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I´m pretty happy with everything around my life, I like doing simple things that enjoy myself,playing guitar,I go out with my friends,watch films and tv programmes.The most important for me is never to forget of being grateful for god all health and protection given,I´ve also been making a good use of my life.I´d like to share it with a special, interesting and lovely person.

SANDRO_SILVA: Hello my dear
My precious friendship, I am here on your page
writing my message to you ...

yesterday? it is time!
tomorrow? we know it
may be late tomorrow
you say you love
you say forgive
you say sorry
you say you want to try again
does not leave you tomorrow
the smile, the hug, the love, the work, the dream, to help.
do not let you ask tomorrow
why are you sad?
what's with you?
Where is your smile?
Where your dreams?
where is your claw?
tomorrow may be too late
look, go behind, insist!
try again
only today is final ...

and that is why I am here now in morning
saying I love you ... me your friendship
is very happy .... hugs and good day ....
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Leonardo L!ma
Leonardo L!ma: m sn.:leonardolimasilva@ y ahoo dot com dot br
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SANDRO_SILVA: I am the Cantor Sandro Silva, and come here to lose you, we can make us friends. 'm from Brazil, São Paulo. I look forward to in your contact. Happy New Year ...
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