the silence...
We need to find a way to break the silence...
We need to find a way to break the silence thats between us
So I scream your name.. I scream your name
I scream your name.. I scream your name

But every time that I touch you
You feel so far away
And every time that you need me
You feel so far away
And everytime you reach out..
Do you feel me pull away?
Cause everytime that I touch you..
I touch you.. I touch you...

You feel so far away


SO it got so cold here.. some people's power went out. and it scared alot of people.. They asked us to conserve power and not run our dryers.. washers.. haha so I did my laundry just in time. I guess the power is fixed now.. a whole grid went down. was crazy. Imagine breaking into a bank during a power outtage. No one would know.

I wanted to talk about Ashley Judd. lol. Ashley Judd went to africa right.. during a pandemic.. spending thousands of dollars to pretend she cares about people. She fell and broke her leg.. and its like.. major news.. she was quoted saying "I will not be down for too long.. I will rise" but its also like.. girl.. we're under a pandemic and you're travelling the globe. Africa has its own covid variant.. how dumb do you have to be to pack up a bag.. some sun block and be like peace out america!

And no one is upset about it.

Why arent people all "girl.. u dumb.. u got what u deserve" She went there for a photo op.. holding a wooden bowl making little kids drink from it. All in the name of charity. The smart thing would be to just stay home til its safe to go out.. Imagine she had covid and she gave it to people who cant afford proper health care. She would be the Small Pox Blanket of a few hundred years ago that decimated native americans. but ya know whats genocide compared to a thumbs up video of africans carrying your white booty in a sling. #WhitePrivilege

I wish something cool would come on tonight.

Im gonna make some snacks and find a movie.


Love's Hangover

Happy Feb 15th. Love's hangover.

Usually after a bottle of wine and steak.. alot of people wake up to the coyote ugly.. never to be seen again. Im sure somewhere on the horizon they realize they left their wallet and keys behind.. but for now.. the scramble for normalcy continues.

Its sooo cold. Im sure those of you in the north know what Im talking about. It got sooo cold today my car heater shelled for a bit.. but then it got its spark back. I went out and wow.. lotta bad drivers. but was worth it to listen to music. I love the 90s channel.

Today was a good day. I slept an appropriate amount of sleep. I feel good despite the cold.

I wanted to take a minute to talk about something thats been bugging me recently. Its how people perceive the soon to be now future. Post Pandemic. I mean the last time this happened was like 100 years ago. How did they slowly ease back into society? they didnt have cellphones or computers or ipads.. Did they just.. get super drunk and charleston their way back into a functioning society? haha

I would love to emerge from the underground cocoon like.. open my eyes like.. what a shabby dream.. hello sunshine! haha Like when Snow White got kissed and woke up.. that stretching out yawn. Im so like adapted to popping right up when the alarm goes off I forget what its like to lazily stretch out in a princess gown. And in my shake weird 1920s shaky voice.. sing to the little birdies. AH AH AHA HAHA AHHHHHHHH. *bird lands on finger* *bites birds head off* thats enough of that.

I think its important to get that mental image of what you want in your mind.. Like one of them dream board collages.. Be like yeah this is me at hawaii.. looking for Kelly kapowski's grandpas hotel. And this one of me punching Lena Dunham.. OOOh and a shiny pink corvette like barbie had. lol

dream board your way to greatness.



What is love? baby dont hurt me! the V-Day Blog

Happy Valentines day. First let me say.. its cooooold so its a good time to cuddle up and get comfy and enjoy a day devoted to being with someone else.

The pandemic sure put the brakes on having a good valentines day. But its better to be smart and not out like certain dbags who feel like eating lobster and getting fat like a pig is how being in a relationship works. dont get me wrong I love food.. but going out to a dine in place during a time like this is very stupid.. so if you end up alone because of it.. blame yourself.

However.. if you stayed in with your hun bun and watched a movie.. then kudos. Its better to be safe than sorry.. especially if u end up with an std. lol

Today I listened to a bunch of love songs brought to you by XM 90s on 9.. and we really were spoiled with great music. There was Avant.. Babyface.. en vogue... toni braxton.. brian was a mish mash of love songs from the 90s and I cant complain. I sang along and drove a bit. it was a great music set. I forgot about some of the songs I heard.. some brought back alot of memories.. school.. life.. random weekends. it was electric.

