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Indigo Blue - Free Dominguez

Ive seen the bluest blue - Ive ever seen inside of you.
Colored indigo blue - quiet river
Followed the moon alone - candle light until the dawn.
You're my indigo oh.. forever.

Easy through the night...
The days they seem to fly

Indigo blue and a quiet river
Heart and soul.. let it flow
You're my indigo blue and a quiet river.
Heart and soul.. let it flow

We can leave it all - Wrap ourselves around the stars
We can take it slow - keep it to the flow.. of a quiet river

Easy through the night...
The days they seem to fly

Indigo blue and a quiet river
Heart and soul.. let it flow
You're my indigo blue and a quiet river.
Heart and soul.. let it flow

Youre my indigo blue and a quiet river
Heart and soul.. oh let it flow
Youre my indigo blue and a quiet river
Heart and soul.. let it flow

Anything you want is there.
Anything you want is there...
Anything you want is there
You're my indigo blue...

1% the long way down

Ever since Biden went into power. People have been less political. I think the shock of the ginger jester losing became accepted as his impeachment trial comes up. Now you ask... He's out of office why the impeachment ruse? Hopefully an impeachment bars him from running for a 2nd term in 4 years. I think for the most part it's to humiliate and im not against it.

But as I said it's less political. Like before people only mention Trump as a means to trigger debate. A troll tool. Much like I just did. You think I care? I don't. I'm not gonna sit here like.. Yup we did it fellow democrats. Like I just did.

Instead I'm going to tell you about a guy who cried about suing over being exposed to Covid, when told "we're vaccinated and immune".. Changed his tune and asked for permission to call his grandma. LOL

Guys around here got the low t. Sloppy. It's like you want me to try for one because Valentine's day is coming? Groooossss. Haha. Just give me the box of diabetic candy.

Reminder. Pizza hut will start selling the heart shaped pizza soon. Nows your chance to get that sausage lovers heart pizza. 🍕 that's my time. I'm out this beee

It's froidoi oim in love

Its finally gonna be 6 am. Yay!

I'm tired as heck. I can't wait to get home. It was a quiet night. Then again Thursday has never really brought it. I get to watch law n order a. It later so there's that. I zoned out LoL.

Anyway gonna wait on my relief n get the hell home.

- Continued -

I had a nice rest.. woke up kinda sore. I had to pop my back. Miyagi rub my legs and toss in some high kicks. lol. Anyway I skipped pizza last night and had a salad.. and as I say there chewing on lettuce.. I thought to myself... this was a good idea..

Ive been kind of leery about salad since last summer when there was that bacteria.. they had to recall lettuce and other things. Cilantro? yeah I though How do like goats/giraffes.. live on leaves.. I mean.. lol. a life without a burger seems so sad . but I guess its sadder to be the burger.

I want another big salad.. haha

1 more night.. I can do this.

Buffalo Stance

The bitter chill of January couldn't stop them from it. And now.. As 6 am nears. They see themselves making the journey home. That's right.. 6 am walk of shame.

Honestly did not know we had drunks. I been in my office working. Next thing I know it's 5:30 and the guard says.. I wouldn't want to be them.

Locally we dont have cabs, uber's.. Rickshaws or public buses. I mean we do have like a transit system. It it. Doesn't kick in til like 8 or 9 am. I sure as hell aint packing them in my car. I'll wave as I drive by. Y

You'd think people wouldn't be drinking or causing disturbances on a night of freezing temps. Oh well. It's a harsh lesson but it's a lesson that should be taught.

That's the buffalo stance. Being stubborn and set in your ways. Now you're gonna need herd warmth to make the walk. The walk of shaaaame. I get to make that travel home.

It's a full moon, the sky is hazy. The fields are lit with snow catching light. Pretty serene. Hopefully my relief gets here so I can go get much needed slumber.

Ima leave you with a quote from Maya Angelou. Considering we are closer to love day.

Hope it inspires you. Life.. Loves being taken by the lapel and be told "I'm with you kid, let's go" - Maya Angelou

15 inches in Iowa. Of course it's in snow..

Iowa isnt known to be giant D country. LoL. I shouldnt be laughing that they're expected to get a massive pile of snow. It could just as easily happen here.

