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Trumps Unified Reich

He will use evil German words and it'll reach the bigots like maple syrup to fatties. They will sop that shit up.

But it will fail. Because Swift hates him.

He hasnt selected a running mate because no obe really likes him. Pence was like.. Yeah.. No. Fuck that guy.

But he still appeals to the wannabes.

The broke white folk calling themselves Republican.

I made a reference to this in past blogs.

"If Trump is not texting, emailing you or spam messaging your phone, you aren't Republican."

Guess who claims got emailed from Trump? LoL. Futz. Futz reads my blogs.

I made a joke last night... I'd write a blog like MS Weatherdown of Bridgerton. LoL

Dear Specialest Minded reader.

The Republicans ball was full,of bloated racists but you were not there as Trump's Diamond of the season. Sucketh to be you..eth.

And with that. I bid you adieu

Son of a ditch

So I'm talking to the lunch ladies out of boredom and they gave me the tea on diabeteena. LoL

So they said Friday. Dia, told them the guy she is seeing proposed. And I'm like 3rd one this year. LoL.

Anyway.. Dia took the opportunity to celebrate by getting the guy drunk all weekend, the ugly chick beauty secret.

Anyway, when they were drunk, she went misery drunk and threw his deceased wife's photo. And said oops. The way she said oops tho. LoL.

He grabbed her overnight bag and told her to leave. Guess everyone who was there left because it was awkward. Lolly was soberish and stopped to gas up and get water and as she travelled back to town.. She saw Dia walking by the road.

Lolly was like "I wasn't even concerned but I wanted the tea. So I picked her up." LoL

So apparently, Dia claims he just pulled over after getting 5 miles away from his house and told her to get out. She was all "I'm tellin you I'm not going.. You the best man I ever knew"

Anyway dude hit up FB last night and told people she started hitting him on the way back to her house so he stopped and got her out of the car and was like.. Bye"

So dia shows up today angry and playing depressing music. And acting like a bitch. And weirdly she starts flirting with prisoners. LoL

I'm like.. The weirdest part is that everyone just expects failure from her. And she delivers.

It's been an ugly weekend with freshly released 18 year olds drunk and being annoying. Hopefully the end of school year carnival shows up. Make everyone broke for the summer πŸ˜†

Bridgerton S3 so far

I made the joke.. I wish I was white then I could enjoy shit like Bridgerton. πŸ˜†

There aint shit out so Im like why not? Gorl.. Goooorrrrrrlllll. LoL. As cheesy as it was, it had some well played parts.

If you're new like I am. Bridgerton is about high society Britain, I assume. I'm not gonna investigate. LoL. However it's too diverse to be England. W/E

Its about rich people breeding with rich people and often lying about their money. It's about scheming to ger a husband before you're a spinster at 21. They take modern music and turn it into symphonic music for their bland waltz.

Like in a knights tale when they made "we will rock you" into chamber music. LoL

Anyway gorl., it's about the bridgerton family. Bitch had 7 kids. 4 boys and 3 girls. The oldest girl flopped and They need to marry up to stay in the game. So this season the 2nd daughter Is being paraded around to land a rich husband.. Ceot she has jungle fever.

This season is about the 3rd son Colin. Blossoming into a horny weirdo and the fat girl across the street. Penelope.

Penelope has a plan to find a husband. She asks Colin to help. Anyway one night she begs him desperately for a kiss and he does and the fact she begged tugs at his weiner string. I mean heart string. He falls in love with her.

I dont hate Penelope. shes pretty. Has long firey red hair. And has big jugs which you dont see on fat girls now days. Now days you get Lizzo. Fat with disappointing depressed boobs.

The acting was good betwixt Colin and Penelope. But theres a problem looming.

Now.. Spoiler alert. Colin finger banged Penny and asked her to marry him. Which im like cool. But He doesnt know she's the gossip columnist Miss Weatheringtonshirestone or whatever. So when he finds out they will break up. But then he will miss the smell and taste of sweet and sour pork and will come back.

It's too predictable.

But I needed to write today

Csnt wait for the next binge drop

Diddys empire is going down

In recent weeks. Sean "p.diddy" combs has been subject of a lot of turmoil. A lot of it dealing with his ex-gf Cassie Ventura.