If you ended up alone.. sorry. there isnt anything wrong with you. Often we find ourselves trying to find ourselves. but this shouldnt suggest you didnt find yourself or dont deserve love.. we all deserve love. We all deserve to be with that person who makes us laugh.. smile.. melt.. dream about. I think thats why everyone is upset an raging out. because we're told we cant do these things. I know I am. Im mad as hell but.. also trying to maintain the illusion that I am growing as a person. Im trying to evolve.. learn.

I think when whitney said loving yourself is the greatest love of all.. she was right. but to love yourself.. means you have to learn and grow.. so learn.. and grow.

With a winter chill in the area.. alot of these signs up for valentines dinner delivery and pizza places shut down. I heard a dominoes in Colorado fired someone for not wanting to work without water to disinfect the work space. the pipes froze. it happens alot in upper america.. gets so cold the water freezes.. then we have to survive on pepsi or dr pepper.. its madness. MADNESS!

I wanted to get in a blog before the day was over.. about love.. Love is probably the greatest force on earth. it can move mountains..

I cant compete with love. My face only lauched 1000 cold showers.



Desperation day

It's February 13th. Desperation day. It's the day before Valentine's day when people get desperate for dates. Like Sally the front desk girl, sending herself flowers in hopes Randy sees her as desirable and time is running out til she is taken.

Guys don't do desperate unfortunately. They buy a box if candy and wait til last call. The dice roll. Is she a cute freak in bed or a psychotic squirrel all over your nuts one second and nuts all over the next?
Which crazy scenario will fate roll you today?

Today I'm on the day shift so I won't know the general consensus. All the romance happens after dark. Please Mr sun.. Come out today..

5 am on a chilly morning -13 with a wind chill on the -20s. It's days like this that remind me God I hate crime. Luckily no one ended up checking in last night. Top cold for drunks and drunk drama.

Reminds me, yesterday I saw a couple buy 2 boxes of chocolates with food stamps. I was like... In 10 months they're gonna have a bump in food stamps. Food stamps and Valentine's day. Explains the amount of late November babies.

One year I saw a couple buy 3 cans of oysters and a bottle of Apple cider. And I was like uh oh. They mean business.

Anyway my break is over. Welcome to Feb 13 2021

-18 and life

Currently it's -18 and an even colder wind chill and I am readying to leave work. Franz Ferdinand is on poprocks on xm. A long night. I hope I can sleep. I think I shook my phantosomia. P.s. I had phantosomia. It might have been a side effect of the vaccine. Phantosomia is when you smell something weird like burnt toast or garbage. It's not a serious symptom.

I'm not here to discourage anyone from getting vaccinated. I feel like if it's working for others then definitely get it. Speaking of vaccines. Do you know the tale of how Pres Roosevelt ended up on the dime?

In 1938, Eddie Cantor, a comedian. Heard about Roosevelt's plea for help on finding a vaccine for polio. We had overcome the great depression and were experiencing a huge amount of preterm infant death. A man named Jonas Salk, a virologist and medical researcher decided to develop a vaccine, but was looking at zero funding. It was then Eddie Cantor decided to use his celebrity to ask people to donate. He joked about "Even a dime can help" This led to people sending in thousands of dimes to the white house. Kids sent in lunch money. It was a great time to be alive.

Termed the march of dimes.. It helped raise the funds to aid research and develop a polio vaccine. Roosevelt in turn was placed on the dime.

Much like a modern Dolly, people found a need to help save lives and prevent death by disease. It's stories like this that remind you.. Being human.. And an American.. Can happen without the external b.s. of left or right wing or liberalism. Come together and defeat this monster. She the lives of our future kids.

Anyway it's warm and I should get home. Toodles

Music: Come Here Boy - Imogen Heap - 3 days til Valentines.

Its dark in here
Visions are flashing into my head
As I reminisce..
About reoccuring dreams and you said
Im falling.. falling for you babe
And my feelings are getting stronger
So why dont you stay with me for a..
For a little longer

Come here Boy. Oh Oh come here boy.
Come here Boy. Oh Oh come here boy.