It's near 0 degrees. It got cold enough some of our building windows iced over. When I was in elementary school. We used to come to school for a couple hours depending on if the school boilers would warm enough. We had them long heat grater things. People would lay on them and warm up.

I know cold. I'm fortunate to never have gotten frost bite. Although blackened dead feet with claw like toenails would rock around Halloween.

When we were kids, the adults would talk about walking a mile in snow to get to a bus stop to go to school. Walk 12 miles to go to the store for a loaf of bread. Now I tell these tales to kids in the family. I'm like no iPad? We only had paper and pencils. We would walk 2 miles in the blistering cold to go to school. Yo, you're spoiled!

Horror stories about how hard the past was is how we guilt the kids to doing chores. Guilt. Our mothers taught us well.

Anyway it's cold but the sky is cloudless. The snow stopped and the sky is a deep blue. You can see the stars. For a cold morning it's bringing the beauty of a winter night sky. If my phone weren't so cheap I'd snap a photo. LoL.

Oh god. I just went to change is to I'd in the last sentence and my phone offered up anal as a replacement word. Omg lol. I swear I never send anal to anyone. Swear. Don't look at me like that. its almost time to peace out and get home. Night shift was good despite Arctic weather. Stay warm. 😷mask up

25% discount.. Not dat count

So I started thinking about the premise of Cobra Kai. When it first started I ignored the plot because it seemed safe. Like an old friend. Now it's like hold up.

So this guy lost a karate tournament and it affected his life so bad he became a drunk who ruined his life and abandoned his kid? Karate tournament did this? Weird.

I tried to karate chop the tops off some beer bottles once. My knuckles tapped the glass.. Made a Thunk sound and I screeched like a banshee. It was then I realized... I lost to glass.

Another thing I thought about was in the latest season they examined kreeses past. He knocked michael Anthony Hall down into a pit of snakes. I'm like they all looked like pythons. I think britneys slave for you python was down there too.

Anyway that's my time. Ps I made some crude lesbian jokes. I was like "these ladies so fine I bit my my nails off. Cuz I'm a gentle Lover" these are just jokes. Don't cancel culture me! 😛

L-L-Love.. blondfire

Flirting with disaster - you're the one Im after
Think I found my destiny.
Luxury and danger - rapture me my stranger
Hold me close, dont let me be

I could fly - On the wings of my heart -
Deep inside - Ive been falling apart. l-l-love
There's a magic in you and Ill be..
Under your spell - l-l-love

Crazy hazy feeling - You're the thief Im stealing
Locked you up and lost the key
Flying on the wings..
Flying on the wings..
Flying on the wings of my heart

I could fly - On the wings of my heart -
Deep inside - Ive been falling apart. l-l-love
There's a magic in you and Ill be..
Under your spell - l-l-love

Need your touch - Its what Im after....
Fatal kiss - Your embrace

You got me baby.. Youve got me baby.
Fatal kiss - Your embrace...

I could fly - On the wings of my heart -
Deep inside - Ive been falling apart. l-l-love
There's a magic in you and Ill be..
Under your spell - l-l-love

You're frozen.. When your hearts not open

It was bitter cold when I drove to work. Bitter. Everything iced over. As I drove by the usual businesses I saw people outside. Panhandlers. Sun wasn't even up.

I checked online for open shelters. Because last March when people got pandemic crazy. Shelters wouldnt take people until shelter in place became a thing.

One major reason I don't buy into Christianity/Catholicism is the lie about charity and helping our fellow man. The lie that God's arms are open, all you need do is seek it. Then the demand for worship. How people defile these in the name of getting rich.

Anyway it was cold enough for me to worry.

Wrong time to worry as I'm expected to work. LOL as I write this Harry Styles song "treat em with kindness" started. That's another thing. Harry Styles. Recently that dude was seen "dating" a married woman. Olivia Wilde. The thing is.. If it were uglier people her career would be condemned, her movie cancelled. But the need for celebrity fodder cancelled it out. I don't respect people who do that.

Ps the only reason i know that is I keep seeing it on yahoo. I don't care about celebrity lives or reality celebrities. It's like they keep pushing Chip and Joanna Gaines like I'm supposed to care they exist. Why do I care if JoJo Siwa is gay? She's a kid. It's the media sexualizing kids and you wonder why America isn't grossed out?

