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Grunting for Precious Chili

Its never been said, too much chili will send u to death. never!

Its a bright ass day.. Im stuck to being awake in the morning. this morning I decided to go for a walk. since no ones out and school kids sleep to miss zoom meetings. I fed Rami and went for a walk about 4 blocks over. Thats when I saw him.. and I knew.. He sheet his pants.

I been noticing people been having bowel troubles lately. Like we had 2 people exploding in their salvation army draws. And i thought to myself.. what is the common tie between these 2 people? asked where they are. Im like it cant be heat stroke. its hot but not stroke hot.

idk.. I think its related to the produce we are given lately.. in america. We had recalled lettuce. onions.. its like everything is covered on salmonella. Maybe we just need to eat it and survive. I mean its supposedly a depression. If u want to end it all. eat a salad. Legit ranch makes anything taste better. And it might make ur poos smell less like u shoved a skunk in your booty. SO with this I say. watch what u eat.. clean your veggies.. and live forever!

When obvious lies take hold.

It's not a secret people often embellish. A lot of times the grand illusion is too grand. But as they say, sometimes truth is better than fiction.

We've all seen them. Talking bout owning multiple homes, working top level jobs. Hidden millions. Stock market geniuses. Taking cruises every year. Trying to pass off a Craigslist mitsubishi for a Lexus or a Porsche.

Then you find they live in their sisters basement on foot, too proud to work at Denny's. Too embarrassed to admit you failed. The spice added isn't always better tasting.

Today, I heard someone lie to their mama. It wasn't me. It's not my fault. I didn't do anything. And yet. You're in jail. Funny how that works. So my advice is this.

Change what makes u feel bad. Stop lying to your mom and be happy. And wear your masks... Your covid masks😷

Schitzos are the shytzos

Every now and then we get em. The crazies. The one we has tonight says he was an alien. He was upset about his DNA not being used to synthesize a cure for all diseases. So I'm like, how do we get your DNA? Lol mistake.

Primitive masturbation was the answer.

After about an hour the disorderlies showed up and Hannibal Lectered him away. But before he left he imparted this wisdom upon me. "We are here. And we came looking for sluts. Our race is dying and we came to hybreed" not hybrid.. Hybreed.

So be careful who u date. LoL

I'm a leddy

Ok so check it. I left for work.

I stop at pnp to get a Arizona fruit punch. You know, the big cans. LoL so I grab a can. And thought I felt someone watching me. I'm like whatever. So I go to the snack aisle for gardettos. And this guy comes around the corner like. "Oops. I keep running into you."

So I turn to go back down the drinks aisle. He shows up coming the opposite route. He sorta smushes me against the powerades and rubs his weiner into my leg. I'm like Hey! 😠 Then he says. "Do you wanna meet me outside?" I'm like. Eww! You think you can get me? Gross!

I run up to the cashier and im like "that man rubbed his little d on me!" Haha. So anyway I didn't wanna be late for work. So I'm like take his pic n watch him He might rape a kid or something. Guy got banned from PnP. LoL. And that's my traumatizing story.

Richard's little sausage

It's 5:25. Still no dawn. Cool breeze. It's nearly breakfast time. The thing I don't get is everyone's need to eat at noon. I mean yeah that's lunch time, when u was a kid.

If I had a lunch hour, I'd take it randomly
Leave a sign like.. I'm out. Wait or go. No one makes me miss the food cart.

Yesterday, I just an old man's feelings. He tried to troll me and I,outedhim. For that, I'm sorry Richard. Stay in that closet until u find the right outfit. Until ur ready to be fabulous.

And to the rest of yas. Be excellent to Each other.

A wet t shirt contest no one asked for

Its been mist the past few mornings. People have been careful not to end up in jail. But we do take in people. Being drunk and rowdy doesn't take a break. Soon as their 8 hours is up, it's like.. Peace. U can go. Since we don't have cabs or uber's.. People walk. The walk of shame is always grand.

Lotta out of shape people were let go in this mist. Lotta wet tee shirts. It's gonna be gross in a funny way.

At 6 am.. U take what you u can. Hope it means summer is over.

Crazy pills...

It's Friday. 5:30 and no dawn yet.

It's misty out and I like it. Glad weather is normal. I love fall. Esp when it's misty. Kinda cleans everything without making mud puddles.

People have made assumptions, even rumors about me over this year. How I'm out making enemies.. Burning friends. Assorted gibberish. I've not lost a single friend all year. I've not turned on anyone. I've not stabbed any backs. I've not been lying and hurting people for the sake of a chat room.

I've told people I don't like, that I don't like them. I've called scumbags.. Scumbags. Ive not changed my m.o. since I've been here.

My point being. I'm the chizz. The cheese wiz. The best there was and is. Deal with it.


7 daysssss

It's been. 1 week since I looked at me. Turned ur head to the side and ur dead ho.

A week ago I was called a ca-ca-ca-cold hearted... Snake. Been waiting for my girl interruption. As I said before what is there to be scared of? Gonna look ahead. Get things done. Life is too short to be waiting on a Karen,to put down her burger and demand I delete.

Karen's yo. Nuff said.

This weekend is gonna be good. Robert Pattinson has covid. Hope it wrecks him up,a little. Just to prove this disease is real and bad. Lofts dummies out 5gere saying it's a scam.

What exactly is the scam? Cheating u out of working for money for free for 2 months? I don't get the scam. Wake up. The president is doing a lot of stupid things and y'all are worried about things that aren't important. Whatever. It is what it is.