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chipset: dear boo...
your were catchin naps while was doin this...i thought i just jump on and make a
letter for you..as i close my eyes i think of the things we talked about and the fun we had in our own special way..been like forever and i wanted the feeling to stay that way..i remember a shout at the wire chatroom..simple HI made evrything so profound it brought me smile..i remember when i was down u made me feel good and better..you where there where ever i was..in any part of the world..i remember how we talked anything under the sun how we much enjoy the funny stories,and just nod about the sad one..a simple text from you made me smile..and i love it..i am when you are sad..im more feeling great when you are happy..i was in midst of healing my broken heart when you found me and it is the perfect timing..i forget about how time flies when we spend time together how much more in the future boo..i will love it..well its christmas again and im gonna enjoy more of it soon..knowing you is so wonderful,being your bestfriend is the best and loving you is eternity what more to be your wife..im so ever cherish evrything between us..merry christmas boo my baby...
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