I know that my face
Is only too familiar to your sleep
I can see it in your eyes
I can tell by your body heat
Why are you taking so long?
Do you need to come and find you honey
To set your mind at rest
And let your dreams run free

Come here Boy. Oh Oh come here boy.
Come here Boy. Oh Oh come here boy.

You know, Im no stranger in your dreams
Oh you know.. Im no stranger to your dreams

Oh, but I'm craving and counting
I'm begging and pleading
Be mine tonight, oh yeah

Well I'm waiting and dying
I'm wanting and waiting
To show you a night, yeah

Where I'll be touching and holding
Caressing and giving you
Every fantasy, yeah

I'll get you dreaming and lusting
And burning and crying
For more of this ecstacy, oh yeah

Come here boy
Oh, oh, come here boy
Come here boy
Oh, oh, come here boy
Come here boy
Oh, oh, come here boy
Come here boy
Oh, oh, come here boy

You know
You know
I'm no stranger in your dreams

Don't hate us because we're beautiful

Ev said something profound the other day that put things in perspective. When told "I hate you so much" he replied.. Don't hate us cuz we're beautiful. And he was right.

Over the past year I've been subjected to a fat girl with a leathery faces hate. A mutual friend told me. "She said she knows she cant compete with you in looks" then told me how she sent him underwear pictures trying to lure him in with that. Also before she claims her trust was breached. Y'all discussed these photos in public when you asked if you were fat and he said you looked great.

Anyway so as the night got longer. And people sobered up. Out came the deep feelings. "I know I could do better, I dont know why I don't" "why does he/she make me feel so bad" "why do I end up with losers" it's because you don't feel your worth and happiness is equavalent to what you deserve.

There was a time when we had lover goals, I want a guy with a job.. His own place.. A car. All that got replaced by "do you want to smash?" Suddenly guys don't have to try. Suddenly girls weren't looking fircyhe best person to mate with. It became a mush mash of one night stands because reality TV convinced everyone it's better to find a reality show and get banged. That's why we're still stuck with teen mom.

I mean who gives a crap about pregnant kids who constantly talk like the world owes them a good life for opening their legs? And now we got an abundance of young mothers with multiple baby daddies doing nothing but complaining on FB for attention.

With nothing but the cold winter and a morning of cold air and snow approached.. Then came the realization... We hate ourselves. Thus we hate the world. Didn't matter how life went. We all ended up at a 4 am jail talk for a reason.

We just needed other losers to tell us we aren't alone. We hate ourselves so much we put ourselves through hell. The endgame is always the same. We got to that point we convince ourselves people who don't deserve us... Deserve us. And we shackle ourselves to them.

I always proclaimed myself a social vampire. That if I feel a friend no longer needs me. I walk away because I don't want to be a burden. You know what I found out recently? I was missed the whole time. So I've learned to check in with my old friends. Remind them I'm your girl. If you need me.. I'm there.

Otherwise you end up friendless and hateful like said leather face. No one wants that.

Again, wise words. Don't hate us cuz we're beautiful. Don't hate yourself. Shine.. Be as beautiful as you can be. Don't freeze out those who care about you because you feel like a burden. Despite them having kids and marriages.. When you signed up to be a friend.. You said always. That's why you bought or made the friendship bracelets. It's in the contract you made when you tied that rope to your wrist. Friends forever.

Lets be beautiful together...

Patriotism or parrotism? lets find out.

With the impeachment trial happening. it makes me wonder how we got here. Alot of people have their own opinion. We are a country divided. But was it always this way and we ignored it? Then comes the question.. was America ever great? We're a nation steeped in racial injustice and separatism. To the point our political beliefs divide us.

Then you like really look at people and wonder.. do you even got a brain up there? Because I cant understand why you would stand behind a man who ultimately will go down as worst sitting president. Why? because of his inability to lead during a crisis. His inability to financially sustain america. His inability to keep the simplest promise of a border
wall that people voted him in for. He took fearmongering to a newer level and exposed alot of people for who they are
deep down.. scared.. fragile.. angry.

I think people got patriotism mixed up with blindly throwing loyalty behind someone they felt had their best interests. Even now.. after he accepted defeat.. people still rally to him. This is a man whose life long goal was to be a celebrity. Everything he says is for show. for attention. No doubt in a few years if he hasnt passed away, because he is over 70.. lets be honest.. he might die before biden. Biden is relatively healthy. Hes a healthy weight.. he isnt raising his blood pressure ranting the night away on twitter. Biden has a staff of people who help carry the load because he understands america is
divided an we need to come together and actually make America great for once.

