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The U.S is NOT a Christian nation.

The U.S. Constitution is a wholly secular document. It contains no mention of Christianity or Jesus Christ. In fact, the Constitution refers to religion only twice in the First Amendment, which bars laws "respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," and in Article VI, which prohibits "religious tests" for public office. Both of these provisions are evidence that the country was not founded as officially Christian.

The Founding Fathers did not create a secular government because they disliked religion. Many were believers themselves. Yet they were well aware of the dangers of church-state union. They had studied and even seen first-hand the difficulties that church-state partnerships spawned in Europe. During the American colonial period, alliances between religion and government produced oppression and tyranny on our own shores.

Respect for religious pluralism gradually became the norm. When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, for example, he spoke of "unalienable rights endowed by our Creator." He used generic religious language that all religious groups of the day would respond to, not narrowly Christian language traditionally employed by nations with state churches.

The United States, in short, was founded as a Secular nation and was not founded to be an officially Christian nation or to espouse any official religion. Our government is neutral on religious matters, leaving such decisions to individuals. This democratic and pluralistic system has allowed a broad array of religious groups to grow and flourish and guarantees every individual American the right to determine his or her own spiritual path or to reject religion entirely. As a result of this policy, Americans enjoy more religious freedom than any people in world history. We should be proud of this accomplishment and work to preserve the constitutional principle that made it possible separation of church and state.

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Welcome to Chatroom: End Fascism

This room was created to fight against Fascist ideology people have in America.

Fascism stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader and forcible suppression of opposition. Anyone who supports big government dictatorship or supports forcible suppression of opposition by silencing the voices of those they disagree with through acts of violence are Fascists!

A Fascist is a person who supports suppressing the opposition. We are Anti Fascists because we are against suppressing the opposition. We believe in Free Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion and Limited Government. You will NOT get kicked or banned from this room for your opinions!

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