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trash like this are exactly WHY I dont share details

Hello sunshine jim here


we're in Matairie


reat to find other Louisians here in Wireclub

not too common but happens

as i do see wife an i are both Bi and somewhat kinky


are u single or married, didn't see on profile

its there, married

sorry i must have missed it


OH i see now
are u somewhat kinky also, sunshine


hope u don't mind chatting with Bi kinky guy

what you do in your personal isn't my concern



boys, girls ages

I don't share details

ok then we should stop
tks for chat apparently

your "kinK" is kids ....gross

a few seconds ago
jimMill has blocked you

Agiw Filhmati Agaphs
Do you think it is wrong for a young woman to kiss intimately?
depends how young and what her and her families value system is y

teen was in only a bra and regular panties for an evening.
A bra and panties and a bikini seem about the same modesty/immodesty.


2 states allow marriage of preteens, but I don't agree with that
that is the law


Ever felt guilt or shame about being seen in only underwear or a swimsuit?

no im an adult my husband can see me in underwear all he likes

Everyone of child bearing age is.


Alcohol and tobacco don't stop beiung drugs when legal to buy.

and a kid doesnt stop being a kid because some pedophile thinks they're sexy

CVhild molesters find those who haven't hit puberty sexy.
95% of men and 90% of women don't
Ever felt guilt or shame about being seen in only underwear or a swimsuit? She was unmarried.
Are you telling me no one found you attractive before wrinkles and you never wear makeup?

random much? what does this have to do with child molesters

Child molsetation used to be the death penalty, but paid=those who haven't hit puberty.
No one found you attractive till your late twenties? That is sad. Nature doesn't regard age as anything,m but a number and no one was drinking. So, being under 21 didn';t relate to a law it should be death penalty Attraction out of marriage should eb the death penalty? Women over 25 wear make up to appear 13-25 to more. child molestation

you're not making any sense, are all over the place in your attempts at conversation, I don't know if that's a pathetic troll attempt or if you're just high or stupid and can't express yourself in a linear way, but im not going to play so have a lovely day, don't molest any pre teens bye

No one said anything abouut it. Rare is the man 4 times m age who is not attracted to young women.
Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane: Helenandkid
Hi single mom 36
Daughter 12 u
I dont share details
Fuck off
Dick lol
a few seconds ago
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only a pedophile digging for info would be THAT offended by not getting it
5 months ago Report
tblawrence1990: I thought you were married lol
5 months ago Report
Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane in reply to tblawrence1990: I am....why?
5 months ago Report
Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane: ronniewarren20171
Are you a mom yes
How many kids
Son or daughter
I dont give details
Yes u will
no I wont
Yes you will or you won't be bought for being mean
not for sale so thats not a problem
All right I'm going through your friends list then since you refuse to answer my questions have a nice
a few seconds ago
ronniewarren20171 has blocked you

lmao look out friends list, this guy is going to attempt to buy you all...or something
5 months ago Report
cajoefrmr60: He contacted me looking for info on you.
5 months ago Report
Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane in reply to cajoefrmr60: oh? do tell
5 months ago Report
tblawrence1990: wow cant believe its that bad for you ladies on her Guys just get a bot scammer once in a while but you all that is harassment.
5 months ago Report
Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane in reply to tblawrence1990: oh there are way more interesting conversations than asshats, but those conversations aren't laugh at worthy
5 months ago Report
tblawrence1990: Yeah true
5 months ago Report
tblawrence1990: I had a weird one that had a fantasy about swallowing a child it was weird and disgusting it was supposingly a lady but i think it might of been a sick perv
5 months ago Report
tblawrence1990: I read it wrong the person is saying they are married
5 months ago Report
Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane: demented_reflection Away
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Yeah. Can I had one or two off to you?
no thanks, im good with my one
Girl or boy?
Mine are 15, 14 and 12.
wow very busy
Yes, all three into football and baseball, one in Choir, the other theater and all three model.
DOes yours play any sports,any modeling?
good thing to be active though but does make for parents all over
theater, cross country, cheer
I dont mind. I rather them be busy then be at home.
Yours in HS yet?
They also wrestle but not big on it
My parents were all over like this for me and my siblings, so i dont mind it.
How old is she? How tall are you?
school age
im 5'2
Is she as tall as you? I am 6'5. My boys are all over 5'10 already
shes a little taller I think
You a petite woman?
I'm 6'5, very fit, muscular, hulking man.
lol. That sounded gay. Sorry
yes im petitie
You into tall, fit men?
my husband is both so seems so
Is he as tall as me?
Is your daughter as petite as you?
I could bench you and her on each arm.
not quite as petite
Is she bustier than her mama. LOL
youre seriously asking about a teenagers bust?
sounding gay is much better than sounding like a pedophile
Well i justed, I am sorry.
I wont sound like either.
Did you remove me?
From the room?
teens go in there
I am not talking to teens on here.
Can I go back in or no?
depends if I decide to block you or not
I am sorry
So do you excercise?
You fit or nah?
I work with athletes so have to say definitely not
Firt for your age?
What do you do for work?
coach gymnastics
you are just a hott mama all the way aorund.

Don't think you are?
I think its a good idea to permanently keep you out of that room
Because I am flirting with you?
That is an auto ban?
flirting with a married woman is rude...rule of the room is dont be rude to members
and the whole asking about teenagers breasts makes you even more creepy
Really. I've gotten you to laugh the whole time.
that just topped off the pedo vibe
laughing AT you doesnt make it less rude
I didnt ask for her size. I was more comparing you.
Was comparing it to you was all
by asking about a CHILDS breast size
That is not what I meant.
well thats what you asked
Didnt mean it
3 months ago Report
Sunshine n hurricane
Sunshine n hurricane: WorldlyInsane
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How you doing Sunshine
good youself
Doing anthing fun?
redecorating a room
How is that going?
pretty good about 3/4 done with this room
How is your daughter and husband?
Still can't convince you to model with her?
not sure we've spoken about that so not sure what "still" youre talking about
We have talked about it.
Naughty mom and naughty daughter.
no id remember something that gross
I am joking
yeah molesting kids is hilarous
I am not molesting anyone.
So did you vote Trump in Nov?
I dont discuss politics
I bet you did.

yeah I guess its a safe assumption that someone who doesnt think child molestation is a joke wouldnt be voting Biden
1 month ago Report
tblawrence1990: Man I'm glad I'm a respectable guy and don't get on the wall lol
1 month ago Report