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Do i stop thinking of the on single thought of happiness that make me happy to know . How cool it would be to have some one to cherish and to treasure as they have saved my day,s that brought the sun that shine,s and there the night,s offer the moon that soon descend it light upon a starry night as that is where i often think of . How much you mean to me and to be the one who blessed this kindred is where i found the love that being loved by another as there is where i often see . How beautiful you are to me and to be a good friend that as opened up to me and to be the one that as given so much kindness that defined who we really are as there it is been establish upon extraordinary event,s where we have made to allow these moment,s truly exist with remarkable time,s as there it give,s a pleasure of having something incredible just to have something that is . How it accured into my life with a saying or a song where they have given it all to me as there to be the one that being cared by other,s is a wonderful feeling that as given me hope to believe in the finer thing,s of life as there you have shown what mean,s to be and what it mean,s to have in the day,s that allow me to spend the night where i think of those in which i miss as there they have given me something that can be a reason and a purpose to have and to be able to become something greater to have as there in the neon light i see that feeling of happiness shine before me with a warm glow that can be seen forever
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