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Ordinary World

Duran Duran was the bomb.

Anyway so it's the last day of the year. Was it a good year? Who is to say really. One thing I did learn, was that sometimes standing up... Takes will.

By this I mean.. You can take hit after hit. But it's you who decides if today is worth living. Don't let anyone make you feel otherwise.

I feel like this was the year of the snake, if I'm honest. A lot of toxic people came out of the wood work. A lot of lonely people with nothing going on start drama. A lot of men were acting like gossiping, trouble starting women.

It's like the story of the turtle and the snake. Snake asks for ride across water. Turtle says ok.. Don't bite me then. Sure enough snake bites turtle and says,, hey. I'm a snake... You knew this. A lot of snakes this year emerged.

The moon was still prominent as I drove to work. I felt safer knowing there's light in the dark.

That's 2020s end in a nutshell.

Illuminating light in the dark. 2020 wasn't the year we survived... It was the year we overcame. Flip it one last bird and move your @$$ on.

It's the final countdown :tunes:

2 more days til this 2020 bs is over.

It's snowing but not gonna be much. I have mixed feelings because out of the ordinary warmth means we're gonna get hit hard soon. And people don't know how to winter drive.

I got mad because when I got in my car to warm it up a bit. A dog peed on my new tire. I'm like up you crazy? You tryna own me? You dont own me. Sucka

you don't own meeeeeee

I'm weird like that. Anyway that's my break time. You been a great audience

I'm already gone...

2020 stands as the year that blew chunks.

I think we all wanted this Christmas to be a good one so we could end the year of a better note.

Malls opened, small businesses tried to contend. The ps5 and Xbox stalled on competing because of restocking issues. It was a console war free Christmas.

Of all these things. We came together.

The holidays is a highly suicidal time for some people. We lost a lot of loved ones because of covid. We basically went into social hibernation. Sites like this became standard in helping us connect to each other.

The day will come covid will die out. Cancel culture will get cancelled. Rap won't suck so much. There is a new dawn coming. Just hang in there a bit longer.

Who knows.. Maybe love will find you . Or lead you back.

Hope. Hope is what I'm saying friends. Hope is still alive. Hope with all your heart.

Stocking stuffer

That soap in the sock scene in full metal jacket made me wonder what kind of soap could make a fat man cry?

I think it's one since buddy and meth Santa never bathed or showered.

Anyway I hope y'all had a groovy Christmas. I got a sweater, a flashlight with a multitool, a bottle of blue. My signature perfume. Strawberry wine and a plate of cookies from my nieces.

Wonder woman 1984 was ok. It's just weird that it felt like every 5 minutes she saved a kid. These kids apparently had no parents. She saved 2 in the mall. Saved 2 during a highspeed chase in the desert. Then all kids at the end. They was like.. U know what this movie needs? More seemingly orphaned kids in danger. Let's add a kid saving scene.

Oh yeah, spoiler alert.

So this is Christmas...

The day started off with hoodrat activities. Some kids were out keying cars and busting windows. There's a number of places were parents aren't parenting so it's hard to pinpoint.

However... Fingerprints. We live in an era of dummies offering updna for genealogy. Dummies that need to know they are 99% Caucasian and 1% Inuit. Now you can't crime cuz the law has your DNA. If ur fam raped someone and left jizz.. It's just a matter of time.

Bada da da 🎶 and all that jizz

Hopefully things quiet again. Too much excitement at 6 am. About a year ago a local mini casino was robbed. Those dummies started celebrating with champagne. Didn't even make it to new years Eve before they got caught.

Anyway gonna seize the day and all that jaaaaazzzzzz *jazz hands*

Then one foggy Christmas eve

Mother nature should smoke some weed for her bipolarity. It snowed. Now you. Heard it's gonna be 40 degrees on Christmas.

I really wish I could slept longer or better. Probably better. Looking forward to that Christmas pizza for lunch. Well pizza, ain t nothing made or special enough to carry the Christmas title. We don't have lunch breaks. But we do get food when we pitch in. LoL.

I'll be honest. I'm always leery of the general public. Mainly because people seem to be running on basic common sense, most of the time.

Ok so there was this news story recently about a couple getting banned from United Airlines for not masking up their 2 year old. They did the woe is me thing. Playing the victim. But it's like this. You're travelling during a pandemic with a toddler. The worst thing you can do as a parent is take your kid out during a virus like maybe you want your kid infected.

So itwasnt like a life threatening travel, they wanted to go to the tree lighting ceremony in NYC. First class. They claim to have flown 4 or 5 times during the pandemic already. So here comes the lack of common sense.

