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At The End....

"At the end"
One day my head filled up with thoughts. - One day I said I would never get caught.
One day I explored all the possible ways - One day I swore I would understand it.

I open up.. I dream awake.
I open up.. and I dream...

One night my good intentions turned me away - One night I left my hell and found out I stayed.
One night I became all the people I hate - One night I swore I would never relate...

I open up.. I dream awake
I open up.. and I dream.. and I find.

There is light... there is hope... there is a glow.

feels like everyday Im being tested.. :D

But not by God.

My job is suuuper essential. Empires would collapse without meee.

But it also puts me at risk and all year Ive had to deal with the risk of working where I work. All year long Ive beenn safe.. Masking up.. hand sanitizer.. washing my clothes frequently.. changing my bedding every couple days. Avoiding people.

So far this month Ive been tested 3 times.. today is my 4th. Not that getting covid would be bad for me. I dont have any health conditions and I take care of myself. today was different.. Today was the rapid test.. and it hurt more than the other test.. or maybe the nurse was a sadist. It was so deep my eyes watered and my eyes twitched.

Then she's like.. "We'll call in 3 hours" So I got nothing to do but sit and wait. they gave me a rapid test because I do got to work in a bit. I was exposed the other day but am not asymptomatic. I havent been able to sleep.. Everything tastes weird.. so these are good signs as lack of taste and the inability to stay awake and 2 symptoms. haha

The virus just gets closer and closer and I cant just quit. Its not a monetary issue, more or less.. no one can do what I do. thats why its just 4 people doing it on rotating shifts. Im not going to sit here and rub my ego thinking im irreplacable. Its more or less no one wants to risk it to keep murrica safe.. so I work.. for you.. for democrasy.. for screaming eagles that shout FREEDOM!

So I better be negative. then again, I could use time off.

221 days

This corona Virus bs woulda been over if it werent for stupid riots.. stupid marches.. stupid convention.. stupid people in general.

I stayed home.. went to work. stayed safe.. masked up sanitizered myself down.. and yet.. this stupidness is still going because people cant seem to stay the hell home.

lol Im tired of talking about it.. so Ima talk about something else.

Did you know... when you see your gypsy.. and it all comes down. OOohhh whooooaaaahhhhhh.

anyway Im just trying to earn my super blogger badge.. dont mind me.

Things Ive learned about yesterday...

After a dramatic chat yesterday involving myself and sunquaker.. I came to realize some crazy stuff. One.. I really honestly, dont care about it.. and 2.. lol.

She really didnt have anything shocking to say.. so she turned to racism. Called me poverty stricken. Called my parents poverty stricken because I gave me mom some money. My mom does work and she is still making money. But with covid making things hard, I decided to help because thats my mom and she's raising my neices since my sister passed. SO I mentioned I wasnt living with my mom like she is. lol. you're supposed to take care of your parents when they are old. Not them take care of you forever.

Anyway. She referenced back in March, when we first started having lock downs and I mentioned they asked us to carpool to make sure we all made it to work through covid check points. I did this twice. She claims its cuz Im poverty stricken native.. Meanwhile.. I mentioned she's driving a car trying to pass it off as a lexus. Which she is..

A week or so ago I mentioned to everyone.. I was getting spam from and christianmingle. Im like I got an email saying I got banned from ChristianMingle.. whoever used my email sure is living life. She claims I said I signed up for it. Im not a loser like her.. she always talks about her tinder profile. lol tinder is for kcuf.. not love.

Then.. and this is the best part.

She asks battle if Brat ever sent him "Sexy pix" and he said "you did too". LOL! SO all these things she was claiming everyone did.. she does herself. She sends guys photos of her in undies and they become flies to the shhht that is her. So far there's a list building.. Battle.. def cuz he said so. Workerbeenick.. maybe. lol. the point being.. she sends out "sexy pix" and accuses others of it. Hillarious!

So alot of things were learned yesterday thanks to a drunk lush who doesnt know when to shut her mouth. 1.. she lies alot.. 2. she sends out sexy pix.. 3.. she needs to sober up.

And Kitty if you are out there reading... u were the best 3rd imposter. "this is an among us reference"

Burnt friends

What does friendship mean to you?

I've always been good to my friends. Always stood up for them. People who don't know me don't know this. Which is why it made me laugh when a few doofuses were spreading rumors about me.

The fact Mr and Mrs Doofus were telling people I was molested and burnt friends didn't bother me is because they don't know anything. I don't get so bored I turn on people. Don't do it.

I know things. I know when people lie. Which is why I don't worry.

Recently battle was calling me a liar. I asked him what I lied about. He kept changing topics. My point in saying this now is this... U can hurt people more with the truth than lying. That's why lizzo sang truth hurts. It does.

That's why I tell jokes. If you dont get them, sucks to be you. I'd rather have fun anyways

Happy Native American Day

Since the mid 90s. south dakota has been celebrating native american day.. a change from columbus day.. which was deemed insensitive to a race that was nearly obliterated by immigrants.

Native American Day isnt a new thing. Its not a recent change. Its been around for decades. all these racist folk complaining.. shut it.

Today is a day about celebrating.. not crying like the racist S.O.B you might be. so enjoy it.

Watch them fly... Away

I love catching the walk of shame. We don't have taxis or uber's. So people get out of jail have to walk. The recent months we have had these due to pandemic. But drunks don't care.

Something compels them to drink. Escapism most times. The need for social interaction takes precedence to safety and well being. I feel sorry for them. Esp if they try hard to go to bars but end up drinking alone.

By the by, the great walk of shame. Reserved for drunken chicks after a night of bad choices. It's become the long walk home after getting caught being a drunken tool.

Lotta people wearing neck gaiters. Looking like the turtle neck to hide a gross hickey. I can dig that. Anyway to begin the day

Witches of Eastwick... Except it's 🇺🇸 chat

I watched the witches of Eastwick last night and started thinking. It's kinda like united states chat.

In my theory. Michelle pfiefer is Brat. Cher is sloop and Susan Sarandon is sun. And Jack Nicholson is Battle.

Battle comes in. Tries to be seductive but it turns out he's a demonic turd. Who cries like a baby that he wants to be loved.

Meanwhile I'm the tickle tickle cherry barfing lady.

And now battle is destroyed cuz no one liked him. The end.

Thursday? Blursday hopefully

Another day on the grind.

Speaking of grinds, why do gross men think I want them on me. While getting gas this morning. Old dude refused to social distance. So I got out of line and flipped him off. His expression was classic.

Anyway have a good morning. I gotta heavily disinfect the office space. Toodles.

Ghosting people (radio topic)

So I'm listening to Ryan Seacrest ambush call people about their relationships. This chick was all. Ryan, I met Ben in Instagram.. We went on a date. He ghosted me. I demand answers.

So Ryan calls this guy acting like Ben is gonna be a scumbag. Ben says. She didn't tell me she was married or had kids.

This chick went haywire. Talking bout "how did you know" then back pedaled about "people know know me know about it, it's not a secret"

The point being he didn't know her, thus no 2nd date. It wasn't lying, so much as with holding. But still. If ur dating someone you'd be like. I'm divorced n got a kid. If u wanna bail, see ya.

People make things complicated.