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The Dark Flower: Fake American Conservatives are those who claim they support free speech and expression but champion fascism. Fascism is the suppression of the opposition. You can't call yourself an American who loves America if you do not have American Values. People who have American values support our constitutional rights and will defend it. Big tech has suppressed our voices for opposing us but we shouldn't be suppressing each other's voices as well just because they are doing that to us. We should be fighting for our rights to have different believes, and the right to speak it freely without censorship. I am tired of people who claim to be a Conservative when they think booting people for saying "Hail Satan" is fine. No it's not okay to boot people for Hailing Satan! If you truly believe in free speech and religious freedom then you should 100% support anyone's right to worship Satan and say "Hail Satan" as well. If you are not fine with it, then you are NOT a true American Conservative. You are just a Fascist who's pretending to be for "Free speech and Religious freedom". You're a Fake and a fraud. You're a Fascist and you give
Right-Wingers a bad name.

As long as you're free to say "God bless." I am free to say "Hail Satan."
Free speech and believes apply to all Americans!

I am Rose.
A Luciferian Witch.
A Right-Wing American Conservative Extremist because I love our constitution.
An Anti-Fascist Activist who's against the suppression of the opposition.
A Trump supporter who loved Trump's pro economic policies.
And yes, I am against Systemic Racism such as Affirmative Action because I am against a system that racially selects people for benefits since it creates racial discrimination.

Hail Satan and may the light of Lucifer enlighten all.
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