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out for a jog

At fifty-three years old it is getting harder and harder to maintain my figure. That being said and, in all
modesty, I think I have done well.
I have a 5’4” body 121 lbs., 4% body fat. My figure is 36D-28-34. My breasts are firm. Add to that I
have a very high sex drive.
I love making love to my husband but enjoy fucking on the side. I hit the gym at least three days a
week and work out at least two more. In the summer I like to go running, usually in a forest preserve
next to our house.
My husband travels for his job as a senior vice-president of his corporation. Asia is his area and he
goes there for two weeks every other month. Normally that is when I do my cheating. However, last
August my mother in law was staying with us.
She is a wonderful woman, but it does cut into my “playtime." After the first week, I was downright
horny. I went for a jog dressed in tight skimpy yoga shorts. In low cut sports bra and my tennies, I set
I had gone about three miles and was on the back trails of the preserve. One thing I should mention
is working out gets me aroused. Since I was already horny it just made it worse.
I stopped and decided to get some relief. I went about ten yards off the trail into the brush. Lying on
my back, in what I thought was out of sight, I started to rub myself. The ninety-degree heat and
almost one hundred percent humidity had me sweating. It felt so good. I lost myself as I edged. Not
letting myself cum, letting it build. I wanted a huge mind-blowing orgasm.
I lost myself working my pussy and clit. Getting myself there, then backing off. Doing this over and
over. Suddenly I heard a noise. I opened my eyes and there was a very young black man standing
there. His cock in one hand and in his other was his cellphone videoing me. That cock looked so
delicious. I could not stop myself I got on my knees and moved towards him. As I did I realized my
bra was off. I don’t even recall taking it off.
He didn’t stop videoing. But he did watch me as I took that black rod of flesh from him and stroked it
myself. Beads of sweat running down my body. My skin was almost as wet as my pussy. I was too
desperate to go slow. I took him in my mouth and worked his thick nine inches in. I felt his cockhead
stretching my throat as it sunk deeper. I felt one hand go to the top of my head grabbing my ponytail.
He started controlling the pace. I love being controlled and used so this just made me suck harder.
Unfortunately, he must have been as young as he appeared. Too soon he gripped the ponytail so
hard and pulled me onto him. A couple of seconds later I felt hot cum shooting into my throat. I
swallowed it all moaning.
Gasping for air I sat back with my ass on my heels. Looking up at him he was still holding the phone
aimed at me. Then I noticed something else. He was still hard. Not semi-hard, but fully hard.
He stepped forward and pushed firmly but gently onto my back. His black cock still sticking straight
out he reached down, lifted my hips and pulled my shorts down and off. I was naked laying on my
back. This kid, as I now began to think of him, was still holding his phone aimed at me. He knelt
between my legs and I reached down and guided that cock into my pussy.
It felt incredible as it entered me. My back arched, my bronze tanned naked breasts jutting up into
the air. The groan that burst from me would have put any animals in the area in heat. At that moment
my world narrowed to the feeling of that rod of flesh splitting me. My lips parting and then being filled
with the most intense ecstasy overwhelming me.
He moved slowly at first in and out. I fought to keep my eyes from rolling back in my head wanting to
watch this young stud's face as he fucked me. My pussy stretched but it was so wet it felt incredible. I
was quickly approaching orgasm. Gasping and lightheaded I pumped my hips up and down. Just
before I could cum, he backed off.
“Please don’t stop!” I begged.
He grinned down at me. “Beg me, baby, beg me to fuck you!”
I did. I needed him back in me. “PLEASE fuck me. PLEASE put it back in. I need you to fuck me,
He grabbed my legs and put them up on his shoulders and let me put him back in me. Then he thrust
hard. Slamming it in hard. No finesse just a hard thrust followed by another. The pace picking up.
Smacking noises echoing around us as his hips met my ass. Again and again.
Suddenly I felt him stiffen. He groaned and gave one last hard thrust. Sending me over the edge as I
felt his cum once again spew into me. This time my pussy being filled. As I felt it my mind exploded. I
managed to stifle a scream but still made a lot of noise.
I felt him pulling out and thought this was the end of our fucking. Instead, before I could think I felt
him straddling my torso. The black cock still mostly hard between my tits. He squeezed them together
with a thigh and a hand. He began tit fucking me. I looked up surprised and saw he was still holding
the damn phone. After a minute or so the kid was actually hard again. I was stunned, but I once heard
a saying of never let a hard-on go wasted, so I kept working it. His cum slimed cock sliding between
my sweating breasts.
“Get on all fours!” he barked.
I was too impressed not to. He smacked my ass hard once. Then I felt his cockhead slide up and
down my ass crack. However, instead of sliding it into my pussy suddenly I felt it on my asshole.
Before I could say anything he just shoved. I felt like all the air exploded from my lungs and I was
being split in two. He didn’t wait he just pounded. I didn’t have to look to know that the phone was still
there poised filming me. I started shoving back to meet each violent thrust. Both of us groaning and
grunting like animals. Again, wet slapping could be heard in time with the grunts.
Sweat running down me, I began to gasp moaning for him to fuck harder. I begged him to fuck me
harder. That cock sliding in and out of my asshole. He did. Holding my hips for leverage ramming in
and out of me. Without any build-up or any warning, it hit me. A huge orgasm crashing over me. I saw
stars. I felt dizzy. Suddenly I felt his hands grip me so hard it hurt. A second later I felt his jism
shooting into my ass. He convulsed and we joined for what seemed like hours but was only seconds.
I felt his sweat dripping onto my back.
Then he pulled out with a pop. With one last smack on my ass, he rolled me on to my back. Grinning
down on me the phone still there.
He kept grinning.
“I have to get back to my family.”
“You are here with your wife?” I asked suddenly shocked.
He laughed. “No, my parents. We are here for a high school graduation party.”
Too stunned to move, naked on my back as he stood over me. “Who… just…. graduated…,” afraid
of the answer.
“Me,” he said simply. Then he finally turned off his phone and left.

