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wanna talk about all typse of horror movies then come on in. all welcome?
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hahaa....i do actually..... so be lucky if ur added.....
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Whoever says sarcasm is the lowest form of wit just isn't clever enough to be sarcastic
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For coffee lovers! ;) :happy: :banana:
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Lets all post our favorite recipes for all to share!
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Which accent is your fave???
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U ever met someone so stupid u just wanna choke them?
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dont tell me wat to do who do u think are lol STFU
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Canada Kicks A$$, Club for patriotic Canadians.<br /><br />Canada Kicks A$$<br />a Canadian portal offering daily news links, pictures, large Canadian forums, shopping, downloads,...
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the regulars from canadian chat. you know who you are;)
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Life is to short to just turn and walk away from the ones who love and care about you!!!!!!!!
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Come and join if you love Scottish people and all things Scottish.
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A Ghost is the disembodied soul of a deceased person who has not yet successfully crossed over. They become anchored, grounded or stuck for many reasons. They can and will attach themselves to...
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How many have u blocked, mine is an endless countless number, it changes all the time... :| At the moment i am sitting with 63 people blocked... ahhhhhh block button is good.
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This is a place to post and talk about all things poetry.
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sooooooooooooo sick of the lame asss "we so popular wireclubbies, " who the hell cares..............its the net ffs, this ain't no facebook, this ain't no myspace, this ain't no...
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frigg ya i'd be richer than trump!
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joe dude hope ur mom is ok and god soon
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if you love Stephen King. he is a great book writer best known for his scariest book Pet Semetary (spelling?) the book was so scary he could not reread it!!
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damn he's awesome
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for all the doggie owners like me hey ceasar ty dude ive learnt abit from ur show
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lois, ana, trasor, meanies, ella, snowy, uly, vezzz, quinnies, tamm, ash, ash, karlie, annie omg ok major brain fart, i know i'm missing like 5 and a half more, lols shittt, i :heart: seestahs,...
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