Locally Im dealing with Kristi Noem. She was so far up Trumps butt.. that shes got $1 million set aside for her "presidential run" which is setting the stage for Palin Part 2. She's an idiot but she can also win. I underestimated Trump winning and that led to his winning. Not expecting it. If you recall the episode of south park before the last election. they made fun of it too. They called him a douche and hillary a turd sandwich. Alot of places were calling him the clown prince. And then he won and we ended up here. Miley Cyrus said the very next day "He is not MY President"

And sice then all his moves were that to benefit the upper class. And people seemed okay with it. If you have to ask me "What things" you clearly arent paying attention. And you might say "I didnt benefit from this" here's your wake up call. You arent upper class. He played everyone like a fiddle because no one expected him to win. His infidelityies were exposed.. He said he would grab women by the pussy and ignored it. flashback november 2019.. European reports were saying that a new virus has emerged from china. And that the virus was airborn. We have a problem with people called "Weeaboos" These are white people obsessed with asian culture. They have become a parody on forums and websites. Instead of closing off contact like much of europe and australia had done. He kept these open until march after it had already started to emerge in America. Google it.. the information is there.

In a small mirror of 3-4 months we got infected and instead of shutting down travel and the economy.. because the economy did shut down in 2018.. do you remember? We were fully able to shut down for 2 weeks while this virus burned itself out. But it didnt. Which brings me to my next gripe.. the BLM Marches.. These things COULD HAVE WAITED! but people want any excuse to loot and fight.. it was unavoidable.

We're still trapped in our homes because of stupidity.

You think going to a bar to drink and dating is so important its worth risking your life? cool beans.. do you. but you are the reason alot of people couldnt be with their families and friends. You. I stayed home when I wasnt working and I was safe as hell.. Mask..sanitizer. I did my part. It sucks a bulk of america couldnt just stay the hell home.

Oh so Im off my point lol.

Patriotism.. misplaced. I think people want to be proud to be american.. but because america was never great to begin with.. they blindly follow the pied piper. I think.. right now.. if you want to be a real patriot.. this is what you do.

Stop bitching.. stop making america look weak by screaming about rights to carry guns.. stop screaming about social injustice.. stop screaming about Trumps win got stolen. The guy is a billionaire.. the hell does he need with another win? Ask yourself that. he is "winning" what are you winning exactly?

We need to come together.. take the friggin vaccine.. and lets get back to our lives.

Also those of you who are like "Im not taking the vaccine" Have fun staying doors.. while the rest of us are resistant and the c19 mutates and gets stronger variants.. you'll still be stuck at home crying about unfair life.. so good luck with that.

Stop parroting "Trump got robbed.. america is gone" Be a fucking patriot.. stand up and realize.. now we can do better. Instead of promising to be better.. lets be better.. lets be the best.

Its snowing.. have a great day

Why cant I have you? - The Cars

Ah, dreamy lips, set in motion, flashing
Ah, breathless hush, a-poundin' soft, lasting
Oh, glossy mouth, a taste untamed, a-moving
Carousel, up and down
Just like you

Oh, baby
Just one more time to touch you
Just one more time to tell you
You're on my mind

Baby, why can't I have you?
You're breakin' my heart in two
You know what I'm goin' through
Oh, baby, why can't I have you?

Oh, candy smile, all the while, glinting
Your eyes like mica, a lethal pout, hinting
(Felt the pressure)
Ooh, and I felt the pressure, tight and warm, softly striking
(Ooh, tripped and stumbled)
Ooh, I tripped and stumbled
I cling forever
I go all night

Oh, baby
Just one more time to touch you
Just one more time to tell you
I'm not so blind

Baby, why can't I have you?
You're breakin' my heart in two
You know what I'm goin' through
Oh, baby, why can't I have you?

