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~~~ Frozen ~~~

~~~ FROZEN ~~~

In time as seconds clock,s on by as minute,s become the next hour
as dawn will become dusk as day is top night knowing your right there in my
sight as the light shine from the sky as the sun begin,s to shine so it can show us the happiness from with in our soul begin,s to melt as the warmth begin,s to descend into the fire that spark,s something that is more powerful as it unfold,s to become something that can only be true for sure it as been comforted a feeling that cannot been seen or even heard though it whispers to us as there we finally see that being loved is better then being . Frozen in time as there is where learn that the living keeps on living as there the friendship keep,s on being friendly as there in time i discover that having friend,s as given me a purpose to be the person that i am as together we become some kind of family that as a bond that cannot be broken but only can e spoken in the word,s that touched this heart for there it cannot be . Frozen in time as there it is united in happiness

~~~ In ~~~

~~ In ~~

This world i always shine with those that concern for that i am the jokerz a man that like to laugh and there there . In moment notice to have the best thing,s . In my life for they are extraordinary as there i feel so alive in this world of pure and happiness where i could be the person that i am and the person that i could be as there i feel the love and how it burn,s into this life where i have discovered the principle of friendship as it become,s so strong as long that i have those that make me proud i have the strength to be strong as there as i hope to cherish the people who make up the thing,s that i adore and the thing,s that i treasure the most as there is where i discover that amazing fact of life where you can handle this feeling of hope and joy as there is where i am so proud to have that feeling of having friend,s

~~~ Have ~~~

~~~ Have ~~~~

Little faith in me where there you see me shine with happiness and the thought of having something incredible in my life where i . Have something extraordinary as there it come,s so proudly as there it mean,s so much to me as there i see how time,s come and go only to find that having something that is so good as . Have created a smile that forever shine,s with that is filled with a that is unbreakable as there is where i cherish thought of having people who . Have little faith in me as there i have treasured the thought of these kind of people that . Have made there mark on my life as they . Have triumphed in this life of mine that as opened up to them with laughter and joy of being a-part of something that is incredible as time is filled with precious memories as together we will make more for the best thing ,s that accure in someone life as there together we are forever friends

~~ When ~~

~~ When ~~

You think of think of the sun for it is shining as that is . When you find something truly extraordinary as there you will find that having something as brought so much happiness as there is where you face the truth that having something that worth having is incredible indeed knowing that you have a little moment where you discover some kindness and the chance to be something as that is . When you treasure something that precious as there you have given some hope to those that matter,s to you as there you realize that having something to be seen as a keen interest as there is where you been amazed to have purpose in your life as there you find that having a friend like me as given all to you as there you find
something that will touch your as there you will be loved with this love that matter,s to you as there is . When we are forever friend,s