My sons college roommate

I am a trophy wife (even if I do say so myself). I work out 3-5days a week to stay fit. I am 5’4” 36d-28-34. My husband is a Sr VP for a fortune 500 company and travels a lot. Recently he left on one of his week long trips. I decided to visit my son at his college, where he is a senior. I took a hotel room near his apartment. He and his roommate talked me into going drinking with them. His roommate is also a senior and a linebacker on the football team (a backup but still a very fit 6’4” block of muscle. His skin is black as night and long dread locks) named Devon. Devon and my son had been roommates since their freshman year, and Devon had been to our house several times, so I didn’t hesitate to go with them. I should also mention I am somewhat of a showoff. I worked hard to maintain my figure and am very proud of it. As a result I dress to show it off. That night I would a black long-sleeved one piece mini dress. Low cut showing cleavage. Under were black lace thong and bra. I also wore thigh high felt boots with 5 inch stiletto heels (like I said I am a show off). My son was used to me dressing this way so since I had all his life. My husband likes it as well.

We went to a typical college bar, cheap beer large variety of shots etc. There were a couple of assholes in the bar but one look from my son and especially from Devon made them back off bothering me. We kept drinking beer and doing shots. Not a single one of the 3 of us were feeling pain. My son however was getting way too drunk. So we decided to head back to their place then I would go to my hotel. Between Devon and I we carried him to the cab. Once inside though I had Mike sit next to the window to get air, putting me between him and Devon. It was tight back there and it never dawned on me to sit in the front. Being drunk I couldn’t resist teasing Devon about something I knew about him. If I wasn’t half bombed out of my gourd I would have never brought it up. “So tell me Devon, why did you feel the need to fuck your girlfriend’s roommate in the ass??” His face gave me a good chuckle, he was stunned “Shit Mrs. P how did you know that?” Giggling “Especially when she walked in catching you?”

Who the FUCK told you that? DID MIKE?” “No sweetie Mike never said a word, if you tell me why you did it I will tell you how I know!” As I said I was very drunk so the whole time I was leaning into him, breasts mashed on his arm. He also had a great view down my dress to my cleavage. He started squirming and I thought it was because I was making him feel uncomfortable about my questions, he WAS uncomfortable but the questions were not the reason. “Shit ok deal because Jane wouldn’t let me fuck her in the ass! Now who told you?” I laughed “Her mom she is my best friend. You didn’t know that? You met here while visiting us.” He laughed and admitted he didn’t.

Before anything more could be said we arrived at their apartment. We carried Mike to the stairs and to the second floor. Into his apartment and onto his bed. Then we headed out to the living room. I was getting ready to call an Uber ride, when Devon asked “what else did Mrs. Jennings say? I got the feeling she didn’t like me.”
“Well you are right she didn’t. I stuck up for you but she claimed she never trusted you. She also said she felt you were always checking her out even with her daughter there. I told her I knew you weren’t but I never told her why I knew it!”
“Oh really and how did you know?”