Quit manufacturing nobody celebrities and exploiting teens. And get me a mcmuffin!

Manufactured Villainy.. You fake ho

Lmao what is manufactured villainy? It's people who say anythimg for attention. They try to pass an unpopular narrative in hopes that it angers others.

I've mentioned in the past. I'm new to politics and I keep wondering why people like Megan McCain and Tami Lauren are always referenced? Who are these tools? Apparently in the past 10 years, uppity white folk took on the unpopular side of a debate and managed to fool people into caring about their opinion.

This week Sean Hannity called Pres Biden's first week im office terrible. On Biden's second day. Twitter roasted him but I was like who even is Sean Hannity and why do we care? Googled.. American commentator and Trump supporter. But.. Then I realized. Like the aforementioned terrible duo. It's manufactured villainy.

I think hats what's wrong with older America. They always believe the news and things in the news at face value. You toss up manufactured villains on CNN and of course that's confusing. Because you think the unpopular narrative is actual news.

Which brings me to this dummy Megan mccain. She said.. Dr Fauci lied when he said masks were ineffective.. Which he did under Trumps influence. She then talked about Biden not wearing a mask.

First of all.. C19 is a respitory disease. Anyone with a brain would know masks help slow.. Even prevent passing it on. Because it's breathed into your body where it the multiplies like any other bacteria.

If you threw out your masks.. During an airborne epidemic, then obviously you are stupid. You can't think for yourself. If you are that complacent, Stfu and blame yourself.

Seeing people without masks on upsets me. But I'm not the one risking my health. South Dakota sadly was a Trump State. Except on the reservations where it was Biden all day. Noem didn't even make wearing masks mandated for essential workers. We, the people made that decision ourselves. Because we have common sense.

Anyway so back to my original thought. Manufactured Villainy only works until it makes you look stupid. Know when enough is enough and walk away. Don't let stupidity be your legacy.. And thats my time.

Tip your waitress

Saturday just started

I left early to drive slowly to work. It snowed again. Not much but enough to make the roads suck. The 90s channel really brought it. They played cannon ball. I was like heck yes.

So I walk in and a guard is like. So those pills worked? LoL. I posted at Christmas for a gift a dispatcher gave everyone #mood pills

It's a mix of the good vitamins. Your essential b's. Vitamin D helps combat depression.. That's why we had happy childhoods. From the milk we put in out capt'n crunch.

I'm like pills? LOL cuz I forgot. He's like "yeah you've been smiling a lot lately." I'm like yeah I guess they do work. I haven't taken them yet lol.

I strolled in humming heart shaped box. What? Valentine's day approaches

I saw the weirdest thing. I saw a heart shaped box if chocolates with a dog's face on it that said "they called it puppy love" I was like noooo! No, Don't do that. Dogs n chocolate don't mix. Lmao. Nothing says be my Valentine like a reminder dogs can't have chocolate.

Thats my Saturday start. you be well. Love Each other and remember.. 2021.. Wont suck. We aren't even a month in and it's been pretty damn good.

The Paradoxical Commandments

The Paradoxical Commandments

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway.

The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
Think big anyway.

People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
Fight for a few underdogs anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.

People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
Help people anyway.

Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have anyway.”

Kent M Keith

Biden the greatest sitting president since Obama

Biden got so many things done on his first day in office. Things the people of the US needed to thrive... And he's not done.

He called for a protection order for the lgbtq community for protecting their rights to live. Their right to serve our great nation as soldiers and civilians. No matter how you feel about those who aren't straight, they shouldn't be denied the right to happiness. Grow up. If it's not you having gay sex, stop staring. No one asked you to watch.. Sitting nearby smoking a cig and shining up your gun. Live your own life.

He stopped the border wall and presented a way for illegals to become legal. Immigrants deserve the same right to happiness your ancestors did. To live without persecution. I'm talking to you white power people. Your ancestors came from not America. Deal with it.

He stopped the border wall. Come on, did u think he was goimg to pay for that? Supposed billionaire had to ask for donations and funnel tax money for it to happen. And it didnt happen. Deal with it.