Histone was raided by the FBI on suspicion of sex trafficking and abuse.

Today a video was released from 2016 showing Diddy beating Cassie in a hotel hallway.

And it's like.. Damn. Shit was really bad. Cassie been through a lot. Back in the day the nude pix she sent to diddy were put out in public. Then she says she was sex trafficked by Diddy.

Black people came to his defense like., y'all just after an innocent black man. When Cassie is not white either. Trying toforce a racism issue.

Cassie started her career under his record label Bad Boy Records. Ended up being his girlfriend for a number of years.

Having to endure abuse. Gurrrrrl.

Anyway.. Shit is hitting the fan.

Karma bout to,bitch slap you Diddy.


Shock and Awe is getting old

The shock and awe tactics have gained attention since Trump used tbe tactics to win the hearts of many bigots. But now it's become bland entertainment. Passe?

Shock and awe for attention comes in a lot 2if forms. If done right, can lead to some fun times. But not all the time. And it feels forced now.

Like comedians saying no to editing jokes and gaining a little attention. The draw back being.. You're a comedian. Doubt anyone is gonna show up to hear one joke.

Recently there was a woman. Um. Elisa Jordana. Woman is a train wreck. About a decade ago,she was in a band called "Cobra Starship" she got kicked out for throwing a drunk party with 15 year olds. Then they made it big. πŸ˜†

From there she did a stint on Howard Stern, first as a guest then a model. Then she started doing YouTube. Then she was engaged to Andy Dick, but he chucked her for being too clingy. πŸ˜†

Then she does a luve stream and assault a her husband/partner. Now shes like "staged entertainment" got on TMZ. I'm sure she called them herself, put a napkin on the receiver and pretended to be a fan. LoL.

Another example are the toolbag troll chatters who come in. Say sonething like "Hershee99 loves LocoLarry at the bathhouse with huge cucumbers" trying to be shocking for attention.

Another example. Trump still yammering away and people still giving attention.

But thats society. How else do we teach the autistic.

It's called a hook.


And the hook brings you back. All this you can rely on.

X-Men 97 S01E10

"Tolerence is Extinction P3"

We come back to Magneto and Xavier in a memory of their time in the military. The day they revealed their powers to each other. Magneto recognizes they are in a dream and refuses to talk it out.

Xavier hives him an ultimatum. Fix the world or get mind wiped. Magneto frees himself only to be put in a catatonic state my Xavier. Both in Magnetos mind. I thought.. Uh oh here comes Onslaught.

We come back to see Jeans hair and arm sinking undervthe water. Bastian has captured the others and Cable is in resting bitch pose. Bastian reveals his anger that Xavier had denied him as a child. Refusing the truth as Storm tells him otherwise. As he iscabout to have Cable executed the ground rumbles.

The Phoenix returns and her wrath ensues. She puts the depower ring on Bastian. She burns away the stolen DNA within Mr Sinister and sends him running. The Phoenix then leaves Jean.

The phoenix is not like a temper tantrum. The Phoenix is a cosmic entity. It often leaves its bearers marked and often returns when it feels the need. In a version, it had bonded with Cyclops but felt him unworthy and left, LoL.

Anyway Bastian rips off Cables arm and uses the tech and his techno virus to evolve to his death angel form. He leaves out to go sink asteroid M causing another apocalypse like the one that killed the dinosaurs.

Meanwhile the muggles decide to nuke asteroid M. To prevent the destruction,of Earth.

The space gang are warned Bastian is on the way and he is "The future incarnate"

He is met by Rogue. And not she does not hold back. I love that when they fight now it's more artistic and amazing lile anime. It makes what 90s coulda been be. LoL

Bastian fights Rogue.. Sunspot
. and takes them out. He then faces nightcrawler who did an,ok job til he got taken out. Then he has a pretty cool fight with Cyclops. But overcomes him too. Finally he duels it with Jubilee who melts his face with a blast that sense him into a wall and crushed by a sentinel head.

As Bastian gets up he goes on his "now you did it bitch" monologue only to be stomped on by an incoming sentinel.

Inside the sentinel is Storm, Jean. Morph and Beast. As they are about to take out Bastian. Cyclops stops and offers Bastian a place. Bastian rants of war beyween humans and mutants.

