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Will think of you just as much as you think of me a person who shine,s when ever it raining in your life the one cares for you when ever you needed a friend the one that take,s away sad face only to bring a smile that take away those tear,s as there . I know how dear you are to me as there . I know how important it is for me to love those one,s that needed to be loved as there . I will always cherish you for the thing,s you do to make me the person that . I am as there . I see how you came to be this friend of mine that come,s on line to make my life lil better inside for there it is emotional to have this feeling of having something that is in this world that plainly to see for that . I have did not know what as hit me as there . I know . I am bit crazy because having someone like you in my life is reason why . I am crazy cause . I believe that friend,s are important as the sun shine,s in order the day being the day as the moon make up the night,s for there . I see the very thing in my sight risking it all to make the happiness happy and all those perfections perfect in every w ay possible for there . I am so proud to have something that make me feel so high when ever you feeling low as there you come so far to be so close as there every day you let the light shine as darkness fades as there . I am so glad to have something that is truly extraordinary in every detailed description that can be defined in these thing,s that . I have accomplished with you being in my life as there you have given me the strength to be strong to over come the things that come so naturally as there you & . I will be counting star,s that burn that as it firer flames that flicker as there the forever friendship will continue to burn as the day,s come and go as there . I always be thinking of you as you of me as there i hope that this will inspire you to be all that you are and all that you ever be
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