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Welcome to Luciferianism

Please follow the Rules:

Rule#1 - No Preaching allowed.
This is room for people who wish to exchange knowledge and wisdom so that all can gain enlightenment from each other to achieve self-excellency. If you disagree you are free to express your opinions and beliefs as you see fit. Civil Debates are encouraged however, this room is not a place to preach and convert others. Nobody wants to be told what to believe in. Keep your religious advertisement to yourself.

Rule#2 - Do not insult or call people names...
You can freely cuss as long as you are not cussing at someone to intentionally insult them. Nobody likes being cussed at so don’t cuss at people directly.

Rule#3 - No Moderators have the right to give other people Mod Status, That right is reserved for the Room Owner. Please report with a screenshot to the room owner if you witness this action taking place and that Moderator will be banned from the room.

Your Rights:
If a mod has abused his/her power and unjustly kicked you from the room, report to the room owner with screenshots immediately. If the evidence supports the claim then that mod will be de-modded as soon as possible and as a reward, you will be given Mod status. If the evidence does not support the claim, you will be permanently banned from the room for the crime of defaming an innocent mod who’s doing their job of keeping you out for breaking the rules of the room.

Mod's rights:
If you are a Mod, and you find another Mod has abused his/her powers, please report this activity to the room owner with screenshots as evidence to support your claim and de-Mod that Moderator before any more damage is done and your actions will be excused. If your actions do not match your evidence or if you lack evidence to your claim after taking the action to de-mod another moderator then you will be de-Modded for the act of de-Modding a moderator who has done nothing wrong.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
Remember, the Devil represents Justice and justice will be served so don't break rules. No evil goes unpunished.
Irvarius: Lol. Lucifer. What is it they say again. You can't just accept the parts pf the Bible you like? You shit on them while exalting another deity in their pantheon. You may be what they call. Like. Uh... A-a total joke. Yeah yeah yeah. I think that's what they call it.
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