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~~~ Just ~~ Have ~a ~ little ~ faith ~ in ~ me ~~~

Where you give a little love in this loving arm,s that hold you close to my as there you find this can,t speak of word,s that the mind can think so . Just have little faith in me to just be the one who can explain this feeling of hope and happiness that has given it strength to hold us up to the thing,s that bring us by through the day,s and the night,s where the day bring ,s the sun that shine,s down upon me where i see how it bring,s those memorable moment,s that day bring,s to me as there the night,s bring me hope in believing in something that as . Just little faith in me to be the person who can become the one who is glad to tell is friend,s the thing,s that needed to be explained in what this feel,s and what the mind think,s as there this beat,s with a number that tell,s you how i feel as there in my :heart i get to cherish those that . Just have little faith in me for being the person that can,t look away from the sadness and the sorrow,s as the there i hold in one i hold so dear i hope they . Just have a little faith in me for being in this present time as the future will come as second,s go pass to make up the history as we see fit in making as there we begin to dream of the thing,s that need,s to be dreamed about as there together we can say it loud and say clearly as there . Just have little faith in me where there you see something that is extraordinary and is made to be forever