How overpriviledged do you have to be to fake an outcry because you felt taking your child out during a zombie apocalypse to see people plug in a tree is a good idea? You are risking your child's health/life over stupidity? Idk

What I do know is this. America needs to stop being a nation of bullied victims. We need to stand up for important things instead of whining about Canada gets $1200 monthly. You forget Canada's money is a fraction of US money. $1200 to them is like $300 american. Exchange rates yo. Also. The people crying about money always seem to have cash for fast food.

You ever try to grab a quick lunch but the line at McDonald's is down the block? They don't have money for their kids WiFi but sure enough have it for that 20 piece nuggets and a iced coffee.

Weird right?

Enjoy your Christmas eve

Ugh I can't believe it...

It snowed. I had to drive to work on unplowed roads. These plow dudes don't bother til after 6. Which sucks for those of us who aren't sales folks.

It's supposed to let up around noon. So plows will be out by then. It was so nice yesterday.

Anyway so it's 2 days from Christmas. I had a good year financially. Hope it continues. These are golden days.. Open sleighs. Anyways.

Ima grind my day away. Stay sexy

I'll have frosted flakes.. She said

Then she shook the frost flakes off the top of her head. And I'm like who this chick think she is? This was my experience getting fuel this morning. It took awhile for the line to thin out. I wonder if people are more lax because of the vaccine. Vaccine isn't cure. Imagine right. U get the shot. It gives you covid. You walk around infecting people thinking you're immune. You aren't immune. Your body is working on getting immune. You're spreading it by being awake at 5 am cashing in your lotto tix without a mask. Common sense is severely lacking. I've noticed lately a lot of women are coming at me because of covid and my blogs apparently. 3 chicks since Wednesday. Id hate but thanks for being readers. Heart you

If you leave me now....

You'll take away the biggest part of me🎶 woo ooooh

Chat has been so lame lately. Especially in the mornings. Same ol shyt for months. You could probably predict what people say because it never changes.

The other day battle was crying that beer was friends with me. Like legit any hint of testosterone has left that guy. He's like a big dramatic gay guy. He claimed I was in love with beer. It's like LMAO. I'm not here for love. Pfft.

But legit it's a shyt show everyday. With koo coming back around its gonna get lamer. Lamer.

I'm glad I'll be working tho. Won't have to be drug in that disappointing drama by a bunch nobodies.

You did what? In my own home?

Rami shredded a towel. I'm like that's ok. You ever show that aggression to me, I will deny you the head strokes u require to function. No way is some cat gonna do that. Then again, it's just a towel.. Not like I can't just buy new towels. But if you don't reel in your fam, they act like fools.

Anyway the bonus about this shift has always been sun up. It was pink.. Then orange. A little frost. It's almost Christmas. Been tryna stay in the mood.

I need the holidays to remind me 2020 wasn't a complete sh#t show. I'm probably working Christmas which is fine. I'll just eat my Christmas dinner without worrying about anyone or anything. I'm cool like that. Fk drama

😂 you're in love with me

And I don't blame you. Who wouldn't be?

I had a fun little time last night. It was pretty good to just chill out a bit. Works been so hectic. So..

To the loser up at 6 am hoping to catch me to troll me. Tee hee hee. Look at how pathetic you are. And it's just getting worse. . Always knew u wanted me.

Just admit your lesbianic feelings n set yourself free. I told you over the summer.. Its never gonna happen. I'd never be your friend. Never tried to be. Never had the urge. You asked me why I hate you. I don't. You're a pointless void. I've never seen one redeeming thing about you. Not one.

You can continue trying to get my attention. Everyone who knows me knows why you lie about me. Even the few you opened up to who told me how insecure I make u feel. You aren't gonna win. Fade in the background. and have a happy holiday

Please, it's just plain yogurt

Said Yogurt in spaceballs

Another cold morning. The risk probably isn't worth the reward. The sudden jolt to the system. Jarring but then it's supposed to be.

I wrapped presents last night. Felt good to like lose myself for 40 minutes. Forget the dramas from work..from life. Put down the scissors after cutting wrapping paper without threatening to stab anyone. Jk

We are closer to Christmas. Which reminds me....i hope Christmas brings clear skies. Why? Because Jupiter n Saturn will align and light up the skies in what scientists are calling the Christmas star. A celestial even that hasn't occurred since the 1600s. Perhaps a pay off for a shit show year.

Be there or be square

Shadow functions...

What are they? They're things your mind doesn't see but others do. Sort of like a tell in poker. Or when you tell a lie and your voice leans toward a slight giggle or higher vocal inflection. These are things you aren't aware of but others who know you well can see,

A lot of times these shadow functions can tell you A lot about others.

