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Latinas have prababaly the BEST looking feet and BEST smelling feet. I smelled this one 18 yr old latinas feet out of some flats once, WOW, they smelled so fuckin good, nice and sweaty, young and soft soles, my nose was stuck in between her toes
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How latina feet have affected my life???? A question worth answering without doubt. I am not a latin guy but I have had the honor of dating a number of latina girls in the past and very well indeed I had the greatest honor to worship the feet and shoes of all those latina girls I have dated. I could say that who have never worshipped the sweaty or smelly feet of latina girls and their well used shoes, have missed a lot for sure. Latina feet are the very best and Latina girls are amazing when it comes to their feet and shoes. When they see you falling down under their feet, they automatically become soooo dominant and controlling and would never stop shoving you down their as their carpet.

Latina woman have the prettiest feet! I don't know what it is, but I rarely ever see a Latina woman with ugly feet. There toe games are always on point. Couple that with the natural sex appeal that Latin woman have, and it's wrap!!!
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Latinas have the prettiest feet on the planet & many of them know it

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