He stopped keystone pipeline. Keystone pipeline was a oil line going through numerous states.. Endangering wildlife, the water we drink and desecrating tribal burial grounds. I know a lot of you old people don't care about Native Americans. I can tell mainly by all the racist things you fling at me on wire. you might not care about clean water either from flint still having poisonous water. Heres a hint. Your Dr pepper.. Mountain Dew. Your booze requires water. Once that's gone you'll have to have sober sex. Whose gonna want to hang your wrinkled hunched over body sober? No one.

There's other things but my break is over.

The era of Trump being relevant is passed. You can cry stolen election all you want. Like the proud boys, you'll get over it and find other things to rage about.

Ps it snowed. Still snowing. The drive to work was semi interesting. People in the ditch over 3 inches of snow LoL. Learn to dtive

You are a traitor! lol ok then.

Whats with all the haters? haha. Ive never seen so many angry old people in my life. All day its "Biden will show his REAL colors" "Biden is going to disappoint the world" Same people who were saying "Just give Trump a chance" People telling me Im traitorous for rooting for Biden. Someone said America sucks.. and I said. NO!

America is a strong independant woman.. She dont need that toxic man telling her how useless she is. America opened that door in her red pumps.. threw a deuces over her shoulder and said See you sucker.

America.. is hated by the world? What else is new? Mama used to say "People will always look for ways to hate you.. you just keep dancing out on that dance floor.. you're either out there causing boners.. or off in the shadows giving handjobs" America.. does not give handys. America claps at you with its slap a beyotch hand and expects to be heard.

America will find love again.. Shes got her heels and lipstick on and is taking no boners. just causing them.

God Bless America.

Inauguration day

What kind of drama is going to happen? Is Trump going to stage his coup? Is he going to stand up and demand rage from his army of white supremacists? Or is he going to do what Cersei Lannister did and die kissing his brother in the sewers?

I read that Lil Wayne asked for a pardon from Trump. Is lil Wayne in prison? No. He wasn't even sentenced yet. Makes me wonder if pardon before sentencing is cancelled considering a sentence wasn't issued before pardoning. The egg or chicken scenario. I don't care tbh. Crime is crime. Don't start none, won't be none.

Seeing People refer today as stealing the election reminds me, aside from the fact people are referencing idiocracy a lot.. We live among the dumbest folk. These groups who stormed the Capitol implicated Trump by saying "we answered the call" lol

But a new chapter begins. Not the one I foresaw.

I really thought Elizabeth Warren was going to go the distance. As I said before. She wss going to crush America's enemies... Bringing about a golden era known as Warren Peace. (War and peace) unfortunately her donation fundraisers fell through and she dropped out. Let this be a lesson. Don't cheap out on the Mac n cheese. I'm not knocking the shurefine brand but.. You aint Kraft.

Anyway I guess we gotta wait and see what zany antics are in store. I hope they have a riff off a la pitch perfect. That would be so cool... So cool

Am I bubble boy?

I feel like I'm always telling people I'm ok.. I got the munities. LoL. I guess this is life now. You gotta assure people you aren't a carrier. I mean it's safe and all. These are things I should have already accepted.

Lotta drunks were out. Kind of sad to see people throw away their lives.. But also.. They aren't doing anything but standing outside the bar/bootlegger waiting in the attic cold for their next gulp. Adios.

It's Monday. Everyone's ugh day. It's also a holiday. It's the day we recall the famous I have a dream speech. I don't think today was supposed to be an angry day dipped in racial injustice. It's a day to realize hope for the future. So that's how I'm taking today. Looking forward to the good things to come.

I think.. Since its closer to spring. The best thing yo do is prepare for renewal...rebirth. Resurrecting our lives. Depression is cool and all. But the goal is to come out of this repurposed. With your new cooking skills.. Start a food truck. With your new building skills.. Build homes for the needy. Now that you know what a karen is.. Don't be one.

It's like 2020 was ground hog year... Come out a new person. Don't be that same old toxic p.o.s everyone knows you to be. Find something new.. Grow. Prosper. That's the idea of I had a dream. Dream a world you want.. Learn to become it.

Trumps not the president anymore. Don't throw away your lives over someone who doesn't care about anyone. His goal was always to prove how stupid America is. How easy you are to control. Think about it. He got away with a lot of things and proved a lot of stupid people exist. Don't be a pawn. Eat a prawn.