On wire one of these things is ghosting. A lot of people have wack personalities. The need for attention overtakes them and a tiny bit of small world celebrity is enough to turn somewhat ok people into toxic trash.

I'm not pointing fingers. If I feel this is about you, get over it. I'm explaining your shadow function. This need to ghost and have people talk about you.. That's your crazy unwired mind. Not me.

I've not one time this year had a friend turn on me. I've not lost friends. I've not had to turn on anyone or choose sides. Why? Because i can separate reality from a chat room. That and I'm supremely manipulative. Even if you don't think I'm manipulating you. Almost likely am. ENTJs shadow function is getting others to do what I want. I share this information because I'm not scared.

People who hate me can't stop talking about me. I've impacted their life so much they ban together and plot hacking me. Sit in chat rooms all night waiting. Read my blogs like fanatic worshippers. Friendships based on hating me never last.

Take a look at the friends who aren't your friend no longer and ask yourself.. Am I worth being this lonely you spend your Friday night glued to your phone.. Waiting for me to appear? Sad ain t it? Hahaha

On the eleventh day of christmas.. well december

the 12 days count down.. so confusing.

The weather keeps dipping and the days get darker.. still. I shine bright like a diamond. Over the course of weeks.. covid has taken center-stage in many aspects. Today I saw an article "Covid.. devastates childhood"

Its like.. people are made to be weaker. people in their 30s-40s still milking the whole "I was bullied in highschool" thing. You are meant to overcome and get past these things. Not be weak. As it is.. since autism has become the hot ticket.. people frequently claim their child has it instead of dealing with them. I read an article on yahoo months ago about this guy who tried to shame disney because his autistic child didnt want to wear a mask during the pandemic.

He said "Disney wants my disabled child to suffocate" but its like.. we're in the middle of a pandemic.. masks save lives. But all he wanted was attention and free disney passes for his kid. Why endanger your child's life? Why endanger anyone's lives? Im glad disney shut down. Its for the benefit of all.

If people stayed home and wore masks.. this would have ended a long time ago.

Recently a friend told me she was in the city and this couple kept giving her and her neice the eye.. so they finally spoke.. The guy was from Armenia and his wife was Russian. They were complaining about having to move to SD but felt it was easier to live in a no-mask state. they left texas to live mask free. and was wondering why they wore masks. the interesting part is the man made a claim about a future assassination attempt on a democratic politician. Which is when they called the cops on him.

I think its wrong for foreigners to get mixed up in American politics. Anyway the guy said he repeated what was in the news. there was no way to really.. figure out if he was a terrorist or whatever. He was released because crime without evidence.. isnt a crime. idk. Covid got everyone too scared to do anything.

I just want to repeat this.. Covid Vaccine.. is not a cure. Like any vaccine.. its a mild dose of the disease itself so your body can identify it.

These brittle bones...

Gosh dern it was cold this morning. You know warming up your car us more if a comfort thing. People been saying gotta warm up my engine. That's not the case. Your car starting is determined by your battery and alternator. Metal doesn't care if it's 5 degrees out.

Anyway there were a lot of elderly out before 6 am. As I stood in line for gas this elderly fellow was all "These brittle bones woke me this wife's" it was like it's too early for jokes. Get your coffee n gooooo

I keep feeling like I'm still on 12s. It's like 6 and a half hours left. I feel like I got less reason to complain about it. Anyway I just realized I haven't seen any birds in awhile. The past few years I saw no migration. It was ducks n song birds all year. Made me wonder if something had changed.

Seeing nothing is a good indication that everything is fine.

I know one avid reader is waiting to see if I mention her after last night. That's all your getting. It's time to show today what a up!

It's true... It was me

I put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop

Day off and I only got 7 hours sleep. Lame. Anyway.. So I been complaining about nonmaskers when I'm out. I'm like someone of u need to cover your faces. Gross. Suddenly I'm the ahole. It's like.. You're the one endangering people.

Then.. I saw a rancher on a horse and I was like.. 🎶cowboy taaaake me away🎶

I can suppress a lot of things but deep down, Im still female. Still prone to attractive guys on horse back with strong jaws spitting chaw. Sorry!

But yeah they did a schedule change mid week. That usually pisses me off. But it's to 8 hour shifts 5 days. Some normalcy. It's because ppl need time to Christmas shop and we can't use time off at the fat into 2020. Compromise!

It all works out.

Anything is possible as long as you can figure out what's wrong and fix it.

