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~~ Love ~~

Is more then a four letter word it as meaning and a feeling as it can change your life for the better or for the worse it can describe someone you like very much as they come into your life only to be a- part of something where dream,s can be defined as a moment in time as there is something about . Love that bring,s a smile that shine,s as there it is loved for everything it is as there it bring,s a kindness that is made to be kind and the strength to be strong as there it can bring two stranger,s together to become as one whole as there it can open our eye,s to see the thing,s that the eye,s can not see as there we should cherish everything hold,s as there the power of . Love is incredible for it as an extraordinary feeling that leave,s echo,s in the silence that as brought word,s that can be spoken of vision,s of the thing,s where people will be writing letter,s of . Love as there we stand in the name of . Love only to give it so freely as the hope will go out to there way only to share this wonderful feeling that can be treasured with a pleasure of other,s in one life as hope bring,s a belief of having something that can be explained as there i have been pressed upon the wishes of other,s as there it ache,s for this feeling that goes on and on as there it can,t be broken for it is made forever as there it captivate this feeling that can be touched upon with a hand that caresses through the long shimmering hair as there we touch the lip,s of angel ws there you glare into the eye,s that sparkle with the essence of truth in which can be made to be true as there you begin touch my soft skin only to feel this feeling as it intoxicate your pulse with a reason only to change all you are as there you discover you have reason and a purpose in . Love with someone who capture,s your tear,s and to scare away your fear,s only to be standing there next to you as there you have found a reason to love this person who loves the very thing that you are and the very thing you become as there it gives you great pleasure of ensuring that you have best possible out come of life as there together you can live it forever in time

To all that are reading this and those that read this . this is just a story not based on anything just random thing but i hope you enjoy
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