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~~~ Those ~~~

~~~ Those ~~~

Moment,s where you think of other,s as there are . Those who cherish the time,s that have shown other,s the mean,s to be happy and the mean,s to be kind to the people who have made a memory where a single thought is worth thinking about where there are many who can see hope in other,s that come into people live,s with a feeling that as made an impact on other,s who have . Those amazing friend,s who you can rely on when the time,s are tough and the time,s are filled with tear,s as they are there to take away your fear,s and hold you so dear to the as there they start becoming . Those thing,s in which you not to be scared about as they are the ones that want to see you smile in the sun light as there you will shine knowing that you can be mine as a fine friend that brought so much extraordinary feeling in someone life as there are . Those that are proud to have friend,s like these as they have the love that being loved as there they have no complaints just complements that will define them in every single detailed and description and when you leave them alone they begin to find the word,s that show how much you mean to them as it can be said in simple song or in a blog or in a poem that rhyme,s with thought,s and feeling,s that can be . Those kind of thing,s that make it so important to other,s that matter to you & ii as there you see how they can come across to be something incredible by the thing,s that they have done to me it here and now and the forever as always & forever

~~~ Just ~~ Have ~a ~ little ~ faith ~ in ~ me ~~~

Where you give a little love in this loving arm,s that hold you close to my as there you find this can,t speak of word,s that the mind can think so . Just have little faith in me to just be the one who can explain this feeling of hope and happiness that has given it strength to hold us up to the thing,s that bring us by through the day,s and the night,s where the day bring ,s the sun that shine,s down upon me where i see how it bring,s those memorable moment,s that day bring,s to me as there the night,s bring me hope in believing in something that as . Just little faith in me to be the person who can become the one who is glad to tell is friend,s the thing,s that needed to be explained in what this feel,s and what the mind think,s as there this beat,s with a number that tell,s you how i feel as there in my :heart i get to cherish those that . Just have little faith in me for being the person that can,t look away from the sadness and the sorrow,s as the there i hold in one i hold so dear i hope they . Just have a little faith in me for being in this present time as the future will come as second,s go pass to make up the history as we see fit in making as there we begin to dream of the thing,s that need,s to be dreamed about as there together we can say it loud and say clearly as there . Just have little faith in me where there you see something that is extraordinary and is made to be forever

~~~ Understand ~~~

~~~ Understand ~~~

Understand that happiness is made to be happy
Understand that kindness is made to be kind
Understand that love is made to be loved
Understand that extraordinary deserves that little bit extra

Understand that the sun need,s to shine
Understand that the wind need,s to blow
Understand that the river,s need to flow
Understand that the thunder need,s to roar

Understand that there is a reason for everything
Understand that there is a reason for to have something
Understand that there is a reason for being more then anything
Understand that there is a reason for having nothing less then nothing

Understand that the truth is better then the lie
Understand that the honesty is best policy
Understand that the word,s you say can define the person you are
Understand that the reason why we have friend,s is the reason why i write these so they can know how much they are loved

~~~ In ~ This ~~~

~~~ In ~ This ~~~

Dream that i care to dream about is where i dream about he people that
i care so much about as they grow in love and happiness as they show me the mean,s to smile . In ~ This life of mine as there i discovered the mean,s to be and the mean,s to have the very best as there i have cherished everything these extraordinary people have brought to my attention with the feeling that provides me with the strength to be strong as there . In ~ This moment of my life i have captured the very thing that allow,s my day,s to shine like the sun and the day,s that filled with the rain that drown,s the tear,s in which i weep every day i get the chance to speak to a good friend of mine as . In ~ This part of my life i have seen the extra in extraordinary and i have seen the inspiration in the inspirational as there i have touched
the feeling that refuse to fade away as there i have the s that refuse to break as there i see the love that being loved as together we can me this thing,s really happen no matter where we are or what one is doing or where one is speaking cause all the word,s will be told in this blog that as meaning as . In ~ This life of mine where i can get this thought in which i think about as day,s pass by as the night,s drawn a close as there i see the thing,s that pull me closer as there i love the thought of having something incredible as there i am so pleased to be established upon something that as it purpose for my reason,s as there it is given all the suttle mean,s to be loved from those forever friend,s that mean so much to me . In ~ This part of my life where i get to dream of something that is precious to me as there i begin to treasure the very essence of our friendship and all that make it happen as there i am so pleased to recognize a good friend and the family that evolve on wire where they are loved by me

~~~ In ~~~


In this moment of time i have seen the best things that have shined in my life with a happiness and the kindness that show a warmth feeling that allow,s me to be part of something greater where there respect and honor as there is where don,t turn our back,s on those we love as there we stand together more then friend,s as that there is a hope that is . In this life of mine where i get to make some radical moment,s that can define who i am and what i can be as there it is truly amazing in every detailed description that allows me to see the thing,s that go on to be the thing,s that made forever