Jean remarks "Humans arent worried about war. They will always make babies and mutants born happen with or without reason. It's evolution. They will have to accept that"

Bastian says " Humans won't accept mutants for kids" and poimts them at the oncoming nukes.

The nukes don't blow up the asteroid. And it starts falling. Bastian is seemingly killed by the blast.

Cyclops and Jean appear to Cable and say good bye.

With Asterpid M falling the X-Men try to both delay iys fall and attempt to reach critical mass and blow it up. With Rogue, Storm and Jean attempting to slow its fall and beast and Cyclops attempting to blow it up.

We go back to Magneto and Xavier trapped in Magnetos mind. Xavier telling magneto he will mot abandon him. Asking him to remember the man he wanted to be. Not the one he became. To remember what he shared on that day he met. Magneto rises.

Magneto stops the fall,of asteroid M and it seemingly blows up.

Months later we find a world without the X-Men. Bishop reappears to tell forge that tje X-Men arent dead. They aren't a where.. But a when.

We come back to find Rogue, nightcrawler, beast..storm. Xavier and magneto in the past, wuth a young Apocalypse, who is thought to be the first mutant.

We find Scott and Jean in the future with an adolescent Cable.

Some quick notes. I recognized.

On the moon when Rogue is beating up Bastian. They end up at moon ruins featured in the phoenix saga. With a sculpted head of what looked like Apocalypse.

When tje asteroid was falling, the radio station said "1996.6" which is when the ahe of apocalypse story line began in,the comics.

The Askani Tribe named themselves after Mother Askani, who is also Rachel Grey. Who sent Jean and Cyclops into the future to raise Cable. Rachel is Cyclops and Jeans daughter from another timeline who goes by Grey cuz her dad cheated on Jean with Emma Frost.

So tje signs lead to,tje age of apocalypse. Which,if you think about it. Was hinted at with morphs appearance in 97. With his AoA appearance. 😎

Oh no.. Not Lori Beth :(

Lori Beth Denberg has come out and revealed she was groomed by Dan Schneider.

She says it began with showing her porn. Then it developed into a relationship where sexual feeling was involved.

I believe her.

Who could resist those massive teen melons. That's round booty? She offer wore dresses fir easy access. I kid.

But honestly. She should have co.r forward when the others did, been part if the documentary. Matbe she felt like up til the documentary came out, the sexual abuse was just her. The fact it was just her, to her own self made it a relationship. Who knows?

I hope she gives a full interview.

Add her to,the #metoo movement.

God bless you

We gon find you!!!

Last Wednesday actor Steve Buscemi got punched in the face by an,unknown man in NYC Park.

First if all. HOW DARE YOU?

Buscemi is a treasure. During 9/11 he bravely looked for bodies. He was a NYC fireman.

You dare assault a real hero?

We will find you. And you will suffer to your last breath! Suffer!

Happy Monday

Mother's day 24

Well Happy Mothers day!

Kind of exciting huh? Finally great weather. Lotta flowers and chocolates.


Have a great ome

Gordon Black is totally stupid

US soldier detained by Russia

After Gordon Black and his Russian gf Aleksandra made a ton of videos damning Presudent Biden and saying Trump was the savior. Finds himself begging Biden to bring him home.

He left his wife for a Russian woman he met while stationed in South Korea. And I guess his parents knew. They warned him mot to go to Russia.

So for 2 years hesbeen making Tiktok videos with his Russian mistress. They had videos where he said "I can see why Russia fights for their people/war" then goes on about how thinfs were better under Trump. Prompted by his Russian whore. πŸ˜†

He was like Bisen is why we are here., oh wait. It started under Trump. But Biden made it worse. LoL true idiot.

Anyway so recently he was arrested for stealing from his Russian whore. While detained his fam made it seem like he's a prisoner of war. Not true.

He's a prisoner of bad decisions. His claim not for Biden hostel in is that his 12 year old daughter is traumatized by his capture.

Meanwhile his parents spilled the tea. Said he left his family for a Russian whore. Earned the title cumradovich. πŸ˜†

I hope they leave him there.

You suck Gordon.

Murrica πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ forever
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