Ok that's my time. Enjoy your Monday. 😝

The frozen kingdom

One of the things that angers me is when it's bitter cold and the churches won't open for shelters. Considering Christianity is a fictional book that has a cult following that preaches charity and goodness. People are like.. Why don't u let them sleep on your floor? I'm like why don't you? I'm out here pointing out that people need shelter and you try to shame me for caring? LoL

This morning everything was covered in ice. I keep waiting to hear they find someone frozen under the bridge. Seems like an annual event.

Anyway.. It's Sunday. The one day the church opens its doors but expects a donation. You gotta pay to believe in a fictional diety. Weird

I wish people would get over the election and Trump already. The guy is a "billionaire" he doesn't need your tears. It's time to pay the piper and settle up.

I woke up in a great mood by the way.

Perfect for fighting crime

Another cold shoulder

Tank top was a bad idea for sleepwear

It was cold this morning. Marnin as the Irish would say. Ged marnin lassie. LoL sorry

The sun isn't even up at all. No day break. Just night. Long cold night. Long cold bitter night. get the drift.

I got breakfast today. Had em whip up a breKfast sandwich. I'm like cuz I'm essential. And breakfast is essential damn it.

Today is gonna be good. I can feel it. Time to get things going.

P.s. this doctor was trying to seem smart about the covid vaccine. I'm like mass producing synthetic mrna takes time. Plus no telling if it works. He was so Learn Biology! And I'm like.. Learn common sense. Shut him down. Score 1 for me

What's cracking? Oh sh*t. It's my lips

Gosh it was bitter cold. Radio dude said 15 wind chill. Feels lower. I had a case of Barbie hands when it got to work.

It was so cold I went all Dolores Claiborne.

"It was a hahsh mahnin on da habah ova heeyah"

Ain't much to report really. Cold slow start of the day. Makes me wonder if day labor will be out today. It's bitter.. Stay warm day laborers.

I'm a social vampire.

By that I mean I don't get involved in others lives unless invited. Then I suck. 😛 it's a nice way to live. No one knows Ima sociopath and I horde spam. No one needs to know I once sat outside (insert celebrity)s house with duct tape waiting for the roofies to kick in.

Anyway I should get to working. Have a lovely day 😷😷 also mask up

Marijuana is LEGAL now...

She said.. "Only for medical use" they told her as they bended her into the back of a unmarked SUV. Its weird how people assume its ok to start smoking blunt because u hear "Marijuana is legal in SD"

Only if you are truly messed up in health. Cancer.. aids.. glaucoma.. eating disorders.. schitzophrenia... PTSD cuz life is hard when u work at applebees and it closed due to pandemic.. it causes u heart problems.

I got called in at 10 to go on a raid. The tech person for the feds didnt clear the rapid test. This meant handling surveilance protocols and pinging phones. it was one of a few simultaneous raids.

Anyway so Meth I thought was kind of fading in popularity.. boy was I wrong. I cant believe people would make it in their homes.. with the risk of explosions from amateur chemist. I always imagined it would be like "Then you add a dash of household salt.. OH NO! Deadly mustard gas"

Im not that lucky I guess. Suffice it to say that free lunch voucher better be valid tomorrow hahaha.

Then an old friend called the cops about her yard getting vandalized. She's like "And I know who did it.. they left their STD paper work" Im like as they are arresting her.. go do a slow clap at her and be like "Clap clapped back and clapped your cheeks"

So if you're going to do crime. do it clean.

Clap on.. clap off.. the clapper

Keep Dreaming..

All along I thought that I could trust
More and more my expectations are the cause
The release is all you could pursue
Never thought of what he thinks of you
You said you believed in me
And I believed in you
But I couldn't say

Keep dreaming, keep dreaming
There's nothing real with your connection
No feeling
Your feelings aren't real
A contract, unspoken
With the only one who really cares for
The connection you once had has gone away

You were wrong to give yourself away
For a song that wasn't old enough to play
In a night you develop something real
Never cared about how I would feel
You said you believed in me
And I believed in you
But I couldn't say

Keep dreaming, keep dreaming
There's nothing real with your connection
No feeling
Your feelings aren't real
A contract, unspoken
With the only one who really cares for
The connection you once had has gone away

Are you done
I'd like you to please move on
A relief
I'll get when you have gone
More and more
You make yourself up dumb
Maybe this is why you keep no one
You said you believed in me
And I believed in you
But I couldn't say

Keep dreaming, keep dreaming
There's nothing real with your connection
No feeling
Your feelings aren't real
A contract, unspoken
With the only one who really cares for
The connection you once had has gone away

Keep dreaming, keep dreaming
There's nothing real with your connection
No feeling
Your feelings aren't real
A contract, unspoken
With the only one who really cares for
The connection you once had has gone away
I've gone away

What did u say?