“Because you never checked me out and I am hotter than Claire, Jane AND her roommate!”
Devon got this smile on his face it was an arrogant smile (aggressive arrogant men ALWAYS turn me on!) “Well I WAS checking her out... in fact when Jane snuck into my room when I was at their house I thought of her mom as she sucked me off!”

Being drunk disable in filters I had and one was the fact that I was now pissed and insulted “Wait I am hotter than her and you have never checked me out!” Totally not realizing I was speeding blindly onto dangerous grounds.

I fully expected him to tell me I was hot which would have satisfied me, but I think he knew that instead he responded “Well YOU think so but I have seen Jane and Tina naked. I have also seen Mrs. Jennings in a bikini but you…well you have always been dressed!”
I was standing there in thigh high heeled boots a tight low cut dress and he was saying this! I was pissed< but instead of being mad I felt slighted “I DO SO HAVE A BETTER BODY! AND MY FACE IS 3 TIMES BETTER THAN THEIRS!”
“I will agree on the face but like I said I haven’t seen your body!”
I raised my arms spun around “Come on look!”
His calmness and cocky non-chalance were infuriating me! “What will it take to prove it?” Booze REALLY wipes out filters!
“Let me see your body.”
“Strip for you?”
As calm and to my drunken state reasonable as anyone could be “Well if you think about it what is a bikini but bra and panties, pretend we are at the pool and take off your dress.”
Due to my limited brain capacity that sound totally reasonable to me. “OK but you owe me an apology when you see I am right!” I peeled my dress up over my head.. I was now standing in front of a muscular tall 22yo black man in thong but bra thong and thigh high boots!
He walked over to me “raise your hands up over your head so I can get a good look… stand still” and he circled me like a shark. I began to get very aroused, nipples getting hard!

“Ok you are hotter than Mrs. Jennings!”
“AND Jane and Tina too”
“Sorry I cant give you that… I have seen them naked! Tell you what take off your bra.”
I hesitated “Are you scared? I thought you were so sure you were hotter. He wasn’t saying it in a mocking way... just calm matter of fact with a hint of disappointment. In other words he was playing me like a drunken fiddle! “oh well”
Well I couldn’t let that go “ok but you can never tell anyone!” he nodded so I undid my bra and let my heavy firm breasts free. The skin tanned bronze with NO tan lines. Areoles about an 1 ½ inches in diameter and even darker brown nipples 1/3 inch long. OUTSTANDING breasts if I do say so myself!
“arms up”

I raised my arms and in an instant you had one of his massive hands pinning both of mine over my head to the wall behind me. His free hand wrapped around a breasts kneading it! “DEVON!” “You want me to win don’t you?” well of course I did so I just nodded! As needed I realized that it felt damn good and I was getting wet! He kept squeezing and soon had the nipple between his thumb and foreigner pinching it so hard it HURT. Instead of stopping him I felt my knees go weak, and I moaned! He was towering over me by 7inches even in my heels.

My eyes closed and my mouth hung open. Then in a fast smooth mover his hand left my breasts and slid into my thong. His finger was up in my wet shaven pussy before I realized what was happening! His beefy finger felt bigger than some cocks I have hand in me! I am by no means faithful and am NOT a size queen, I like all cock. Small cocks can make you come as hard as big ones IF the owner is talented! I have had huge cocks where the owner thinks his size will do all the work and that is just WRONG! HOWEVER nothing beats a big cock and an owner who can use it right! He pushed up into me and curled it hitting just the right spot. My knees buckled but his finger acting like a hook held me up! Then he started working it! “You are right you ARE hotter than all three but now you have to show me you can BE hotter!!” I was in NO condition to protest I was so close to cumming I couldn’t say no to anything “ he pulled his finger out turned me to their bar “Get me a beer!” and slapped my ass hard! I love being spanked and love having my tits abused so he was hitting on all cylinders! I purred to the bar and got him a beer. A slutty waitress! The heels of my boot s clicking on their wood floor, naked breasts and thonged ass!