Baby, why can't I have you?
You know what I'm goin' through
You're breakin' my heart in two
You know what I'm goin' through
You're breakin' my heart in two
Baby, Why cant I have you?
You know what I'm goin' through
You're breakin' my heart in two

The ENTJ female

ENTJ women are logical, analytical, assertive, non-conformist, independent and sometimes brutally honest and if you think those traits are unusual for a woman, first of all you have prejudice, but also you're in for more surprises, because the ENTJ female is also statistically an unusual occurence. ENTJ women are the second most rare type, representing only 0.9% of all women, right after INTJ women who represent only 0.8% of the female population.

ENTJ women, just like ENTJ men, highly value family and friends, so they are likely to be loyal. Their loyalty is not endless and unconditional though and they have no problem cutting people out of their life if trust is repeatedly broken.

- How do I spot an ENTJ female?-

Well, apart from the description above, you might notice an ENTJ woman in male dominated professions like business or politics. A very large percentage of women in those two professions are either ENTJ or ESTJ. ENTJ women tend to dress elegantly but practically.

In school they tend to have very good grades and they are usually liked by professors.

Some of them may come off as cold or hard to approach and some of them ARE cold and hard to approach, but they will almost never be rude for no reason because that is not classy.

ENTJ females, in a national sample, answering to questions about "leisure activities" were overrepresented in "working out/exercising" so it would be safe to say they tend to be more fit than the average person and you might find them at the local gym.

ENTJs are one of the least religious types, so you probably won't find an ENTJ woman in a church or a mosque.

Another classic ENTJ trait is the ability to save up money and delay gratification. Almost every ENTJ has this ability. It may not be useful in spotting an ENTJ female because those things are usually kept private, but it's good to know.

- Bad things about ENTJ women -

Apart from the fact that most of them are a "catch" and hard to impress or seduce and you probably won't make the cut, they also come with weaknesses, just like every other human. At their worst, ENTJ women can be narcissistic, demanding, neurotic control freaks who lose their sh*t whenever things aren't the way they want them to be. For some of them, their high standards for everything make it almost impossible to find a satisfactory mate, which can be worsened by the fact that overachieving women according to studies tend to have an even harder time in finding a satisfactory mate. Some ENTJ women also have trust issues but they are good at hiding all their weaknesses.

They can also be stubborn, intolerant, manipulating, arrogant and lacking in compassion.

Many ENTJ females are also colder than the average woman, so they may not fulfill the expectations of a woman being comforting, emotional and nurturing. They may even come off as intimidating because of this. If you need a woman to replace your mother, ENTJ women are probably not it.
(source: - The ENTJ Female)

If I had to describe the ENTJ personality type in one word it would be either "pioneer" or "mobilizer". ENTJs are by nature driven to stir things up and to make ideas happen.

As kids or young adults they often end up in charge of little groups without even trying to because of their creativity, forcefulness and great ability to verbalize their ideas to others. As they mature, ENTJs become more serious and power (or influence) hungry. They usually wield that power with ease. They don't believe in the old "power corrupts" saying. Rather they believe that "power reveals the real you".

A common misconception that should be mentioned is that people who are not experienced in MBTI tend to think that an ENTJ has to be a leader. This is not true. ENTJs can end up in many different careers and life paths and they don't need to lead anyone to be happy.

(Source: - ENTJ Traits)

He nibbled on my ear and I froze

Jack frost hit us in the middle if the night.
We got the snow drifts. And it's got freezing temps. It's frozen...

LOL 90s is playing "it was a good day" by ice cube. LoL he said "looking in my mirror, not a jacker in sight" musta been a lot of masturbating happening. In the 90s. Then again Pee Wee Herman was in the loose.

If straight out of Compton the movie taught us anything.. It's that a lot if things were forced. Forced violent times. Forced racism. It was the 90s.

You ever watch Boyz in the hood as an adult? At the beginning Tre is in class being a D bag. So teacher calls his mom who is offended by someone telling her that she is raising Dildo Baggins. She asks if Tre's father is around. Tre's mom is like "no he isn't but yes he has a dad you racist skank..or did you think us ghetto snatches make em alone?!?!"

Then you had all these raps about people dying over drugs and territory and it's like. Maybe I won't go to L.A. and make my dreams of being the next "where's the beef" lady come true. Being extra cautious ruins dreams.

I grew up steeped in racists. I got called names, spat on and hated for reasons beyond my control. Then I come here and people say squaw or injun like it hurts? I'm like is this amateur hour? You seriously want to rile me? Good luck. The stuff you say isn't as creative as the things an old German Irish lady raising goats has to say. Being A piece of shit racist comes easy to the white elderly of the Dakotas.

