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Anybody who owns a Honda has a moral obligation to be part of this club!<br /><br />Bite me domestic boy,<br />Real men drive imports!
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Sorry, but I only like people with one face. :|
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A club for the greatest team EVER
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We've all been there. That time when you SWORE you heard something and suddenly...your a ninja.
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Or Orange if that's your preference! I suggest we change our page backgrounds to green for the 17th March and change our profile pics to shamrocks or some other symbol of Ireland!
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mon the hopps... Join Celtic Fc Club. The best fans in the world! CelticQ73
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for all you lazyheads out there join up:D (H)
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Ive lost my bra and other items of clothing before :$ not saying how or if i have ever found them :$
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Which one are you most like?? :$ :P
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For people who love paolo obviously :P
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