Devon went and sat in the middle of the couch and waited for me. When I got there he opened the beer. “Now Mrs P is the talent portion, take my cock out and show me what you can do!” I actually hesitated “Come on Mrs P you have come this far.. why stop!” I REALLY didn’t want to “lose” so I knelt between his legs and undid his pants. I slid his big black cock out. He was 9 inches long! My husband is 10 but Devon’s was as thick as a Cock Can! His huge hands gripped either side of my head and guided my mouth to his cock. My head was reeling the booze and the lust overwhelming me. I felt my mouth open as the mushroom cockhead entered my mouth!

He kept slowly pulling me down on it. I opened my throat and took it. I took IT ALL! “OH fuck Mrs. P you are a REAL cocksucker the girls couldn’t take me!” he started sliding my head up and down his cock. I only gagged a little when it was all the way in. Quickly I was sucking him myself. His black cock stretching my mouth and throat. After a few moments I realized he was not holding my head, I looked up at him and saw he was taking pictures with his phone. I didn’t even slow down sucking!
“Lick my balls Mrs P” which I immediately did! After a couple moments I switched back to his cock. “Stand up Mrs. P” obeying he then took a couple pics of me standing in my boots and thong “take off the thong...” I peeled it down revealing my wet shaven pussy. More pics. “Lay on your back and spread your legs.”

“Now play with yourself” I started masturbating, moaning and he took pics. Soon I came and it was all recorded on his phone. He then laid down on top of my and guided his cock into my pussy. I let out a deep guttural grown of mixed pain and pleasure. I wrapped my boot clad legs around his waist and start humping him back. As he pumped in and out he then pinned my hands over my head with one hand again. The other kneading my breasts like earlier “OH FUCK YES YOUR PUSSY IS BETTER FUCK I LOVE YOUR TIGHT MARRIED CUNT!” I found that as he talked nastier it turned me on more! His ebony boy dwarfing my white one. His strength dominating me! I soon began to cum yet again!
When that orgasm subsided he flipped me on to my hands and knees “One test left!” I had no idea what he was talking about.

Before I could ask what he meant I felt that cock pressing my asshole! I reached back to stop him and he slapped my side boob with a meaty open hand! The pain was terrible and sent a wave a heat to my pussy! My elbows buckle I want boob and face first into the floor ass in the air. He grabbed my hips and began to push again his cock only lubed with my pussy juice and his precum STRETCHING MY ass! He began to pump I was grunting continuous noises! Shaking my head after about 10 minutes he exploded into my ass!

“Tomorrow Mike has class in the morning then goes straight from class to work until 5 I will be at your hotel room at 10 am be wearing ONLY the boots” Guess that means I won!

My Favorite true story

My wedding anniversary was coming up and I wanted to do something special and sexy for my husband. I work out 3-5 days a week and at least two of them with a trainer to stay fit. I have a very sexy body for a 49yo. 36d-28-34 5’5” flat stomach firm tight ass. I decided to do a Glamour photo session and give him a set of sexy pics of me in lingerie. I asked around and was given the name of a photographer.

I run a successful photography business in its own right. However I have found a VERY lucrative side business. I have found there is a great market for hot pics of MILFs both by themselves and having sex. I have also discovered that I have a talent for getting them to … shall we say give in and play along…. When I saw Lynn I knew I had to add her to my portfolio…..

I was very nervous when I arrived. I had brought along several lingerie sets and, just down right slutty robes. I was embarrassed to find myself very turned on. I have had a few affairs during my marriage but for some reason the idea of wearing these things for a couple strangers was both scaring me and arousing me. I arrived at about 5pm. Mike (the photographer explained that evenings were better for glamour shoots This way no one was likely to come in) My husband Jim had left that morning for a business trip to Asia giving me the opportunity to do this and not have to worry about the time. When I got there I was struck by how ruggedly handsome Mike was and his young assistant Jake was just as hot! Suddenly I was too embarrassed.

Jake and I led Lynn to the stage I had set up. A settee, bed, background lights camera etc. I decided that not only did I want to take her pictures I wanted HER! Seeing she was conflicted and the doubts were winning I offered her some wine. I also offered her a shot of tequila to relax her. I also had a secret weapon if that failed. I had her go into the changing room and told her to put on her lingerie. She picked a set of red and black garters matching bra and thong Black laced seamed stockings. She had on a floor length transparent black robe and a very expensive double strand of white pearls. I was happy to see her nipples were so hard they could not be hidden. The first thing was to get her to relax.

