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There is a word it will tell me how wonderful you are
There is a song it sing to me your feelings that you have
There is a moment it will be worth spending with you
There is a day that goes by there you see that i am your night

There you see a tree you see that i am more then all that bark
There you see the the time you finally know that every second is being spent with you
There you see the cloud,s go by you see that i may be slow but i am so peaceful
There you see the strength there you know how strong i am

There you see the sun shine as there you know i can shine
There you see the rain and there you know that i can drown your sorrow,s
There you see the wind blow,s there you know that i will whisper thees happiest thought,s that make u
There you see snow as there you know that if all all round you where you see how soft i can be

There you see the happiness that is made happy
There you see the kindness that is made to be kind
There you see the extra in the extraordinary
There you see the love that being loved as there you will find me there loving the people i love the most as there you will be my friend as there in word,s you find my love and there you continue to be strong in all that you do and all that you have done
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