nicolaas29 lol

nicolaas29: heyyy
ThesupercookerPring: sup
nicolaas29: not much you
ThesupercookerPring: same
nicolaas29: koolkooll
nicolaas29: ur a hottie lol
ThesupercookerPring: ty hehe
ThesupercookerPring: so want to fxy^?
nicolaas29: yess
nicolaas29: id fy& u anyway u want it
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ThesupercookerPring: I want to stick my dick in your ass
nicolaas29: mmmm
nicolaas29: ur a guy?
ThesupercookerPring: no
ThesupercookerPring: I am a MAN
nicolaas29: oh ok
nicolaas29: im soo h*zxzw
ThesupercookerPring: me too
ThesupercookerPring: Want to swordfight with our penises?
nicolaas29: mmm yess
ThesupercookerPring: oh hot
ThesupercookerPring: lets fx%$
nicolaas29: mmmmm
nicolaas29: yes plezz
nicolaas29: f#^ me
ThesupercookerPring: oh yeah baby
nicolaas29: ram my ass
ThesupercookerPring: I will
nicolaas29: goood
ThesupercookerPring: *lick
nicolaas29: mmm
ThesupercookerPring: you know I love it when a man jams his c#w~ in my ass
nicolaas29: mmm bend over
ThesupercookerPring: then I suck their dick after
nicolaas29: mmm sooo hot
ThesupercookerPring: I love you
nicolaas29: goood
nicolaas29: mmmm
ThesupercookerPring: oh baby?
nicolaas29: ?
nicolaas29: what
ThesupercookerPring: what do you love about me?
ThesupercookerPring: Do you love my px#@y?
ThesupercookerPring: Because if you do
nicolaas29: yes i do
ThesupercookerPring: Im getting it removed
nicolaas29: ddo u dress like a girl?
ThesupercookerPring: yeah
ThesupercookerPring: I just let it dangle right now
nicolaas29: tell me what ud wear as my sexy girl
ThesupercookerPring: well if i met you Id skin ya and wear you
nicolaas29: oh
ThesupercookerPring: You know im seriously a guy?
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nicolaas29 left the room

Supersonic79's a sick %w#k

supersonic79: hello
supersonic79: how are you?
ThesupercookerPring: hey
supersonic79: how are you hun?
ThesupercookerPring: I am good you?
supersonic79: good
supersonic79: just laying naked in bed
supersonic79: you are gorgeous
ThesupercookerPring: Thank you
ThesupercookerPring: so are you strokin your p^y^* like me?
supersonic79: your welcome
supersonic79: i'm stroking my px~&^
supersonic79: what are you doing?
ThesupercookerPring: Just lying in bed
supersonic79: oh you scared me for a bit
supersonic79: the way you asked me it sounded like you were stroking your p#$^x
supersonic79: lol
ThesupercookerPring: I did
supersonic79: yeah you asked if i was stroking my p%@#~ like you lol
supersonic79: i'm sure it was just a mistake
supersonic79: am i right?
ThesupercookerPring: I have a p~%^&
ThesupercookerPring: want to see?
supersonic79: but you are female?
ThesupercookerPring: oh no
ThesupercookerPring: I will be soon though
supersonic79: is that you in the pic?
ThesupercookerPring: yes
supersonic79: did you get plastic surgery?
ThesupercookerPring: Yeah
supersonic79: cool
ThesupercookerPring: I had breast implants
supersonic79: thats kinky
ThesupercookerPring: and I am working my way as a tranny p@~y$*y$wy to get my jank cut off
supersonic79: well just be careful with that
supersonic79: don't want aids
ThesupercookerPring: I will be
supersonic79: how can i see your p^yw*?
ThesupercookerPring: Well where do you live?
supersonic79: canada
ThesupercookerPring: oh hot
supersonic79: you are so hot
supersonic79: i'd love to f*@z your ass
supersonic79: and i'm straight
ThesupercookerPring: Okay
ThesupercookerPring: well after I get my surgey
ThesupercookerPring: its later tonight
ThesupercookerPring: Im scared
supersonic79: don't be
ThesupercookerPring: did you have one?
supersonic79: i know someone who got the surgery
supersonic79: no
ThesupercookerPring: did you f@#x them/
supersonic79: yes
ThesupercookerPring: ooooh
ThesupercookerPring: did it feel good?
supersonic79: i f#~wx@ their py~w@ and it felt kinda weird
supersonic79: but not bad
ThesupercookerPring: weird how?
supersonic79: fake
supersonic79: not wet enought for me
supersonic79: they had to use a lot of lube
supersonic79: but the head was awesome
ThesupercookerPring: the head?
supersonic79: i love blow jobs
ThesupercookerPring: I dont like giving them
ThesupercookerPring: One of my teeth chipped off on one guy
supersonic79: how?
supersonic79: don't use your teeth
supersonic79: that hurts the guy
ThesupercookerPring: my teeth are jaggad
ThesupercookerPring: and i cant open my mouth that wide
ThesupercookerPring: I broke my jaw
supersonic79: i see
supersonic79: so you gonna help me c*x?
supersonic79: i am so hzwz# and i want to c%y
supersonic79: be my little y~$yh