LoL. I'm still sitting here warming up my car. Sooo frozen. No plows out but the snow is powdery and weak.

Anyway so today's topic., being racist can be taken on different levels. You'll either be good at it, or John singleton will help you ascend with a little help.

Ooh Hazard by Richard Marx is on 90s.

You remember hazard? It was like a murder mystery. Who killed Mary? Winner got to go to see Richard Marx for free. Lol

we used to walk along the river... And dream our way out of this town.

Anyway I'm gonna grab some food n get home to bed. Keep cool.

Come as you are.. As a friend

Everyone just wants to get back to life before c19. Back when it was ok to live without judgement. But then we're we ever that free? It's because this reason Dolly Parton hasn't taken the vaccine yet. It's kind of a sad reason, she doesn't want to seem greedy having donated a million towards the development. We as a society cast a huge shameful glance when life presents us the opportunity.

I don't mind cancel culture. I don't agree with how it appears to strike certain people and skip those who deserve it. For a few months all you do is hear about some celebrity asking for less prison time, like a disease shoukd negate their crime.

It began with R. Kelly. It came out in 2019 he abused a lot of women. They testified and he ended up in jail. Then c19 happens and he begs to be released. Then came a string of low level celebrities.. Which brings us to that tiger king guy Joe Exotic. Joe it's been reported sent a application for presidential clemency and then kept a limo on stand by. Believing his life should be spared his crimes punishment. All over a little bit if fame.

LoL saying that I felt like Marge Gunderson from Fargo. "All this over a little bit of money.. I dont understand it"

My point being. People assumed they wont be coming to jail because c19. We aren't in a state of martial law. You beat your wife/kids.. You're getting taken in. You steal booze.. You're coming in. You knock out a window.. Welcome to the big house. Crime isn't on vacation. We got vaccinated and we aint taking excuses. You want to crime and risk ending up here.. Then by all means... Crime away.

If Joe Exotic couldn't get out.. What makes you think you will?

P.s. the story about Chad Wheeler choking out his girlfriend then saying "wow, you're still alive" was horrifying. But that's where we are. Domestic violence on a level when you don't care about the crime. You pass the buck blaming bipolar disorder. Being a dick isn't ok. Say sorry, do your time.. Learn from it.

As Scruff McGruff said.. Only you can take a bite out of crime. Now I'm off to grab a mcmuffin or generic wannabe mcmuffin. Have a great morning

No Way Back - 8mm

Im stuck, Im out of luck.
Im trying to talk my way out of this.
even fog lifts.. but not this
No.. not this.

There's no way.. you're coming back
There's no way.. you're coming back...

Babe I know you never leave without your gun..
But if you let it be and just sit down and lay your head on me..

We could leave, Ill dim the stars.
We'll steal away from here.
We'll run so fast and so far we'll burn up these streets
Our mystery complete.
The moon will die of shame

There's no way.. you're coming back.
There's.. no way.. you're coming back.

Babe I know you never leave without your gun.
But if you let it be and just sit down and lay your head on me

There's no way you're coming back
There's no way you're coming back.

Babe I know you never leave without your gun
But if you let it be and just sit down and lay your head on me
And just stay with me
Stay with me.. stay with me
Stay with me.. stay with me
Stay with me.. stay with me.
Stay with me.. stay with me
Stay with me.. stay with me

I'm not a sociopath, I just haven't had coffee

I don't think anyone is for real chipper being awake before the sun. But being an adult requires it. The moon is still out. Half moon'd. Why not enter the morning half-assed? It's Wednesday anyway.

Have you ever eaten most of a poptart. Threw the last 1/4 up in the air and spin kick roundhouse it? You don't know what you're missing.

Anyway I want to talk about Shaylene Woodley. For thise who don't know her. She started her acting career in a tv show called "The secret life of an American teen" playing a 14 year old girl who gets knocked up at summer camp. And navigates her way through high school. Then she starred in the Divergent movie series.

Anyway I wanted to talk about her because I saw a news post about her secretly dating Aaron Rodgers whom if I recall dated Olivia Munn who ruined psylocke in the X-men movies. Jk. If I recall my fodder he basically abandoned his family over munn.

