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Sunshine n hurricane: Happypaul

Very lovely.
Welcome. Does hubby like you seeing men ?
LOL. That would be a no.
that would be a wtf are you even talking about
Something naughty.
not sure why you assumed I was trash but move on
No you are not trash. Your husband might like see you with others.
my husband might like seeing me be trash? that would make him a wimpy loser
neither of us would settle for anyone like that
No, not trash. A beautiful loving wife, who likes to please her husbands sexual fantasy.
trash with a wimp
A wife getting lots of pleasure.
if some get off being trash having no dignity or integrity then thats whatever
then I guess trash like that does well to marry a wimpy loser
Do you love to have heaps of orgasms.
Does your husband love to see you cuming ?
our sex life is none of your business
I know.
then stupid question
Sometimes, I get good answers.
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warmsummernight: It was all downhill after huh, lol
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cajoefrmr60: WHERE does Wire FIND these asswagons?
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Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane in reply to warmsummernight: Lol
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