Jake handed me a glass of wine and also offered me a shot. I have to admit I found it very exciting to be dressed so slutty (though Mike insisted it was sexy not slutty). However it was a bit unnerving as well> his assistant Jake had a hard on that was bulging in his tight jeans. I could tell Mike was hard as well but being older and more experienced it would take more than a Housewife to get him really turned on. Mike just sat with me while Jake continued to set up. I knew he was getting me to relax. He started going over different poses. His hands on my sides shoulders arms thighs occasionally brushing my ass and breasts. Always apologizing but explaining it was only to show me what to do.

I was working it. The more contact I had with her the easier it would be to manipulate her. I could feel her body responding more and more to my touches. After a bit I had her on the settee laying back robe open and started with the pics. Coaxing her through poses slowly making them more seductive. Eventually talking her into shedding the robe. I kept telling her how lovely she was. Dropping hints that she was still hot enough to do professional lingerie modeling. I then went to her and had her lay on her stomach face to the camera propping on her elbows. My hands becoming freer and freer on her ass.

I was biting my tongue as Mikes hand pressed and moved me on my ass. His hand on the exposed ass cheeks really set me on fire. I was thinking I needed to put a stop to this before it got out of hand, however he smoothly explained he had to so he could get just the right pose. He handed me a glass of wine and told me to hold it for the pic. The first shot was straight into me the glass rising like a phallic symbol to my mouth. I kept sipping from it and Jake kept refilling it. I had no idea how much I had to drink but was definitely feeling it. However I was still a bit shocked when mike said “How about you take off the bra.” I hesitated I couldn’t be topless in front of two strangers. Mike reminded me that they were professionals and no one would see them but my husband. While he was soothing my fears he had somehow ended up sitting next to me. His hand on my back. When I agreed he asked if I wanted him to undo it. I surprised myself by nodding yes. I was REALLY surprised when I felt a surge of heat in my pussy as he did! He then had me move to the bed. His first pose for me was on my back head hanging off the bed facing him. Breasts jutting up to the ceiling.

Once the bra was off I knew I had to go through with this and I knew it was possible for even more. I worked her around, I kept her moving. The touching increased, in reality she was a natural at this, but that wasn’t why I was touching and groping her. I not only wanted to get her used to it but DAMN I liked groping her body. My hands were all over her tits and ass “to get the right angle” or “the right pose” Her nipples were solid steel bullets! Without breaking rhythm I had her remove her thong. She was buzzed and turned on enough that she only hesitated a moment. Now she was down to only garters stockings heels pearls and that 4 ct wedding ring. I called her over to take a look at what we had so far. My reason for this was to get the mega horny(even if she didn’t realize it) buzzed hot milf standing close with us dressed and exposed as she was and make it seem normal. Sure enough she stood there leaning in. her breasts brushing Jakes back as she leaned over him. Her garter framed hips pressing mine. Sipping wine flushed with excitement. It was TIME! “Can I ask a favor? This is for Jake. He is working on his portfolio for a class. He need pictures of a couple being intimate. Before you say no I need to tell you that NO ONE would see them but his instructor without your permission. Also there would be any actual sex. If you did this for him I would not charge you for your session.”

MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR! I have to admit my first thought was it sounded FUN! However then i panicked. My head was REELING. Even as I was saying this Jake asked mike if it was ok if he “lit one up” it was after hours after all. This distracted me from my panic wondering what “it” was. Mike looked at me and asked “would you be offended if Jake and I shared a joint. I was so stunned I just stammered “it was fine” Jake lit it up and took a deep draw. He started to hand it to Mike but then offered it to me. I chuckled and decided “what the hell why not” I haven’t smoked since College decades before. We shared a few more hits and I was really feeling relaxed…. And VERY turned on. Strangely I thought it didn’t embarrass me anymore. So I told them I would do some mild pictures. Jake took over and had Mike stand in front of the settee facing the camera and I stood with his left arm around my waist my hands resting on his shoulders. Part of my mind was screaming I was almost naked in a strangers arm and another part was screaming YES! He then had me stand behind Mike my breasts in his back my arms around front holding his chest. My head was reeling. When Hake told me to slide my hands down to Mike’s crotch I froze but then I did it. I found out that Mike was not only hard but was HUGE!

