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there are other rooms sheesh

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wow booted for having an opinion
room rules= be polite its on the details on the way in
calling people fake for no reason other than they feel like it does not apply
i wasn't be rude, but people were being rude to me
maybe i did a image search and know she's a fake
did you ask
or did you assume
fake or not is not a room rule, wouldn't matter if she was, polite is
or well you did not ask
didnt need to ask, it doesnt matter, think she's fake block her no need to comment
so you must have ass-umed
i was not being rude to her, my comment has at much meaning as hers did when she first spoke up
want to troll people you think are fake fine, but not in my room
her comment was not rude she simply mentioned friend requests
but nice try
as i said...." did a imagine search " so don't think...i know
she has the wrong age in her profile of the " real " girl in her pictures and the wrong location of where the real one lives
and the " real " one is married with a baby girl
so i am not assuming anything, i know for a fact
whatever save it for the rooms that care
i'm good... not like many people go in your room anyway, just people with gummy bears for spines
and i won't block you like raider did who called me a few racist names and blocked me like the pussy he is
because those who have "troll spines" are blocked from coming
which is fine
troll do know a real troll would have a solid rock hard spine where as people like the person who booted me has one made of jell-o
oh was that you?
well figures
yes it was and actually I personally think trolls are pathetic, look at me and how keyboard "tough" I am...boring
i believe it, you talk like a jelly fish
all good in intent but assume before asking anything so you don't really know shit
there was a group of white people in germany that did that shit back in the 1930's and 40's
I dont care what you think you know
fake is not a room rule, polite is
so take it to a report a fake room or whatever
hey do you know the mayor of Lafayette, michael...damn what is his last name i can never spell it right
what the hell is a fake room...that don't even make sense
mayor of Lafayette's name is not michael
josh guillory
how long has he been mayor .... cause last summer it was michael
not this past spring a few months ago....the one before that hence,,,last spring
2019 election
oh wait you are in the shit state..i'm talking about tennessee ..and he is still mayor
i see whats going on now,
black man spoke up and acted like he knows shit, white people got to put him back in his place hahahahahahaha
awwww the race card, cute
but nope
awe but yeah mrs hitler
clearly your buddy raider is....only called me nigger 5 rimes
bet he is a really good friend of yours too
nope I see him in chat
but he doesnt say much other than hi, very reportable if true
if he was rude like that in the room he'd be booted too
yeah i am sure you would
but it is ok i'll be back in your room today
and now you say no you won't trey....yes i will
thats fine, just dont be rude again and its all good
so i only got the 4 hour ban. maybe by then they might be some pretty women in the room who are really woman
who knows
but most rooms are 80% men, 15% catfish and 5% real women
I wouldn't never be desperate enough to try to meet in a chat , so dont know dont care
well when i talk to a woman i would prefer it being a woman, i'm not gay so hearing a man say he wants to suck my cock is not a turn on for me, like it is for so many of those men who kno catfish exist but don't use google to find out if they are talking to a man or woman
or they arent cyber losers or here to flirt so dont care either