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Belle Isle

The backdrop of the city with its towering buildings and structures belies the peacefulness of the beautiful Belle Isle. Nestled on its own Island between Detroit and Canada , Belle Isle is a peaceful place, a respite from the city and the hubbub of today's fast pace. When you come over the Belle Isle bridge you're taken to a quiet and peaceful place, and solitude if you choose. Not a lonely place but a peaceful, serene atmosphere.

In the waning twilight hours you can see people fishing at the small lakes, sitting on the lush lawn reading a book, the trees swaying in the gentle breeze. Many come here to jog and ride their bikes. Others come here to see the waters of the river go by. Still others come to just enjoy the water, listening to the ripples and the gentle waves lapping the shore.
In the center of the island you'll find a dirt roadway that goes through the woods in the center, another delightful way to get taken into another world. It's refreshing and renewing to drive through there.
In the summer months there is a lady who runs a hotdog truck there and she will give you smiles and conversation with your food.

Go ahead, strike up a conversation with that person on the park bench near the water. The people who come here tend to be friendly and enjoy talking with people.

It's a wonderful place to come and refresh your soul.

What captures me about this isle, perhaps more than anything, is the contrast of the city that it's linked to by just a bridge.. the traffic, the noise, the constant movement, all go away when you cross that bridge.

Just be my friend

Just be my friend and walk with me,
Walk side by side and talk with me,
Just share your knowledge and your strength
and I'll share mine with you as well.

And if you see me in a jam
Please be the friend you think I am,
Just help me out and be my friend
No judge
no jury
just a hand.

And if you need a hand, I too,
will be there also to help you,
So by my friend and walk with me
And share life's wondrous journey.