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Name is Pamela, age 49, I live in Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland.
I (attempt to) teach German and History in a girls secondary school, I teach the first 3 years of secondary, pupils are 12 thru 14 in sept. I see all sorts of things in class. i'm a widow with 2 kids, boy 14 girl 16.
widowed 11 years ago,. Please don't offer condolences, the marriage was a disaster, he was a raving alcoholic. Coping ok now. I have a bf my age.
I ignore/block a fair number of people. To get ignored:
1) start your pm with 'Hey teach' or 'Hi teach'.
2) be from a culture that i'm prejudiced against. Hint: i don't like most cultures that produce people who fly planes into office buildings.
Our lock down was total, loosening up gradually now.


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