I almost forgot this.

So yesterday.. I was in the lobby at work trying to figure out the universal pass code on the vending machine.. lol. This "white lady" slapped the window and was like "GO BACK TO COUNTRY!"

I was like what? Oh No you didnt!

So I left the lobby front desk and went into the lobby like "WHAT DID U SAY?" I was bout ready to beat some booty. then she says "I said go back to country. lobby radio is on NPR" Im like.. oh right. lol.

I think our country is a little too tense. simmer down now

There can be miracles.. if you believe....

Im kind of annoyed by too many people being around me. lol. I went to get some gas... there was a line of cars behind me.. meanwhile 2 nearby pumps werent being used. fat ho honked at me. threw some gang signs at her.. lol

Then I went to the bank and this other lady was closer than 6 ft.. she was like 1 foot away. Im like. what does my ass smell like "Excuse me" No.. excuse me.. sniff away. then I said Nice Whiff.

Then I stopped to grab a sub and yet.. more people around me. I dont mind people I just dont like feeling like im getting grinded on.

Then again its the most grindage Ive gotten in awhile. and before you decide to troll me about that.. Im sorry I dont have that mental trigger that lets me lay down on the ground and get railed like you sluts.

Anyway so I paid my bills. got a full tank of gas. and a cold cut sandwich.. Im ready to take on the world. On a side note.. its very pretty outside right now. Instead of whining.. Ima open a window and enjoy it. its been 4 days since my vaccination.. aint felt anything worth reporting. again, I had covid already so Im not expecting to not already be immune/protected. if anything Im Oh Whoa whoa ver.. protected.

Open your heart to me...

I'll give you love but you... You hold the key. Madonna was on to something.

Lately it's been about wanting and not the getting. We waste our time thinking times running out. Esp with a pandemic making things seem bleak. The other night someone uttered "have you tried to kill yourself because you were lonely?"

My response was to sing 🎵 my loneliness is killing me. I must confess I still believe.. When I'm not with you I lose my mind.. Give me a sign. Hit me baby one more time

That's how I roll. Weird jokes. Someone reached out and I laughed it off. I mean it wasn't directly to me. But still. I contend if you feel suicidal.. Call someone. Get the help you need.

But to my original thought. Love me or hate me.. Let me... Be the one.

Happy Monday. It's time to punch today in the sack and run away hyena laughing

Weeping Willow

Check it off my list. Met someone named Willow this morning. As I stopped to grab a coffee and water. Met this woman Willow sitting on a curb outside the gas station.

Im like you ok ma'am?

She's like "yea, me and my boyfriend had a fight. I needed some air. If he doesn't come find me, I'm going to trash his ps5"

I'm like.. He got a ps5? Lucky.

She's says "I found put he talks to other women"

I'm like. Is he cute? What's his job?

She's like "he used to work at the mall. Now he just sits at home talking to his other women. He's cute I guess."

LoL then he shows up. She looks at me. Without saying a word.. I look at her.. Shake my head no. She's like.. "Thanks girl"

Girl code telepathy. It's a thing. If You'd be never experienced it.. Ha! Shame on your houses.

Anyway so moral is people named Willow exist here. And if I got a woman.. Don't do stupid stuff.. Love runs out. And when it does.. So does the body. Be cool.

I wish I had gotten a sandwich too

I'm not bad.. I'm just drawn that way?

That has 2 meanings. 1. Being drawn to be a villain in a literal sense. Maybe not villainous. Maybe ubersexual looking. 2. Being drawn to the bad side. Like always dating bad boys. Lol sounds doofy when you say it aloud. "I like bad boys." Must be why chicks write to prisoners.

Speaking Of, I heard women write to that guy in Colorado who murdered his family. I think to myself what stupid woman finds that redeemable? The ones who like bad boys apparently.

