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Feel realy down

Feels like i am standing at the end of the world without seeing light before me, just grey grey light that makes me feel more blue than i am already am. my dream is breaking apart from this day on. i cant take it anymore, i wont survive this again. it is too hard. it is feeling f#wzwx& bad when your dream you wish best is flying away. one hour can destroy all your life.. my life is destroyed. i dont see more this sence of it like i saw it on this morning anymore. damn damn damn. i wanna cry, go away cause i cant tell noone about how i feel now. why cant i be like everyone else? why does God do this to me? I need answer. i realy need it

Friday midday!

A day like today the whole world can change
The sun's gonna shine
Shine through the rain
On a day like today
You never wanne see the sun go down!
--> I feel the same today! Sun ish shining, there are just few clouds in the sky and i feel good!
Yesterday we had man's day here.. everyone was drunk and did real bullshit BUt not me! *beproudofmyself*
In a few minutes i go to cycle with one friend and in the evening i go out but i guess it will be more quit peaceful outgoing but this is what i need now.
I have to go! Bye bye

It is raining day...

Hey, hey, hey! I am looking through the windon now and all i can see is rain and grey, white clouds... but anyhow this is a good oportunity to learn for school, for example, biology.. our biology teacher sucks!
Nothign comes to my mind.. i'd better write later..


Today is the beginning of a new week.. well, yes you are right, today is Monday
I know i know it is boring but firstly i have to write about school.. i had test in mathematic! well, no good feeling about it.. Our 13th grade had last day of school before examinations today and they made something like a theatre, a comedy..well thing that 13th grade do every year but today it was realy realy boring.. they had no plan and it rained...
We'll do it next year much better! 'cause we are the champions!
I am watsching King of Queens now and it rules!! Oh, yeah!
well, i think thats enough for today!

Hard day

wooooho, that was a hard day! 6 lessons and after all that history project in wöbbelin where we met people who survived concentration camps in 1945. I came home late and must study for history class paper.. well, that calls school^^
Anyway tomorrow i just have two lessons, so thats okay.

It's friday afternoon!

i am so crazy^^ i ve just now understood the second meaning of "body", well could happen^^
Today is a great day. I ve just had three lessons and go shopping with my friends! Oh yeah, we will spend a good time!
By the way does anyone read this accept me?

hmm..just a gread body.that's enough for description