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30 Single Female from Brant       2


also i forgot to mention. im fake.
if you know what that means?
anyways.. if you mess with me.. ill mess with you.
so if you ever hurt me. i'll fwy~&*@ hurt you back
if you treat me with respect. ill treat you with the same respect
unless... your some type of creeper.
and there seems to be alot of those around here...
ill turn you down and treat you like dirt.
i usually like to make fun of those types of ppl
but if you keep bouncing back. i might just accept you as a friend. and nothing more
or ill f~wyw&x go after your asss
soo you better pease before that happens

im very random
and i love being random
i love to make conversation too.
i hate ppl who dont talk much.. or dont talk at all. i pisses me off soo much. like if your on a chat site.
you chat!
dont be wasting my time

hmm.. im a very excited type person.!
i love to be loved. and love to give it to.
but you got to be really funny. and thats the first step to winning over my freindship
and if your nice, and nice looking.. we could possibly be more

i speak english and nothing else.
so if you speak some other language..
dont bother talking to me, or dont even try botherin to talk to me unless you can speak english..
and when i tell you i dont understand... dont keep talking.
just leave