I knew we had her> Not only was she holding my cock through my pants but was involuntarily squeezing it! Jake and I had worked out this routine before, he was smooth and ordered us to switch. Me behind her. She reluctantly let go of my cock and moved in front of me. I wasted no time in pressing my bulge into her garter framed ass. Jake told her to cup her pussy with HER hands and for me to hold her breasts one in each hand. GOD DAMN her heavy firm tits felt good. I couldn’t resist tweaking her nipples a bit. When I did this I felt her knees weaken as her ass pressed a bit harder into me. Jake moved around us taking pics then told us to switch our hands. My hands cupping that hot bald pussy! My fingers found how wet she was. I pressed a fingertip into the lips and met no resistance she was so wet. Her body tensed and allow gasp escaped her lips. I very slightly wiggled my fingers as Jake snapped pictures. He then told her to kneel at my feet arms wrapped around my thigh. Her head eyelevel with my crotch. Working quickly so not to lose the momentum. He kept taking pictures and had her change positions so she was in front of me facing me. “now unzip him” She hesitated a bit and I told her it was alright it was for art so not cheating which was bullshit but it worked. She undid my pants and pulled them down enough that my 10 inch hard cock popped out into her face……

“OH MY GOD IT IS HUGE!”I yelled. My husbands is 9 niches but this one is a bit longer and thinker! And it was in my face! Before I knew what I was doing I had both hands on it. I totally forgot about Jake taking pictures. Just holding it I felt I was about to orgasm! Mike chuckled saying “most women are scared of it. They can’t get it all into their mouths.” Yet it wasn’t bragging it was….. Mournful. He sounded like his huge cock was a curse. “No mike baby it isn’t a curse it is wonderful! A woman would be sent to heaven by this thing!” I couldn’t believe I just said this. I sounded like a slut in heat. But I meant every word.

I knew we had her! I knew how to play it. With this type of woman you can’t insult her husband it would just turn her off but to challenger her that was the key. “You think it isn’t to big?” still playing as if I thought it was a curse “of course” “oh Lynn your husband is a lucky man!” Jake pitched in that it would be perfect for the project to see a pic of the cock next to the face and then deep as she could go in the mouth. “However I don’t want to make you do anything besides it is huge and I don’t think any woman could take it all” The whole time Lynn was stroking it slowly still in awe. Suddenly she moved the mushroom head of her cock past her lips. Jake never stopped with the camera slowly deeper and deeper. I felt my cock stretching her throat and my balls on her chin GOD IT FELT GOOD! Her hands were on my ass holding it. I put my hands behind my neck showing this was all her doing. Moving slowly back off…. Her breasts rising and falling then she took it again this time faster she started bobbing on it. God she was good. I didn’t want her to stop but it was time for the next level.

I loved this cock! I had to have this cock! That is all I could think of. The wine, the tequila the weed two strangers and me in lingerie I was on fire! Then I felt emptiness and I realized Mike had pulled out of my mouth! I moaned in disappointment! Jake was tilting my face up to look at him even as Mikes cock teased my cheek. “Lay on the bed baby, I need some pics of you two laying together” I eagerly scrambled u on the bed laying there waiting for Mike to join me. I later remembered why I didn’t smoke weed anymore it makes me a raging slut! Both times I had smoked it in college I took on more than one lover at a time! Mike stripped naked and laid on top of me. My eyes rolled back in my head as his cockhead caressed my pussy lips, I arched my hips to let him enter me but he didn’t. Jake was taking pics but all I could think of was that I wanted him IN ME! “Please fuck me!” “No baby I can’t… You didn’t sign the waver for this… “His cock kept teasing “PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me sign it!” Jake was there with a form and pen. And I signed!

As soon as Lynn signed and Jake had it in his hands I SHOVED my cock into her wet bald pussy! Her legs wrapped around my waist “Tell me to fuck you” FUCK ME FUCK ME!” I kept up a steady fast pace. “BEG ME!” “PLEASE FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK MY PUSSY FUCK MY MARRIED PUSSY” She screamed. THEN SHE BLEW UP a huge orgasms rocking her body! She spasmed out of control! I pulled out and flipped her on to her stomach pushed her legs apart and lined my cock up…. With her asshole. In a slow firm relentless push I entered her ass! She screamed into the bed. “you like me fucking your ass?” “YESSSSSSS YESSSSSSS” about 5 minutes of pumping her ass and she was screaming in orgasm again.. I couldn’t hold off and I shot into that firm ass!

Through the haze of my reeling mind I felt my ass being filled with cum. When I heard Mikes voice tell me “If you think my cock is huge you should try Jakes………………… Oh and by the way…… you don’t have a choice… we own the pics now…….”