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Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane: if you need to wonder why more women dont share pics or not many....its douches like this


love that face
uh thanks
I like that you're happily married but on this. a little naughty huh
it would be so hot if a woman like you cheated on her husbadn
somebody who looks like the perfect trophy housewife, if you cheated on your husband it would be so hot
I dont think trash is hot
sounds like you're a good girl then
not trash, true
you should be proud of what a good girl you are
not being trash isnt really an accomplishment
but ok
just basic common decency self respect and being worth your word

well that's rare today
no trash is just loud, not as common as they'd like people to think
good point, very insightful
I like how a pic of you is sprinkled in with your other pics here and there. god you look so good
I love to see your pretty face
I saved your pics
That way I get to see your face whenever I want like your husband does

god he can hold your pretty face and look at you when he's inside you
think of how much he must love it
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