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LOVE, is a scary thing in the world
it makes u felling so deep and sad depressed, when it hurt u
it makes u feeling suffer when u cant meet some1 u love
it makes u sick, really sick when u think u will lose some1 u love
love, why i have to know u...why i have to feel u....
why u come when i'm happy with my self... and disappear when i think this love is my my life
love, i hate u
love, why u always hurting me...
Diman: I do not think love will hurt us.
Every thing us if we cannot handle it properly.

Firstly, you put your heart into other's hurt too easy
Secondly, you give your trust highly to other.
Thirdly, you cannot manage your love as motorcycle needs repair
Fourthly, we are too egoist and control other tightly

Finally, love will has best meaning if we know how to loose and how to tighten.

Be happy when you are in journey to love island.....
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Ran ^.^
Ran ^.^: Dalem Bgt!
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lilierose: take it easy sis.
that's how love is
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Blueberry: LOVEEEE............
who r u 2 determine love......
what love for.....
is't just for the person that we love for...
love may come in diffrent way....
not anyone of us what type of love will come to us.
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