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Goodbye free pizza

I'm switching to day shift. I was on the late shift. It was nice and peaceful but I need sunlight and the ability to not get trapped at work in case it snows bad.

The covid vaccine is supposed to land tomorrow. Pfizer brand I believe. Moderna blows. I feel like if the right scientists get covid from the vaccine., overcome it. They won't be scared to take a closer look at it and figure out how to end it. I think the reason it took this long is the fear of dying from it. The death toll is higher than itshould have been.

If there was a mask mandate. It's just 2weeks. I've been through 6 lockdowns and it wasn't too terrible. But now that science can get immune and have a time table to,get closer to looking at it, a cure cant too far off. Vaccine is not a cure. Vaccine gives u a tiny doses your body recognizes it and can fight it.

Don't go thinking theres a cure and now it's safe to go out drinking or on those gross tinder dates. With that I must recharge.

Stay safe

Political people on wire...

I don't really talk about politics. I mean can you really? You ever notice people don't talk about trade deficits or federal aid to other countries? Heaven forbid having a position on abortion, taxes or funding technological advances.

All you ever hear out if people is "MAGA" or "you're a leftist liberal" it makes me seriously question people's intelligence. Blame everything on the democrats and liberals.

It's like therapy in the 90s. Pass the buck on personal responsibility rather than just admit you're garbage. Blame your mother has become blame the democrats. Yet say you believe in voting and democrasy

As soon as anyone says that garbage.. I take away 20 iq points. Because a. You're trash talking about something you clearly don't understand. And b. You have no personality, do you spout off the same garbage to find like minded dimwits to start a bandwagon down the road of political dumba$$ery.

I've said it numerous times. There hasn't been anyone worth believing in, to get excited about politics for. Give us a new JFK. A new MLK. Something.

However, I did back Joe Biden this election. For 3 reasons.

1. I'm sick of Trump. dealing with old racists on wire made me realize, Trump needs to be silenced. He's old and obese and could die in the next 4 years. Ya done.

2. Covid sucks. The mask mandate should be upheld for the month it would take to kill off covid. This isn't about taking away a right to choose. It's about saving lives, especially yours.

3. Rebooting economy. Trump has been bankrupt for decades. He closed trading with other countries. Yet, when covid started a whole year ago, instead of closing travel for the 2 - 3 weeks it takes to stop being infectious. He waited til March. 5 months. 5 months! Clearly he doesn't know anything.

With that being said. I don't care if you love or hate me. I'm not here for your love. 😂