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are you male


you kicked me out of photo shoots might as well start my own room anyhow doesnt matter you seem fucked up

go for it

you dont wear any lingerie you dress and look like a guy

I wouldn't wear lingerie on a chat site because im not a cyber loser stupid question

just a loser then
yeah usual stupid excuse
you dont suit it you mean never asked to wear it either

that made no sense

makes perfect sense you dont wear becasue it doesnt suit you, or no one has ever bought you anything or asked you to wear anything
hubby has no input with wjhat you wear so thats why over all you look like some kid on summer school yet you are a 48 year old woman
unsexy unappealing

will since its not over, again you're not making sense
not here to appeal to you or anyone else on a chat site, do really dont care what you find sexy
go ahead and give your input if it makes you feel better but you aren't going to hurt my feelings so up to you if you have that much time to waste

yeah right one of those women not looking for attention yet you are in a chat room site with nice twee photos looking for a response

on a chat site to chat

not hear to hurt anyones feelings just speaking the truth unsexy
stupid little ears and so on like mickey mouse grow the fuck up


I know ive talked to this dud before, will have to look that up
cajoefrmr60: One can never make too many new friends.
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Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane: A few girls in the room says he’d been harassing them is why he was booted, hard to imagine right
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Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane: not the typical troll/perv, but What an odd conversation....

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how are you
good yourself
at work
what abt you
how is family
all good
my boys are home doing online school
all good
hubby just took off for a grocery run kiddo at school
oh i hope he is safe
lol why wouldn't he be
well it looks like lots of spread is again happening
its hard to follow the mask and distancing measures consistently for younger folks
why whats funny there
looks like 195k deaths isnt enough to get serious - whatever

you are the one who posts chats on your profile
not the only one, but yes I post some amusing chats
yeah a few like you on wire i have noticed
kiss n tell kinda sbnitches
no, Im not kissing anyone
so its nothing like that
yeah but chatting in private and making it public is violating privacy
who cares what you do lol
lmao you're talking to Total strangers if you really think you have an expectation of privacy you are out of it
who cares what I do, what do you mean?
kissing or doing whatever lol
sorry that part made no sense
you're the one that said it as a comparison
no comparison it is what it is
then it was nonsense since you cant kiss anyone online lol I assumed "kiss and tell" was a metaphor
thats obvious lol
well you just said it wasn't a comparison .... ooook
i said it is what it is and that you betray a very stinky trait
lol not betraying anyone
i never said that lol
lol I guess someone else is typing on your name because "that you betray" is an exact quote
how ignorant can you be smh
retyping exactly what you said while you deny you said it? good question
how ignorant can YOU be
haha copycat- running out of rebuttals
no simply the fact
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cajoefrmr60: Yeesh.
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