2020 was the year of the troll in Chinese astrology. Mostly because people were home too much stewing in their toxicity. So in essence we were all drawn that way. Except I did it better. I did it so well I've gotten death threats. 😇

Trumps twitter immunity stopped. The ginger destructor of worlds got his social mouthpiece smacked. It's been a long time coming. You know, his fam claims he is making his own social platform. Maybe it'll happen unlike the border wall.

But if the question remains if racism exists.. Realize creating a platform for himself and maga is segregating. A platform they can attack the freedoms we love and live by. A platform where unrest can foster hate and terrorism. You gotta ask yourself do you really want to be part of that?

I mean so what if an African American spit in your face. It wasnt an entire race or culture. Deciding to be racist is a decision you make.

I read somewhere in us chat. A dummy said "I don't mind being racist" and then loses ethnic friends. It's like I believe that was your racism. I believe that was your stupid point of view coming from your stupid mouth. Because youre stupid. And I don't need to remind you of your stupidity. Because everything you say is stupid.

So we're back to my main point. Being drawn to bad people. Bad people are usually stupid people. Someone said recently "Hitler had the right idea" but history remembers him as being stupid and he failed because he was stupid. The smartest thing he did was bite a suicide pill.

When the stupid gather together and make stupid can only blame yourselves. And if I have to remind you how stupid you are. I'll gladly troll it in your face.

Cuz ima woman.. Phenomenally. Phenomenal War_cry.. That's me

He grabbed me by the neck... lol

So... I got off work at 6. I didnt eat today yet.. so I stopped to grab a quick snack.. while Im at the store.. I look around to survey my surroundings. always do it.. anyway so I am behind this heavy set woman in her 50s.. mid 50s. I grab a pepsi and a sandwich and I end up behind her in line.. Soon its her turn.. and she like takes a deep breath.. and sobs.

She was all "Can you call the police..there was a man who assaulted me.. He picked me up and tried to put me in his van. This chick has gotta be like 210-215 lbs.. in stretch pants.. And she starts uncontrollably sobbing.. She was like.. He was a mexican.. He grabbed me and I went limp and he let me gooooo"

Im like.. I just saw this lady outside.. I didnt see anything.. this place has parking lot cameras.. lol. plus theres a skycam nearby.

Anyway so the cops come and I pay for my stuff and they're like.. Oh when did u get off work? 6? Im like yeah I just rolled in to grab something to eat and this lady said she was almost sex trafficked outside.. I followed her in.. she didnt run to the office.. she waited in line and started crying to the cashier.

Anyway.. so since 2019 there's been alot of people claiming to have gotten almost sex-trafficked at walmart and the mall. they arent the most attractive crowd.. its good for a facebook post. lol. By the by, she is lucky if it happened. but as I said I followed her in.. she said she went limp. no mud or dirt on her clothes and her mask wasnt even like messed up. lol but it made me think.. why is it always a mexican? weird.

Hump day 2021

First hump day of the year.

Hoping to get first hump. LoL

Anyway so this lack of snow has me worried. Kinda feels like March is gonna blow. It's always like equivalent exchange. If winter seems mild, it'll get you at the end of season. Same with summer.

Hope this means c-19 ends and shit gets better than ever.

So this morning I get to work and they ask me to wait with a guy going under psychiatric hold. He's sitting there in a blanket with shifty eyes like a Garfield cat clock. I'm like.. Meth? He looks at me and is like "they won't find out.. Til it's too late" he said it like 10 times.

So they come to take him and as they lift him the guard is like uggh what's that smell. LoL. Crazy guy dookied. That's what he meant by they won't find out til it's too late. Dunno if it was cuz he was crazy.. Or whatever. Kids.. Dont do drugs

Ill be ok - Addison Road

Look at me now - Look at me now.
Am I asking too much? Asking too much?
Would it be so hard - would it be so bad?
Is changing that tough? changing that tough...

And I dont know what to say to you...
And I dont know if you could ever prove that you love me
That you love me

And I dont know if I will ever be...
What I wish for in my dreams.. so Ill just be ok.

My life flies faster every day.
Can we find a way? can we find a way?
Lets start over again, can we pretend?
That everythings ok.. we're really all the same.

And I dont know what to say to you...
And I dont know if you could ever prove that you love me
That you love me

And I dont know if I will ever be...
What I wish for in my dreams.. so Ill just be ok.

