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sweetgurl1992: My old friend who stole his dad's cop car hello...
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punkisdead333333: LIFE AS A BATTLEFIELD
She hits the alarm and lays down her head
Cigarettes taste different when lying in bed
She always feels so much better at night
But she rolls out of bed and turns on the light
She checks for her messages but nobody called
She talks to her cats as she walks down the hall
A quick glance in the mirror, then turn away
She tells herself things will be better today
She turns on some music, her only true friend
She pours some hot coffee then looks for a pen
Her spiral is filled with lyrics and rhymes
Borrowed emotion flows nicely sometimes
She puts on big clothes to soften the blow
Then walks out the door with nowhere to go
She paints on a smile for all of their eyes
But silently curses her need for disguise
She's never known love, but that was her choice
All the pain that she carries still screams without voice
She blends in the crowd for fear she stands out
"Stay away, I'm too broken!" her eyes seem to shout
Strangers with faces she thinks she once knew
Don't come too close, you'll feel her pain too
She could outrun the pain if she'd just move her feet
So she chokes on her tears as she runs down the street
Once in the door, she makes sure it's locked
She was glad she decided to throw out the clocks
She gives her cats food and pretends that she ate
A sense of accomplishment, the moon says it's late
A handful of pills in her mouth, then a drink
Maybe tonight she'll forget how to think
The phone sits beside her, but no one will call
Her pen creates tempo, the tears start to fall
How long can she live from inside her head?
She's sleeping through life, but isn't that dead?
Her thoughts are a battle, she's weak from the fight
Another day wasted, turn off the light.
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