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:rose: ~~~ Here ~~~ :rose:

~~ Here ~~

I am to see the star,s that shine in my life only to think of the thing,s that are . Here with me a shadow that is seen in light of my life where i can cherish the thought of having someone that is amazing in every pacific way as there is always a reason to be . Here a purpose to be . Here as i watch the sun that shine,s and the rain that fall,s and the snow covered land,s and the thunder roar,s cross the sky as there are something that is meant to be as there i am so glad to have that extraordinary thing in this of mine where they are . Here to be loved for the moment,s that can be reflected upon the moment,s that can be remarkable as there only to be given that chance to be joyful and the hopeful as there i down inside i begin to care for those that are . Here to break my shackle,s of loneliness that as accured inn my life as there right . Here you have been know to me as there i am proud to have those moment,s where i can be a -part of something that can be really true just like seeing that perfect thing in my life as there i can play my card,s only to find that kind thing is . Here to stay and to be spoken with a unbroken word that best describe you through these crazy time,s as there
are time,s where i am pleased to have you . Here in this life of mine and when every i read every line you type out i think the very best of you cause your my everything i ever wanted now and forever more

~~~ One ~~~

~~ One ~~

One moment of my life is spent in happiness in knowing that i have something extraordinary that allow,s this . One day to be special as there i see the sun rise in the morning for it as allowed to smile in kindness and in hope to believe that this day is the day where i get to think of . One amazing friend who as shined upon me and there for as allowed me to see the hidden depth,s of how a friendship can grow in time and there for to be something that is complete strong as long that i have . One single moment to think about the thing,s i have missed as there i begin to think of the . One true friend that i have as there the feeling of having something that is and there for that to be and all that there are is always is amazing to have and to hold now and forever more as there i will continue to shine with the thought of having you in my life as there from a distance we have become a close thing that as succeed to be the best thing that i have in my as there you are loved by the thing,s that define you for the person that you are as there i stop and stared at something that as opened up my eye,s for only to see what my eye,s could not see as there you also opened up this :heart; only that this can,t for get how it is to feel those feeling,s as there you finally have opened my arm,s only to have to be hold in there i have been proud to have you here in my life and in my day,s and in thy night and in thy thought,s of my mind as there is no other quite like you who as and there for to be and where art thou to be as there i am proud to established that . One moment that can last life time with you my friend and there i am truly grateful for all that you have done as it is a privilege to be your friend and there i am eternally grateful to share this thought and the feeling to be with you as there i am so proud to be known to you as that i am the joker and your friend and that i am that treasure that is priceless as there i hope you continue cherish all that i am and that i hope you read this and you see the kind of person that i am and the person that i alays be as that . One thing that last forever

~~~ Cherish ~~~

~~~ Cherish ~~~

a smile where i can shine knowing i have so many blessing,s that allow me to shine as there . i cherish the hope that we believe to be true knowing that every time i am down i bounce back with the chance to . Cherish the thought of having something incredible to be with with for there i start to. Cherish the dream that i dream about through the night,s that i spend counting the star,s and looking how the moon descend it light upon the good thing,s in life as there i wake up to see the morning sun that allow,s me to go through my day to be the person that i am and the person that allow,s to be better in life as hope bring us together as there i see how extraordinary you all have been so i can have this day to tell you all these word,s and the thing,s that explain,show i feel about my friend,s those extraordinary people who have given me the chance to be loved with a love that can be . Cherished with the feeling of warmth and a glow that keep,s us united forever & always

~~ In ~~

~~ In ~~

This of mine i feel the feeling of love something that as shined in my life as there i have triumphed as there i have discovered that . In happiness i become so happy as in time i see the future for that i am so proud to have something incredible that can be told with word,s that are filled with letter,s only to be made into a sentence that unshackled my emotion,s where i have show you much i cherish the feeling that is like a-part of my life where i have found hope something that define,s my life where i treasure every little thing . In this life of mine knowing there i think of the moment,s where i come alive with kindness and there you were a solid gold a solid gold of reason,s to be and the purpose to be able to have something truly extraordinary as there i can reflect upon the greatest feeling that can be explained in many word,s that come to me so softly as there i see that . In this world i be your fool as there you become that door to my very soul as there is part of me that really care,s for you so much as there i think of you every day and every night as there . In you i has become something so true as there i am so glad that i get to be that one thing that shine,s in you as there you have belonged to me with many word,s and many sentence,s that rhyme with everything that is been made to be something that can be known to me as there i close my eye,s only to think of you through the day,s that allow me to see you as that thunder that roar,s so loud as there . In the sky . In which i look up to i see something incredible as there is where i find that hope to be something that so gracious as there i think of you to be the very thing that as been known to me as something that draw,s me to this happiness that is made to be the person that i am and forever