Look at me now.. look at me now
Am I asking too much? asking too much?
and I dont know if Ill ever be.. what i wish for in my dreams
So Ill just be ok

Ill just be ok.. Ill just be ok..
Ill just be ok.. Ill just be ok.. Ill just be ok

And I dont know what to say to you...
And I dont know if you could ever prove that you love me
That you love me

And I dont know if I will ever be...
What I wish for in my dreams.. so Ill just be ok.

I hate conspiracy theorists even more...

If there's anything I dislike it's conspiracy theorists. I remember back when 2012 was gonna be the year we all died. There's even a movie about it. It was even tied to a Mayan calendar and Naustradamus.

I had this friend who sold his car, kissed his daughter good bye and planned to overdose. I said Rob don't be stupud. The world isn't gonna end. I don't feel anything on a cosmic level. At least wait til September.

Before September he met his current wife and forgot about the 2012 theory.

I bring this up because I read this morning some doop in Wisconsin destroyed 500 vials of the covid vaccine because he claimed it would change people's DNA. Plus microchips.

It's one thing to not vaccinate yourself, it's another to risk thousands of people's lives. I heard 1 vial had like 10 to 11 doses a piece. Math checks out. LoL thousands.

I'm not even surprised he was in Wisconsin.

No Way (You must understand)

I made reference to a subtle affair and then I got one..
what a simple machine.
The way you coax me into believing.
Then you took away the odds.
You led me down a road youd know I go.
With you.. when I had nothing and no one.
You made me think that i could have you...
Someday... that day would never come.

No way.. no way.. why did I trust again?
Uh uh.. believe me.. this is the last time.
No way.. no way.. why did I trust again?
No No.. repeating.. this is the last time for me..
You must understand..

Youve gotta admit you set a trap for me.. princess.
Maybe Im just a little paranoid - I seem a little odd.
Now the days go by like a school year.
Just like.. Im failing every class.
I realize Ill never pass here..
with you.. you let me fall behind.

No way.. no way.. why did I trust again?
Uh uh.. believe me.. this is the last time.
No way.. no way.. why did I trust again?
No No.. repeating.. this is the last time for me..
You must understand..

No way.. no way.. why did I trust again?
Uh uh.. believe me.. this is the last time.
No way.. no way.. why did I trust again?
Oh No.. repeating.. this is the last time for me..
You must understand.. you must understand
You must understand..

Dance like no one's watching...

While I skakel from the yard.

I thought it was the 3rd already. Clearly it's been a mish mash of crazy. Road blocks were up at 4. Sobriety checks. People were already beefing. Turns out a lot of people got zero chill.

Being up way before the sun.. Makes you miss it. But then I remember I spent most of 2020 on the night shift. It's like.. Why am I complaining? Besides it's my last 12 hours for the week.

So listening to some young females yesterday talk about how easy it is to get guys. Made me realize there's no quality out there. They don't bother dressing up. They just offer some poon and wammo, land themselves an unemployed stud.

This really dumb one asked me what kind of husband I had. I'm like? Husband? She's like "you're too pretty to be alone" I'm like I'm also too violent for girl talk. *pepper spray* no. I said. I'm not married. Have you seen the guys around here? Gross.

We arrested this guy one time. He was all "girls tell me I look like maroon 5" I'm like which one? Theres like 5 of them. LoL. When he said Adam.. I went Ha! Haha!

Anyway., it's 2021.. The 2nd day. It's like no one had their life together last year. Cut me some slack n kiss my a$$. When I decide to do it big... I'll do it big.

Anyway back to work

The first walk of shame...

We actually took a lot of people in last night. A combination of bootleggers and drunks. A lot of people didn't make it til midnight. It's cold this morning. It's not attic cold. But you would need a coat.

6 am walk of shame happened. We don't have cabs or ubers. If you can't get someone to pick you up. You probably gotta wait til it's warms. Nope. Walk of shame.

As I drove by random hung over people. I'm like 2021 was super.. Glad you missed it. 6 am means you were in jail by 10 pm. Dummy.

Who even goes out to rage during a pandemic? Stupids. I got home and watched Sabrina LoL.

Anyway enough of that. It's a brand new year. 7 hours into 2021...

I hope you all had a wonderful.. Safe and sober time.