I'm not here to trash Shaylene though. I made a vow to not talk smack about her. Why? A few years ago when the dakota access pipeline started. She actually showed up to protest. She used her celebrity status to bring light to this. She wasn't out here like oh by the way see my movie. No. She was out here standing with everyone else trying to protect our rights to clean water. She even went to jail about it. She stood up for something. No one does that anymore. That's why I said.. No matter how bad the movie or tv show. I will either hold my tongue or simply nod. Respect, I respect her.

I repeat the story because I feel like explaining to people who don't know her. Older people who might ask why is Aaron Rodgers dating this nobody. She isn't a nobody. She's a terrific person. This isn't a girl crush.. This is respecting someone who did a lot to stop the keystone pipeline at the cost of her reputation and career aspects. I salute you.

Anyway that's my blog. Have a great hump day

Hillaria musta been Spanish for hilarious

I don't really pay attention to celebrity fodder. But I saw a news article about Hilaria Baldwin pretending to be Spanish when her parents are white people from Boston. She started a yoga class called yoga vida.. Changed her name from Hillary to Hilaria, adopted an accent. Told people about her quincinera. Won over Alec Baldwin with mild tacos he can digest. She did some real Rachel Dolezal treachery.

Cultural appropriation, who doesn't know someone who does it? Back in the day these clearly hillbilly types would tell me they are Cherokee. There's a joke about people saying their grandma was a Cherokee princess. We don't have royalty. Our chiefs were chosen by those deemed most worth to lead. It wasnt familial. It wasn't passed down.

When you're a minority, you carry these traits all your life. If you're black. You get the traits. Super curly hair and dark skin. When your Asian it's the eyes and hair. For most Latinos it's the same. Even for natives. But in the past 10-15 years you get the confusing types.

Take Shawn Mendes. If you didn't say his whole name.. Just another white guy, right?

My point being, it's easier now for people to culturally appropriate. Do I dislike Hilaria Baldwin? No. I honestly didn't know or care alec baldwin remarried. When I was back on the reservation. White people often came to learn the language and culture. They put so much attention and focus into it. We're we mad? No. They got the same opportunity to learn what's excluded from the history books. They left feeling connected to something rooted in culture that couldn't be decimated from the earth.

I might have made fun of Hilaria. But I can understand the wanting for some sort of connection to a race with culture other than England. Alot of people do. It's why they take DNA tests. They want some sprinkles in their bland vanilla. I get it. Instead of faking a culture and making money off it. Be who you are. Someone lost but wanting to find a place in the world.

The only reason minorities are upset is you take a culture.. Rewrap it and sell it. It's like white people making and selling dreamcatchers. Or getting a bad perm like dolezal and telling people you are mixed to get of food stamps. Rude! LOL

Also screech died RIP Screech

Enjoy your day

Sometimes you gotta punch out

Life is a brief few moments when fight or flight kick in. You stand at odds where a defining moment can mean anything. You breath a heavy sigh.. Clench your fists...

Ripping a fart never hurt no one. Beside if you're always fighting then what's the point? Life is meant to be lived. Wouldn't you rather grab someone in your arms and squeeze? Why you gotta be punchy?

Anyway defining moments arent if you can win a fight or not. A defining moment is when you help your fellow man. When you build a shelter for those in need. When you see a child on need and you rise to the occasion.

My grandma taught me charity starts at home. In the past a tribe never abandons their weak. We all see the summit or no one does. We eat as a people.

We have a saying at the end of every prayer.. At the end of every meeting.. Gathering.. Family function.

Mitakuye oyasin. We are all related.

Before u pull that racist b.s. let me remind you dolts doing family DNA analysis.. At least we know where we come from. We aren't lost searching with our 12% German. 7% Spanish 100% d bag test results.

LoL so I got a little mad for no reason just then. That was not a defining moment. Which is my blog topic. Pick and choose what defines you. Don't be defined by how others perceive you.. Shatter their perceptions and flip em the birdy as you walk on by.

You are your own song.. Your own bard. Your own legend. Be the best you.

I know I'm not going to get back to sleep. Might as well make the best of it. Off to buy eggs! Also welcome to February. #BlackHistoryMonth