Cheap booze

I only get 2 days off this week. I'm so essential that way. So I gotta use my rdos to the best of my advantage. Christmas shopping. It's gonna be mild weather. Might as well.

So I noticed booze is cheap. So cheap it makes me wonder that all these sloshed drunks lately is because they can afford it now. LoL. Saw they sold whiskey for $5 for a bottle that used to cost $25. Cheap drinking. Atleadt there's one benefit of this economy.

There was a heist on booze a few days ago. This couple stole 5 gallons of vodka and $50 at gun point. They're still on the loose. Finding them wont be long cuz we are a nation of snitches.

Snitches don't get stitches. U can do time for assault. Just shame them. Shame on all ya houses

Nebraska sux

Yesterday I had to restock on tools and various items needed at work. I didn't want to shop here Cuz a lot of places don't wear masks. It's a bunch of white yokels who sport maga gear. I always thought Nebraska was nice and thought the drive would get my mind off stuff.

So anyway I get to where I'm going and it's terrible. Lotta bloated fat cornfed yokels not wearing masks. They had the nerve to have signs up like.. "Plz wear masks for the safety,of our essential workers" and no one in that place had masks. Well, there was a older white guy in his 60s.

He explained it like this. "I do care about my family, I want to see my grandkids for a long time. I know you see these people not wearing masks... They stopped when Trump said theres a vaccine" we both said almost the same time "vaccine is not a cure"

So I went to gas up. There were a lot of women without masks. With toddlers in the backseat. Idk. I mean if they want to bury a child. I would never wish to expose any child to a sickness that killed nearly 300000 people. But that's cuz I have a conscience. Empathy. Intelligence.

Suffer rather than see suffer because pain isn't meant to be eased, it's meant to be overcome.

Microwave egg sandwich

Lol. I made a quick microwave egg sandwich before work. Tip. Waxed paper plates.

Anyway it's nice for December. Been through some terrible winters. One time me and my ex got trapped in the apartment for 5 days. We didn't shop cuz we both worked. We both trudged through snow banks for Doritos n bologna.

One time when I was a kid. It snowed so bad the snow was like 5ft tall. Everyone got hit by surprise. A neighbor named Tony went house to house asking people if they needed groceries as he would take lists n money and make his way to the store. This was the time before Ramen.

Anyway I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I hate being trapped. Hate having to travel for work. But I love when my,moisturizer crystalizes and my skin sparkles. Oooh. Ahhh.

Anyway that's my break. Back to work.

I'm a little confused. (Bet u think this blog is about you)

So I found the closet they hide the decorations in at work. LoL I saw something that made me laugh.

There was a witch dummy sitting on a box. Under her was a sign that said "Come here my pretty" but I saw it out if the corner of my eye. I thought it said "cum hard in my panties" I fell over laughing.

Now I can see why theres a lot of people with weak reading comprehension.. With their crooked winky eyes or eyes that can't open wide enough to read. At Least you have your own fun.

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas. I for one. Can't wait.

Getting it on and getting it over

I havent always said the best things about a former chatter called Buddy.. but he taught me something I will never forget. that there's life out there. His anger came from being shut in and making himself disabled with his weight gain and hate. it makes you want to get out of the house. But we cant because of Covid.

But... as I said before.. Im not gonna be like him.. Im not gonna die in a chatroom hating the world. Its like.. meh. Yesterday I addressed something that kind of made me question myself. It was about people crying about my blogs and threatening me. and as much as I like being hated. The fact I mentioned it.. kind of ruined it. I shoulda kept it to myself.

The part of me that is all warrior.. urges me to fight. Tonight as herpy was trolling the room.. I realized.. I fell back into the same pattern I keep trying to break away from. Ive broken the pattern of mentioning battle. I hardly ever do til someone brings it up. idk. I feel like I lose myself going back on things I said I wont.. but Rome.. wasnt built in a day.

I am reminded.. a warriors life is death and beauty. it isnt worrying about racists or lame asses. Its about winning.. and its time to win.

Hurting feelings and dirty dealings

I was threatened an house to by a bloated white knight named Jayd. Apparently its because of some blogs I wrote awhile back.

I'm not going to have my opinions silenced by anyone. You can choose to block me and not read them. I really don't care how it makes you feel. If you don't want people thinking you're racist and a liar then obviously stop those things. I didnt make you this way.

It's funny getting threatened by a bloated short wuss. It's entertaining. Because you clearly got nothing better to do than check on ol warcryz blog. This is your life now. Reading my blogs. I am the center of your world now. Feels good right? You feel closer to me now right? Ha!

The fact you're reading my blogs and crying about it. That's a win. Hahaha 😂