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just a another guy
just a another guy:
~~ My ~~

Dearest friend the one who make,s me laugh with joy as there you have shown me kindness as there you allow me to shine as there you are . My sunshine as there you become the light that i see as there you are . My reason to treasure a friendship and to cherish the feeling that is quite appealing as there you have allow me to be the person who as a smile on my face where i can embrace something that cannot be broken only to be spoken with word,s that explain how much you mean to me as there you are . My part that never stop,s as there i will never shed a tear as there i hold you so dear with out fear as there you are near to . My as there i see how you have become the part where i see how . My sun will shine as there you have no grey cloud to hide or a single drop of rain to fall down upon as there you will be . My one and the one who i care so much for as there for i will forever consider you to be . My forever friend as there i am so proud to have some one like you in . My life as there i always see hope in you to be . My favorite as there i am so hoping that future will be as bright as . My sunshine
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SunshineDeb: awww Darren, you're such a blessing of a friend thank you so much my dear friend
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