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~~ Give ~~

Me a reason to be happy . Give me that strength i need to be the best thing that can be seen with these eye,s that see,s you as the best friend that i have . Give me the courage for to me to be this extraordinary person you know and loved as there the feeling of having so much love is worth having to treasure as the day,s bring the sun to shine and there in the evening i see how the moon soon . Gives it light for me to see it right here in my sight as there it is amazing to know how important it is to have so many friend,s as there i ma so proud to hold close to this of mine as there
it,s . Gives me a great pleasure of having the honor to have some impressive people in my life that as it fare share of goodness and the heartache as there it as . Give me the reason to burn through the night as there you watch the firer flame that burn,s in the sky of star,s and the moon,s where it . Give me the hope into believing the truth in which is true as there i hope there you all each one of you the one,s that are ocean,s a-part continue to treasure this merciful that . Gives each moment a memory that worth embracing and to established as dream,s are dream,t upon this night sky as there i think of you all as there it. Gives me the opportunity to treasure the thought of having some inspirational friend,s that provides me a purpose to cherish you all to be the people in which you are staring at my photo,s only one day you will touch this part of my life were it grow,s so much as there just seeing you all in my life as . Given me to love the feeling of forever as every one of you are forever friend,s that keep,s me going forever

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